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Elex 2 All romances Game guide

 Romances are also possible again in Elex 2. You can start a relationship with Caja, Nasty, and Nyra, but you have to choose one of the three women. You should also know their preferences exactly so that love can triumph in the end. All information can be found in this guide.

Elex 2 All romances Game guide

This is how relationships work in Elex 2

Of the seven companions you can find in Elex 2, three characters can be romanced: Caja, Nasty, and Nyra. In order for the sparks to really fly, however, you must first increase the affection. Above all, Nasty is anything but benevolent towards you at the beginning.

To increase affection for a companion, she must accompany you and be present during quest conversations and other decisions. Depending on the choices you make, the relationship changes for better or worse. The personal convictions of the three women play an important role here: while Caja is impressed by kind-hearted decisions, for example, this has the opposite effect on Nasty. The quickest way to increase affection is to complete each companion's questline.

Once the affection for one of the women is high enough, a quest begins that may eventually lead to a relationship. You can find out which quests that are and what preferences Caja, Nasty and Nyra have in the overview below.

Once you've started a romance with one of the three ladies, she'll be waiting for you in your room in the Bastion. There you can talk to her and select the dialogue option (spend time with her) . The romance is then illustrated in a short, chaste cutscene.

Romance with Caja

• Quest: Old Love Never Rusts 

• Likes: Good Deeds, Berserkers, Clerics 

• Dislikes: Bad Deeds, Outlaws, Morkons, Albs

Romance with Nasty

• Quest: Lovable Bitch

• Likes: Bad Deeds, Outlaws, Morkons

• Dislikes: Good Deeds, Berserkers, Clerics, Albs

Romance with Nyra

• Quest: Sober Flame

• Likes: Albs 

• Dislikes: Berserkers, Clerics, Outlaws