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Elex 2 Baxter Propaganda: Betray or Join Talons

 In the Berserker Fort, Wulf will talk to you sooner or later - if you visit him. As he tells you, something terrible is going on: outlaw propaganda is being spread in the fort and it is your goal to catch the person responsible. In this guide, we will tell you how you can successfully complete the mission and what effects your decisions will have.

Elex 2 Baxter Propaganda: Betray or Join Talons

Baxter propaganda

If you want to join the Berserker faction, the "Propaganda of Baxter" quest is a prerequisite. So you have to complete it if you want to officially enter the upper floor of the Berserkers and become a part of their community. To start the mission, you have to visit Wulf. He's very close to Chloe's Bar and will automatically speak to you as you approach him.

Accept the request to help him and he will give you a nail and a document, both of which you can examine in your inventory. Once you've done that, talk to the berserker and tell him that the nail looks like it was made in a forge and that the back of the flyer in particular seems to be of interest. You get 100 XP for the correct answer.

Then you should conduct interviews: The bartender Chloe and the blacksmith Lasse might know something about the distribution of the flyers. What you ask Chloe won't affect the outcome of the conversation, but before you go see Lasse, make sure you have a beer in your inventory. If you have a beer with Lasse, he will tell you that the nails he makes tend to disappear, which is why he stopped making them a while ago.

On night watch with Wulf

If you return to Wulf, a new discussion starts, which ends with the plan for a joint night watch. Unless it's midnight, you should go to bed and come back when the sun isn't shining - it's hard to keep a night watch at an early hour. On the patrol, you'll come across three shady characters, but none of them seem to have anything to do with spreading propaganda.

Due to a lack of new knowledge, Wulf is demotivated and enters Chloe's bar while you can visit a new mission area. There you will find the chef Skinny who asks you to follow him.

On a thieving spree for skinny

Skinny tells you about the Krallen organization and how you could become a part of it or at least get rich if you support them. By the end of the conversation, you have become 500 shards richer. You can now go back to Wulf and tell him you know the propagandist's identity. He will advise you to gain Skinny's trust.

The next part of the mission takes you to a merchant whose ring you are supposed to steal for the claws. A secret passage helps you to enter the house unnoticed. Play it safe and start stealing at night when the dealer is asleep. You have to steal his ring from the bedside table and don't forget to close the secret door on the way back. Skinny is then impressed by your skills and wants to introduce you to the leader of the claws.

He will lead you to a trap door that you should enter. Make a note of where the trapdoor is (in the Berserker Fort behind the dome). After two ladders that lead you underground, you will come across Yasma, the leader of the claws. She wants you to infiltrate the Berserkers and continue operating in secret for the Talons. Wulf, on the other hand, is supposed to tell you about a fake claw hiding place that you pretend to have found. You can now decide which party you want to support.

Betray or join claws

Return to Wulf and speak to him. You have two dialogue options:

  • There is a ruin in front of the fort (betray the wrong hiding place and protect Yasma): With this answer, your destruction drops sharply, you receive 2,000 experience points and 1,000 shards. If you return to the lair of the claws afterward, you can ask Yasma all your questions. Finally, you will receive the mission "On a thief spree for Yasma" from the claws.
  • Under the fort (reveal real hiding place): With this answer, your destruction increases greatly, you receive 2,000 experience points and 1,000 shards. If you then return to the claws' hiding place, you will find a farewell letter from Yasma in a chest. In it, she congratulates you on driving the claws out of the fort, but at the same time swears to take revenge for your actions.
It is up to you to decide whether you want to act against or for the claws. However, keep in mind that if you reveal the real location of the claws, you will no longer be able to unlock some missions. The berserkers believe you no matter what choice you make.