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Elex 2 Find all companions

 The game world of Elex 2 is big and dangerous. So that you don't have to explore Magalan on your own, there are 7 companions who can join you. In our guide, you will find out exactly where you can find all your companions.

has little chance against the numerous wild animals and other opponents in Magalan on his own. But even if your own fighting power has increased, it is worth having an accompaniment at your side.

So you can change the affection of your companions in the course of the game, for example by making appropriate dialogue decisions. However, the best way to bind your pets to you is to complete the pet side missions.

Loyal companions who like you are important in the endgame. At the climax of the story, a big battle awaits you, in which you will only be supported by those companions who have been able to build up enough trust in you.

Location of Caja

You can find Caja right in the first hour of play in the first berserker camp.

You can find Caja right at the start of the game by simply following the path north. It is located in the first settlement on the roof of the central building. Late-game romance is possible with Caja.

Location of Fox

Fox roams the woods west of the Berserker Fort.

Fox roams the wilderness around the Berserker Fort. Leave the fort through the main gate, where the teleporter is. Make your way down to the Heart of the World and then follow the path south to meet Fox. Incidentally, in the German version of the game, Fox is voiced by Gronkh.

Location of CRONY U4

Crony is waiting for you on a cliff to the east of the berserker fort.

Your trusty CRONY U4 drone will also be there again. You can find the robotoer in the west of the berserker fort.

Location of Nasty

You can meet Nasty in the Morkon Grotto.

Nasty meets you in the cave of the Morkons. To do this, simply walk straight ahead from the main gate until you have reached the back end of the upper level. Also with Nasty, there is the option of a romance.

Location of Bully

In the Outlaws Crater you will meet Bully as Baxter's bodyguard.

Bully will become your bodyguard against your will once you have spoken to Baxter in the Outlaws Crater. This is located in the very north of the crater.

Location of Falk

You will meet Falk in an old ruin near the clerical castle.

The android falcon joins you to learn more about being human. You can find him to the east of the clerical castle. From the main gate of the castle, you should already be able to see an old factory in the distance.

Location of Nyra

Nyra meets you in the camp of the Albs.

You meet Nyra in the Alb camp. To do this, visit the last building in the rear, north-west corner of the Albstadt. As with Caja and Nasty, there is also the possibility of a romance with Nyra.