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Elex 2 Find and craft Elex potion recipes

 Elex potions allow you to gain experience, attributes, or learning points in Elex 2 without further effort, which is why they are rarely found in Magalan. Luckily, you can brew them yourself, but you'll need to unlock the recipes first. You can find out how this works and what production materials you need for it here.

Make Elex Potions

In order to create elex potions, you need to have a level 3 chemistry skill. To gain such advanced insights, you can visit Tilas in the Berserker's Fort. You need a few points in dexterity and a high level of intelligence to be able to brew the elex potions.

Once you have reached chemistry level 3, you can go to a lab bench and start brewing. There are three total elex potions that produce different results:




Small elixir

5 elex, 1 water

+500 experience

Medium Elex

10 elex, 1 wine

+1 attribute point

Great Elex

20 Elex, 1 moonshine

+1 learning point

Especially small and large Elex potions can pay off. Although you have to brew several small elex potions to level up, the costs are relatively low. The learning point you get from a Greater Elex Potion also allows you to instantly unlock a new ability with a trainer of your choice. With the middle Elex potion, however, the costs tend to outweigh the benefits, mainly because you need several points with advanced attribute values ​​in order to be able to expand them further.

Find elixir recipes

In the east of the Alb depot, the Elex potion recipes are available for purchase.

Before you stand at a laboratory table, the protagonist Jax must first learn how he can even make an elixir. It's good that you can bag all the recipes at once and don't have to travel all over Magalan. Go to the Albs faction in the snowy north and look for the "Supplier" in the east of the depot.

He will sell you the recipe for the Small, Medium, and Large Elex Potion for only 100 Elexit Shards each . Once you have the recipes, you can also craft them at the lab bench.