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Elex 2 Learn to pick locks and use them correctly

 The role-playing game Elex 2 releases you into a large, open game world that encourages you to hunt for treasure. More useful items than those lying around freely can be found in tightly locked chests. But before you can crack their locks, you must first unlock the ability with a teacher. In this guide, we will tell you how to pick locks.

Elex 2 Learn to pick locks and use them correctly

Learn to pick locks

Before you can pick a lock, you have to unlock the corresponding ability with a suitable teacher. Under the "Skills" tab, simply look for the "Crafting" category and press the triangle button (PS) or Y button (Xbox) under "Lockpicking" to display all the lock trainers you've found once on the map.

The Lockpicking skill requires that you have invested enough points in your Dexterity and Intelligence attributes.

  • Level 1 allows you to pick easy locks.
  • Level 2 allows you to pick moderate locks.
  • Level 3 allows you to pick heavy locks.

If you have already invested a learning point in lockpicking, you can also learn the lock expert skill. It no longer breaks lockpicks when trying to pick a lock unsuccessfully. So you no longer have to collect the lockpicks, but can instead sell surplus ones for a profit.

Lock picking guide

Lock picking guide

If you try to open a locked chest, you must always pass the following mini-game. You can move your pick left or right to the positions of bolts. Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking a lock:

  • The more difficult the respective lock is to crack, the more bolts are present.
  • If you lead your lock pick to a bolt, it will be moved up .
  • Move the lockpick left or right to find more bolts that stay up.
  • If you choose the wrong direction, all bolts that were previously anchored above will fall back to their original position. So you have to remember the correct order .
  • Any time you fail to follow the correct order , a lock pick can break - unless you have the Lock Expert skill unlocked.