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Elex 2 Max level & level up fast

 In Elex 2 you not only get stronger with each level, but you can also expand your knowledge in the form of skills. For certain mission advances, such as joining a faction, there is even a level requirement. But is there a level cap for Jax? And if so, how can you reach them as quickly as possible?

Elex 2 Max level & level up fast

Is there a maximum level?

In Elex 2, you earn experience points for both winning battles and completing missions. But no matter how many quests you complete and no matter how many monsters you kill, there is a high probability that you will not reach a level limit before you successfully complete the role-playing game.

So while there are no limits to the general character level, the associated attribute points are different. You can put a maximum of 100 points in an attribute - after that, it's over. You can get as many learning points as you want. Since you can also gain these through Elex potions, nothing stands in the way of your desire for a variety of skills.

Level up fast with these tips

  • side quests

Especially at the beginning, when the protagonist Jax is still weak in the chest, it is advisable to accept and shoot as many side quests as possible. Avoid difficult enemies (recognizable by the skull and crossbones symbol next to the health bar) and find companions as soon as possible so that they can assist you in inevitable battles. Even if your companion does all the work, you get the full amount of experience points for won battles.

  • potions

Aside from side quests, there are also some potions that can help you immensely when leveling. A small potion gives you 500 experience points, a medium potion gives you one attribute point and a large potion gives you one learning point. You can also make the potions yourself. There are also potions that permanently increase a certain attribute. These include, for example, the warrior's potion (+1 strength) or the crook's potion (+1 cunning). If you can't make the potions yet, you can occasionally find them as loot in the open game world.

  • Attributes teacher

As you explore, you might be lucky enough to come across attribute trainers as well. For example, Eva, who can be found with the Clerics, can give you 10 attribute points for each level of "Attribute Points". And with the "Attribute" ability, you get an additional attribute point every time you level up. "Skilled Hunter" gives you more XP for killing enemies and "Practitioner" secures you more experience points for completing quests. All of these skills require a certain level of intelligence and cunning.

  • pedestals

If you learn the skill "socket" from a teacher, you can add special stones to weapons, provided they have a free socket. For example, the big green stone gives you +10 experience points for every monster you kill. Note, however, that you must first have a suitable stone in your possession before you can use it.