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Elex 2 Mind Knot: Solution to Halvar's Riddle

 In the upper district of the Berserker Fort, you can find Halvar, an attribute teacher. But before he teaches you, he sets one condition: you have to solve an unusual logic puzzle. In this guide, we will tell you the solution.

Elex 2 Mind Knot: Solution to Halvar's Riddle

Location of Halvar

Halvar is a warehouseman and works in the initially locked upper district of the berserkers. Once you have successfully completed Baxter's Propaganda quest, the gates to the Upper District will be opened for you. Halvar is a teacher of attributes and can therefore teach you to gain more experience points for different activities.

But before he teaches you, he first wants you to solve one of his riddles. The mission Knots in the head will be unlocked and will fail or succeed depending on your chosen answer.

Solve Halvar's riddle

The "knot in the head" quest is probably the shortest mission in Elex 2. It is unlocked when Halvar asks you a question and ends with your answer. Halvar's logic puzzle is this: "If a raptor and a half eat a stray and a half in a day and a half, how many strays does one raptor eat in a day?".

You have three possible answers:

  • A stray.
  • Two-thirds strays.
  • Raptors and a half? There's no such thing.

Halvar is not interested in the fact that the puzzle makes little sense in terms of "one and a half raptors". He wants to hear the mathematically correct answer from you. So there are two possible answers.

If a raptor and a half eat a stray and a half in a day and a half, then a raptor can eat just one stray in a day, right? Not correct! The period of time plays an important role in the riddle. Under these conditions, it would take a raptor a day and a half to eat a stray.

Since the question refers to one day, the Raptor has a third less time. You must subtract this third from the full stray, leaving two-thirds. So the correct answer is: A raptor eats two-thirds of a stray in a day. Choosing the right or wrong answer is irrelevant to unlocking Halvar as a teacher. He teaches you no matter what answer you give him.