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Elex 2 On a thief spree for Yasma: Complete Rat's Valuables

 In Elex 2 you get a series of stealing missions served up by claw leader Yasma. The final and toughest challenge is to rob the berserker boss Rat. But he and his valuables are well guarded around the clock. In this guide, we'll tell you how you can still successfully complete the mission. 

Unlock missions for the claws

The claws are an underground organization that has taken up residence directly at the Berserker Fort. In order to be able to unlock the questline " On the Thieves' Tour for Yasma " you must first pursue Baxter's Propaganda mission. To do this, go to the Berserker Wulf and go on night watch with him.

Once you've completed the mission and decided not to give up the claws, you can unlock the questline by talking to Yasma. Your claw tasks always require you to prove your thieving skills. Finally, you even have to clear out Rat's chest and safe.

Steal valuables from Rats

Before you set out to seek advice and loot his belongings, you should first ensure that you have level 2 Lockpicking skills. If you want to hack the vault on your own, you should also be able to hack security locks. If you have these skills, you can start right away. Wait for the sun to drop below the horizon or put Jax to sleep until midnight. Then you can go to the teleporter "Bunker des Dukes" and start your mission.

hack vault

The vault is in the basement of Rat's Bunker. It's entirely possible that one of the guards will spot you in the middle of the stairs, even if they don't have a clear view of you. This is a bug that you can easily workaround: you can hear whether a guard is following you by the background music that suddenly plays. Sneaky move back up a tiny bit and immediately turn back when the music stops. So you can easily get down without being followed.

You now have all the time in the world to loot all the items here. The safe is on the wall near the stairs. If you don't want to or can't hack it yourself due to a lack of skills, you can also find the right code in our safe guide. Next to the "Blood Contract " mission item you will find some Elexit and a valuable socket stone.

If Rat is no longer sitting on his throne, you have the chance to loot his chest.

open chest

Opening Rat's chest is actually easier than it looks. After all, the treasure chest with Rat's belongings is right next to his throne and is guarded by two guards and Rat himself. However, Rat has probably hired the wrong guys for this. Just go to the chest and then save as a precaution. As soon as Rat is no longer on the throne but takes his position on the stairs, you can try to pick the lock. Even if the guard is right behind you, they shouldn't notice you.

In the video above you can see which bolts you have to move with the lockpick to crack the chest immediately. As a reward, you will receive the second Blood Contract , a damaged bearded axe, several shards and the Service Provider specialization. Instead of handing in your mission objects to a mailbox as usual, you have to visit Yasma yourself and complete the mission with her.