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Elex 2 Overview of all factions

 In Elex 2 you are again spoiled for choice. Which faction do you want to join? We tell you the advantages of berserkers, albs, morkons, clerics, and outlaws.

Instead of just 3 factions, you can choose from a total of 5 groups in Elex 2. In addition, for the first time, you can complete the campaign without being a member. However, some powerful advantages will then slip through your fingers.

Elex 2 Overview of all factions

The advantages of the Berserker

Long-established Gothic fans feel most comfortable with the Berserkers. The medieval group dispenses with all technology and instead relies on swords, axes, bows, and fire magic. They gain the necessary mana by converting it from Elex with the help of the world's hearts.

The advantages of the Albs

In the predecessor, the Albs were still the villains, now you can officially join the somewhat reformed troupe. Instead of drinking mana, the Albs consume the Elex directly in order to be able to use frost spells, for example. To recharge their powers, they take fresh Elex from the defeated opponent. They are also equipped with highly developed laser and energy weapons for close and long-range combat.

The advantages of the Morkons

The Morkons are an entirely new faction in Elex 2 and pay homage to the Standstill . Seeing nothing bad in death, they ruthlessly engage in melee combat. They go so far as to undergo bloody rituals. They lose life energy in the process but temporarily increase their fighting power immeasurably.

The advantages of the clerics

The clerics are strictly religious and refuse to consume Elex. Instead, they rely on** state-of-the-art technology**. So as a member of the Clerics you won't learn any new skills, but instead, you'll have access to the best weapons and armor in Elex 2.

Attention: In order to join the Clerics, you must first become a member of the Albs.

The advantages of the outlaws

Anyone who has already spent a lot of time brewing potions in The Witcher will feel at home with the Outlaws. Finally, as a member of the outlaw faction, you'll learn how to craft Stims that act as temporary buffs. Unlike the rituals of the Morkons, these don't cost any life energy either. It's also the easiest way to get explosive weapons like rocket launchers.

Attention: You must first be a member of the Berserkers or Morkons in order to join the Outlaws.

Play factionless

Running through an unaffiliated faction has no inherent benefits as you are deprived of the powerful bonuses of each faction. Instead, you can see it as a kind of challenge, an additional level of difficulty, so to speak. In addition, depending on which faction you belong to, the ending sequence of the game changes. So if you want to experience all aspects of Elex 2 and are also on the hunt for all trophies, you should try it without a faction.