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Elex 2 Tips on how to start the game

 Elex 2 is not an easy game and will cause quite a few screen deaths, especially in the first few hours of play. With our tips, you are well prepared for your adventure in Magalan.

Elex 2 Tips on how to start the game

Quests instead of fighting

Elex 2 is not an action RPG where hunting monsters is the fastest way to the next level. Especially at the beginning of the game, stay on the paths, talk to NPCs, explore the different factions, and solve quests that don't require you to fight. In this way, you can collect experience points and level up much more effectively, so that you are already well prepared as soon as you actually have to draw your weapon.

Are you looking for someone to accompany you?

There are a total of seven companions in Elex 2 who can join you. You will meet Caja in the very first hour of play. Be sure to include them in your group so that they can support you in battle with fire magic. At the beginning of the game, even simple wild animals are a major threat, which is why you should not do without help. In addition, all companions build up a bond with you over time, which will be relevant later in the game. Therefore, if possible, never go alone.

Saves no points

Every time you level up, you get 10 attribute points and one learning point. You don't need to save these, it is much more effective to invest them directly. Many skills are tied to high requirements, so you don't take the risk of unlocking skills that are of no use to you in the current game phase. The costs to increase your attributes increase later in the game, but you can assign up to 40 points to all attributes without hesitation.

Use your jetpack

The jetpack is nothing more than an improved double jump at the beginning of the game, but it will soon become one of your most important tools. On the one hand, you can use it to penetrate into hidden areas of the game world and find hidden treasures, for example on towers or house roofs. Later you can even fight directly in the air, which is essential, especially against flying opponents. So invest resources and points in improving your jetpack as early as possible.

You can ignore many opponents

Some quest objectives and items are guarded by particularly strong enemies. If you are not yet able to cope with them, you do not have to defeat them in most cases. At night, many opponents go to rest, so you can sometimes sneak to your target. Your jetpack will also serve you well in these cases, as you can use it to glide past the enemy directly to your target and then flee without any problems.

Find a good weapon early

Without joining a faction, you won't easily acquire good weapons. Instead, you can invest a point at the blacksmith at the heart of the world right at the beginning of the game to forge your own weapons. Through battles, you will capture all kinds of damaged weapons, which you can then upgrade to improved specimens.

With a bit of skill you can also find one of the best weapons in the game in the first few hours of play: explore the lighthouse at the southern end of the game world and try to get to the top. However, due to the high requirements, you will not be able to use this weapon until the second half of the game at the earliest.