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Elex 2 Upgrade jetpack and find jetpack table

 The jetpack is the most useful means of transportation in Elex 2. After all, Jax can not only climb vertically with the small jets on his back but also move horizontally with appropriate improvements. Here we tell you how and where you can improve the jetpack and what resources you have to spend on it.

Elex 2 Upgrade jetpack and find jetpack table

Improve jet pack

You get the jetpack in Elex 2 automatically within the first few minutes of the game. But first, you can only move a few virtual meters in the sky. Fortunately, significantly more maneuvers are possible as the game progresses. So you can soon bridge large distances in no time at all, fight dogfights and even perform evasive movements.

However, to do so, you must first find a jetpack table. As soon as you settle the bastion in Elex 2, you already have access to such a workbench. You can find them in the central and largest building in the village. Find her in Adam's lab under your own apartment and you'll immediately see all the options to improve the jetpack:

There is a jetpack table in Adam's lab.
There is a jetpack table in Adam's lab.

  • Jetpack: Missile module that is unlocked from the start.
  • Maneuver Thrusters: Allows evasive movements in combat.
  • Thrusters: Faster movement due to horizontal flight direction.
  • Hovering: Allows combat in flight by standing still in the air.
  • Rudder Rocket Mount: This allows you to attach Rudder Rockets, allowing you to survive fatal falls.
  • Additional tank: With the help of the tank you can increase the fuel capacity.
  • Fuel Capacity: Each level increases the fuel and therefore the time you can stay in the air.

Important: To upgrade the jetpack, you must have at least 25 intelligence and (apart from fuel capacity) one learning point each time and be able to spare a certain amount of Elexit.

Tips to improve the jetpack

  • The thrusters are probably the most useful addition to the jetpack and should therefore be researched first. They allow you to cover long distances in a short amount of time, which can save you tons of time.
  • The auxiliary tank must be researched before you can expand the fuel capacity. The shard cost is 500 Elexit .
  • Expands fuel capacity using fuel tanks. You can find these tanks in the game world or buy them from merchants. The fuel capacity can be expanded 50 times.
  • If you upgrade the Rocket Rack, a fatal fall is automatically prevented and the Rocket is consumed. With each additional level, you can attach another braking rocket to your jetpack. But beware: A used charge is not automatically refilled. If a braking rocket is used up, you can only reattach it for free at a jetpack table.