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Elex 2 walkthrough: how to complete all story missions


Elex 2 walkthrough: how to complete all story missions

Complete walkthrough of Elex 2 main quests

Developers from Piranha Bytes have prepared a long-awaited continuation of the role-playing action - Elex 2 . Players will again find themselves in a huge open world and go on adventures as Jax, the hero of the last part. In our material, we will talk about a detailed walkthrough of the main storyline.


Throughout the adventure in Elex, the player is presented with a variety of choices. In most cases, they affect the relationship of the characters to the hero and the current state of the destruction of the world. We have chosen the path of a peacemaker who helps absolutely everyone, regardless of the presence of a reward.

In the vast majority of cases, the best positive choice in the list of answers is displayed on the first line. In rare cases, there are exceptions, but we have always tried to help those around us. It is also recommended to use all available topics of conversation so that the player not only opens new tasks but also completes old ones.

After loading the game world and watching the initial cut-scene, the hero will appear near his ruined house. We examine the nearest territory and pick up a couple of items. It is recommended that you immediately prepare yourself the first dish, which in the future will help restore health.

We move along a small path and face monsters in the first battle. We inspect the territory and move on. We do not turn off the path anywhere, we defeat several opponents and find a portal. The hero will lose consciousness and wake up in the old man's hut. We talk with Adam and get the first tasks. Before leaving the hut, we immediately get a jetpack that will allow you to move faster around the game world.

Chapter 1

Each of the available main tasks includes several short tasks. Also, the quest system is designed in such a way that during a conversation with a character, one answer option can automatically complete the mission in the diary. In the initial chapter, Jax will have to meet up with old friends, choose the right faction, and fix his personal base, Bastion. The tasks "Infected" and "Sixth Force" are activated.


The protagonist has contracted an unknown infection, wants to get information about the disease and get rid of it. We go to the wife of Jax - Kaya. On the way to the location "Heart of the World in Western Karakis," we will meet with the commander of the outpost, Tyalg. The man will tell you the exact location of the girl.

We move to the indicated point and after a short cut-scene, we will immediately find ourselves at the top of the tower. We communicate with Kaya. The girl will not be able to cure the hero's illness, and Jax learns some details about Adam. At the end of the conversation, the quests "Where is Kaya?" and "Incognito", and the tasks "In danger" and "Only a dead morcon ..." will appear.

In danger

We set off along the marker and meet our son Dex and his teacher Asgar. We communicate with each of them in turn and decide to take the baby to the base. We move to the next point in the Bastion. After that, the mission will be completed.

We examine the fortress and communicate with the old man Adam for further instructions. This task in the "Charged" branch will be completed. The chain will disappear after the conversation with Adam in the Bastion, which will take place after completing the questline "The Sixth Force" at the beginning of the second chapter.

Nothing to lose

The mission will end after visiting the first city that comes across, so after activating the “Strong Alliances” task branch, we set off for any specified marker.

sixth force

The largest chain of main tasks in the first chapter. To complete it, you must do the following:

  1. "Incognita". Automatically ends in a conversation with Kaya.
  2. "Preparing the Bastion". The hero needs to secure the territory of the fort and strengthen its walls.
  3. "Enemy Scouts" Clean up the specified territory from the bandits.
  4. "Strong Unions". Meet the faction leaders. You can choose one main grouping of them or completely refuse outside help.
  5. "Reliable Companions". Gather all allies closest to Jax and send them to Bastion.
  6. In the process of completing all these tasks, the player needs to talk more often with Adam, and later with Tjalg. As soon as all the tasks are completed, we return to the old man in the Bastion and proceed to the second chapter.

Preparing the Bastion

In this branch, you need to complete a few simple tasks. All of them are related to strengthening the base and clearing its surroundings:

  1. "Spring Cleaning" It is necessary to get rid of dangerous animals.
  2. "So many questions". Chat with your son on various topics.
  3. "Builder Wanted". Find a builder and fortify the base.
  4. "Commander for a New Army". Find a commander for Bastion.
To complete the questline, you need to tell Adam about all the actions performed.

spring cleaning

We go to the five marked points on the map, kill the aggressive animals and follow Adam to get a new quest.

So many questions

The task is automatically activated if the hero meets his son again in the Bastion. To complete it, you need to take Dex with you in the process of preparing the fortress. After a while, the child will want to go to sleep and the mission will be over.

Builder required

We go to the marker to talk with the builder Gardok. We show friendliness and follow the hammer. This tool is located in two places. The closest one is located northwest of Bastion. Unfriendly animals will be waiting near the player's hammer. We can grab the item and run away or pre-destroy all opponents. With the help of fast travel, we return to the builder.

The man will ask you to find limestone. It is recommended to prepare for a battle with a serious opponent and grab more food to restore health. We move to the indicated point and meet with a very strong monster. It is not necessary to defeat him, so it is enough to grab the necessary item in a pile of limestone and return to the base to Gardok.

Commander for the new army

We find the indicated point on the map and use fast travel to the southern outpost. We persuade Tyalg to join the inhabitants of the Bastion. The warrior will ask you to find a replacement. We leave along the marker to the east to the strengthening of the berserkers. The guards will not allow the hero to go inside, so you will have to complete the additional task "Access to the Fort".

To do this, we alternately go to Thorgild and Khlamer and carry out their tasks - “Work for Thorgild” and “Work for Khlamer”. After that, we return to the guards of the Fort and get a pass to the berserker base. We talk at the entrance with a warrior and offer him to replace Tjalg at the outpost. We follow the commander to the point "Heart of the World in Western Karakis" and go to the man in the Bastion.

Enemy scouts

We move to the indicated point and destroy all the bandits. It should be borne in mind that this task will not be easy to complete. It is advisable to leave it for a later time and bring an assistant with you.

Strong alliances

A short chain of tasks to strengthen relations with factions. In it, you need to get acquainted with the leaders of the groups and complete the following missions:

  1. "Common Path". Choose a faction for the hero or refuse outside help.
  2. "Tough Negotiations" Meet the leaders of all groups and visit their bases.
Please note that after choosing a faction, the player will not be able to change his choice, so it is recommended to save before completing this questline.

Common Path

In this mission, the player needs to enlist the support of one of the factions. According to the plot, Jax previously belonged to the berserk faction. We decided not to radically change his fate, so we made our choice in favor of this grouping. In this case, the player will have to complete the "Trust of the Berserkers" quest chain. After its completion, the hero will be able to meet with the leader of the berserkers, the Rat, and ask the leader to accept Jax into the faction. All available choices for the player:

  1. Refuse to join a faction. You need to talk to Adam and inform him of your choice after meeting with the leaders of the factions.
  2. Join the berserkers.
  3. Join the clerics.
  4. Ask for albums.
  5. Join the brotherhood of the Morcons.
  6. Team up with the outcasts.

Tough negotiations

After joining the faction, it is enough to talk to Adam in the Bastion to complete this mission. This means that the player does not have to meet the leaders of the factions without fail. All faction leader markers will be marked on the map:

  1. Berserkers . West of Bastion.
  2. Clerics. Northwest of Bastion.
  3. Albs . Far north of Bastion.
  4. Morcons. Southeast of Bastion.
  5. Outcasts. Northeast of Bastion.

Reliable satellites

Tjalg will ask Jax to gather his friends in Bastion. First of all, you will need to attach Caio and KRONY to the group. To complete this task, you will have to complete the wife's quest and go in search of the missing battle droid. After he joins the group, the mission will be over.

Mage of all Magadan

The quest will become available immediately after meeting with his wife. The girl will ask you to deal with a squad of thugs. The subquest "Only a dead morcon ..." is activated. As with the previous mission, the player should not immediately run to complete this objective.

At the base of the bandits, the hero will meet with strong opponents. To destroy them, you will have to pump several levels. Otherwise, this battle will have to be replayed many times, so it's easier to leave this task closer to the end of the chapter. After the destruction of the thugs, you must return to Kaya to complete the quest. Immediately invite the wife to join the team. To do this, select the answer "Follow me".

Rusty buckets on the wrong track

We find a marker on the map and use fast travel to the southern outpost. We get to the point, we talk with the KRONY drone and go to the base.

Chapter 2

In this chapter, the hero will have to prevent the conflict between mokrons and berserkers, explore the territories of the skiands to get medicine, and find allies.

Without any pity

We leave for the Morcon base and talk with Victor. The man will talk about the plans of the group and agree with the arguments of Jax.

Damage reduction

Patriarch Victor deceived Jax. The man unleashed a war with the berserkers and sent an army to strengthen them. The hero needs to complete the following tasks:

  1. "Symbol of the Old World". Defeat the skiand units.
  2. "Skill of the negotiator". Destroy Victor's squad and prevent the war.
  3. "Threat to the Sixth Force". Recapture the Bastion from the skiands.
  4. "Companions for the Sixth Force". Find all of Jax's allies.
  5. "Knowledge is power". Get information about skiands to create a medicine.
  6. "The machines are out of control." Destroy the robots.
  7. "System error". Learn the computer with CRONE.

Symbols of the old world

Jax is obliged to restore peace to the planet. We go to the indicated points and destroy the enemy skiand troops.

Negotiator skill

In this task, the hero needs to deal with a large detachment of Victor. Also, the subtask "Punish the infidels" is immediately activated with the same goal.

Punish the infidels

We go to the indicated point and destroy the Morcon army. We return to Victor to complete the task. The man will not want to join the forces of Bastion and will return to his base.

Symbols of the Old World

We go to the outpost of the skiands and clear the territory from enemies. The task will end after the destruction of the last opponent.

Threat to the Sixth Force

A group of foreign invaders will attack the Bastion. We destroy all enemies and talk with Tjalg to see another memory. At the end of the conversation, the man will ask you to bring allies to the Bastion, so the task "Companions for the Sixth Force" will open.

Satellites for the Sixth Force

Tjalg believes that more allies should be called in to strengthen the Bastion. Jax has to go to old friends and find some good warriors:

  1. "That still Bestia" (Bestia) - in the east, at the base of the Morcons.
  2. "Fox in a wolf pack" (Fox) - in the west of the berserk base.
  3. "Kvartalny" (Chmorila) - in the northeast, at the base of outcasts.
  4. "Ambitious cyborg" (Falk) - in the north of the Bastion near the outpost of the clerics.
  5. Benevolent Technician (Nyra) - in the far north, based on the Albs.
  6. To complete the task, it is enough to invite three more people to the base in addition to Kaya and KRONY. Each companion can be recruited in advance in the first chapter.

That still Bestia

We talk at the base of the Morcons with the girl and invite her to join the defense of the Bastion. The girl will agree and go to Jax's base. After a while, Bestia will get to her. From now on, the hero will be able to talk to the warrior again. We agree to help the girl - the additional task "Diplomatic contradictions" is activated. Bestia will join Bastion's squad.

Fox in a pack of wolves

The archer wants to test the skills of the hero, so you need to go hunting with him and complete a couple of tasks:

  1. "Neighborly Help" We follow the hunter and defeat several enemies.
  2. "Hunting trip". We continue our journey together with the archer and defeat all the monsters on the way.
  3. "Rebuke". We go to Kaya and get permission to join the team for the Fox.
After completing the third mission, the man will join the Jax squad and go to the Bastion.


When visiting the outcast base, the hero will meet with Chmorila, the assistant to the leader of the group. You will have to complete several quests:

  1. "Clean your face." It is necessary to defeat the aggressive Chmoril in battle.
  2. "Official Complaint" We talk with the Duke of Ateris and complain about the arrogant guard.
After talking with the leader of the outcasts, Chmorila will join the hero's squad.

Ambitious cyborg

In this mission, you need to go after Jax's old friend, the cyborg Falk. After meeting him, you will have to complete the subtask "Humanity: the instinct of self-preservation." We follow the cyborg and on the way, we clean the territory from all the monsters. At the end of the path in the stone circle, we can collect many useful items. After talking with Falk, the task will be completed, and the old friend will go to the Bastion.

Benevolent Technician

We get to the base of the Albs and go to the indicated point. We talk with the girl and invite her to join Jax's team. Naira will agree with the hero's proposal. The additional task "Common Folk" is activated.

Knowledge is power

Jax wants to ask Dawkins to help fight the infection. You need to complete the following tasks:

  1. "Parts of the enemy." It is necessary to carefully examine the areas indicated by the man.
  2. "Look yourself". We leave to the east and inspect the area with Adam.
  3. "Concerned Guard". We return to the Bastion to Asgar.
  4. "The path of the loner" You need to find Dex in the west.
After completing all the tasks, you need to talk to Victor at the Morcon base - a new chapter will begin.

Parts of the enemy

We set off on four marks and study the territory. Jax will meet very strong opponents, so it is recommended to quickly inspect the place and run to another point. We return to Adam and go to the next task.

Look yourself

Adam will join Jax - the heroes will jointly travel east closer to the former Gammar. There will be a lot of enemies in the area. It is recommended to carefully go in a straight line, clear only the nearest area to the point, and then inspect the area.

Worried Guard

We return to the Bastion and communicate with Asgar. The man will tell you that the hero's son has escaped from the base. We go in search of him in the task "The path of a loner."

The path of the loner

The hero will find the child in the westernmost part of the map. As soon as Jax approaches the child, a short cut-scene will begin. We talk with Dex and automatically return to the Bastion. We communicate with Adam and complete the chain of tasks.

Cars are out of control

The clerics have lost control of several of their machines. We go to the marker and destroy each robot. The "System Error" task is activated.

System error

If there is no KRONY combat drone in the squad, you must return to the Bastion and select it as a companion. We follow the base of the clerics and inspect the computer in the main building together with our partner.

Chapter 3

In this chapter, the player will have to make the final choice of the faction, significantly raise the level, clear the territory of enemies and increase the number of soldiers in the Bastion.

missing father

We leave on the marker and talk with Jax's father. The task will be completed.

Allies reluctantly

We select each dialogue option in turn and activate the tasks:

  1. "Partner of the Sixth Force". Get to the top of the faction's hierarchy and call the troops for help.
  2. "Voices from the Dark" Go to an abandoned chemical plant for exploration.
  3. "Advantage over berserkers." Clear the area of ​​skiands.
  4. "Trouble in the Valley". Clear the area of ​​animals.
  5. "Call of Duty". Head north for Adam.
  6. "Years of study". Ask your son to leave Bastion for a while.
  7. "Discoveries". Investigate Gummor's former.
  8. "Memories". Return to Bastion.
After completing all the tasks, we return to Jax's father to the north.

Partner of the Sixth Force

The player must make the final choice of faction. We previously went to the berserkers. Now you need to earn their trust, so you have to complete additional tasks:

  1. "Point of no return". Move up the hierarchy of the selected grouping and reach its top.
  2. "Scattered Scouts". Find units and ask to join the Bastion.
After completing the tasks, you need to talk with Tjalg and Adam.

point of no return

To reach the top of the hierarchy in the berserker faction, you will have to complete several tasks and get the title of the paladin. To do this, you will need to enlist the support of Thorgild and Tilas, as well as pump up to level 30 of the hero. We fulfill these conditions and return to the Rat. The man will ask you to complete several tasks, and then he will dedicate Jax to the paladins and open access to the most powerful armor.

Scattered scouts

After talking with Tjalg, we go to two markers. We talk with the paladins and perform their tasks:

  1. "They're coming through the coast pass." We clean a long road from a huge accumulation of skiands.
  2. "Surrounded". Rescuing a squad of berserkers from alien invaders.
We return to the Bastion and talk with Tjalg and Adam. We get a few more tasks "Discoveries" and "Memories".

Voices from darkness

We return to the Bastion and tell Tjalg about Jax's blackouts. We follow the marker, defeat the monsters and find KRONY and Cassandra in the building. The robot has captured the hero's battle droid. CRONY will be released after Jax's conversation with Cassandra.


The father of the hero will not immediately tell the whole truth. Let's move on to other tasks. After talking with Adam, we return to Vardek and get all the necessary information. The task "Antibiotics" will open.

Advantage over berserkers

We talk with Tjalg and go to the markers to clear the skiand units. Here for the first time we will meet with hippos - huge powerful enemies. It is recommended to take Kaya or another ranged character. We inflict several blows and dodge his attack. After the destruction of the last enemy, the mission will be over.

Trouble in the valley

We go to Baxter at the outcast base. We leave the gates of the city and clean the territory from monsters. We kill homeless skeks, pterohawks, scavengers and megarats. After killing the last enemy, the quest will be completed.

Call of Duty

After talking with Tjalg, we go to the marker on the map for Adam. We communicate with the man and complete the task.

Years of study

We talk with Kaya about Dex and communicated with our son in Bastion. If we answer the boy with positive options, then the child will go to the clergy. Other choices will change his decision, so it is recommended to save first.


Jax needs to end the Formers. We take the KRONY combat drone as satellites and go one by one to the computers indicated on the map. There will be a lot of opponents inside each skiand base. First you need to stock up on healing potions. Without serious pumping, opponents will not leave the player a single chance. To complete the task, you need to capture at least two formers, but you can visit all five points on your own and complete all the quests:

  1. "Disable Alphara" - in the northeast.
  2. "Disable Betara" - in the east.
  3. "Disable Deltara" - in the south.
  4. "Disable Epsilara" - in the west.
  5. "Disable Gammaru" - in the southeast.
  6. "Salted". Obtain information about formers from Wardek.
It is not necessary to kill all the enemies in the skiand bases. It is enough to run with KRONY through all the caves to the computer and clear the area next to it. We return to Jax's father to complete the task.


We follow in the Gammar former and get to the car. It is not necessary to kill all the enemies on the way. We watch a short cut-scene.


After completing the task, we return to the Bastion, but Adam will not be in place. We talk with Tjalg and complete the task.

paternal love

After talking with Vardek, you will have to fight him. We defeat the father to complete the mission.

Dangerous Exile

If desired, we can drive the father away or invite him to the Bastion. We chose the second option to strengthen the overall strength of the base.

Chapter 4

In this chapter, the player will have to defeat Cassandra and fight against alien forces. To do this, you need to complete the quests:

  1. "Hot wire". Go to Cassandra and get useful information.
  2. "Trouble." Make final preparations before the war with the invaders.
All the battles in the chapter are very difficult with a large number of opponents. It is necessary to buy potions of healing and pump over the characteristics before skirmishes with the invaders.

Hot wiring

We communicate with KRONY and go to the indicated point to contact Cassandra. Watching a short video. After talking with the robot, we destroy her minions. We ask CRONE to contact artificial intelligence again. The second time we defeat a small detachment and talk to Cassandra again. We destroy artificial intelligence and its assistants to complete the task.


A long chain of missions in which you need to prepare for war. You have to complete tasks:

  1. "Faithful Companions" Check the readiness of allies for war.
  2. "Purity of Elex". Clear the area near the Albian base.
  3. "Unrest and Unity". Clear the territory from enemies.
  4. "Will and Transformation". Chat with the alien commander.
  5. "Traitor". Find Adam.
After completing all the tasks, we return to KRONY to complete the quest chain.

Faithful companions

In this mission, the player will have to talk with all the partners and make sure of their loyalty. All available tasks:

  1. "With Bestia to the very end." Talk to Bestia.
  2. "With the Fox to the very end." Talk to Lis.
  3. "With Chmorila to the very end." Talk to Chmorila.
  4. "With Falk to the very end." Talk to Falk.
  5. "With Naira to the very end." Talk to Naira.
If the hero completed the tasks of the allies, then each of them will join the final battle.

Unrest and unity

We leave for the Fort and talk with Kaya. We receive tasks:

  1. "Discoveries and Their Consequences". Destroy the invaders in three regions.
  2. "Sworn Enemies and Domination". Repel the attack of Cardrax.

Discoveries and their consequences

Jax needs to fight off the attacks of skiands and other creatures. To do this, you need to complete the quests:

  1. "Attack of the Infected in Tavar". Deal with enemies near the Fort.
  2. "Attack of the Scianids at Karakis". Destroy the squad at the Bastion.
  3. "New Creatures from Mararkor". Defeat the monsters in the north.
We kill all enemies and return to Kaya in the Fort for the next mission. After the end of the second quest, we follow to KRONI to complete the task.

Frenemies and domination

We go to the markers and clear the territory from the army of the Albs. We return to Kaya.

Elex Purity

We leave for the base of the Albs to talk with Ekr. At the gates of the city we deal with a large detachment of invaders. After the destruction of the last enemy, the mission will be over.

Will and transformation

We go to the Betar former and run along with the marker to Principal Tayaak. We talk with the alien commander and find out the reason for the capture of the planet. We defeat the enemy and get out of the former. We watch the cut-scene. Jax gets very sick, but he wants to find Adam with the help of KRONY.


We follow the marker to Adam and ask the man about all the events. We defeat the traitor in battle. At the last moment, Adam teleports away.

Gate of the Master Former

In this chain of missions, the player will have to fight against an army of invaders. After the battle, we return to the Bastion to meet with Dex. We go to another marker to activate the task "Alien Voices".

foreign land

We return to the Bastion and discuss the plan of attack with Tjalg. You need to complete the following tasks:

  1. "Confrontation in the Center".
  2. "Fight in the ruins".
  3. "Cleansing the Mararkor Gorge".
  4. "Brawl in the Wasteland".
  5. "Attack on the Wasteland".
To successfully complete the task, you must kill five principals. It is not necessary to clear the territory, so it is enough to destroy one enemy and move on to the next goal. We go to the entrance to the former to meet Tjalg. The mission will be completed.

alien voices

We follow inside the Alfar former together with Dex. We get to the hall with a foreign device and let our son climb inside. We get to KRONI and take him as a partner. We teleport to the nearest city and go to bed.

Alternative nodes

We get to the marker along with the combat drone. CRONEY and Dex hack Cassandra. This will complete the mission.

Old rocket computer

We pass into the main form. We get to the point along with the combat drone. After a short cut-scene, we go to the next mark.

Plane of the Metamorph

We move further along the former and find a large room with a purple stream of fire. We talk with the metamorph and watch a short video. We defeat the enemy. To do this, you will have to constantly dodge to the side of his volleys. We get out of the former outside. After the cut-scene, the game will be over.


After the credits in the final task, the player needs to visit all the main characters and talk to them. From now on, the supply of the jetpack will be infinite. After talking with each, the quests are automatically completed:

  1. "Tjalg's Fears".
  2. "Premonition of Kaya".
  3. "Stupid Fox".
  4. "The Rat's Plans for the Future".
  5. "Victor's Wrath". The only task in which you have to fight with an ally.
  6. "Thoughts of the Beast".
  7. "The Wisdom of Ekrom".
  8. "KRONY U4 Calculations".
  9. "Nira's picture of the world".
  10. "Vardek's Assurances".
  11. "Reinhold's Optimism".
  12. Falk's discoveries.
  13. "Buster's Wit".
  14. "Chmorila's Honor".
After talking with the last person, the task will be completed. Near Asgar (Dex's location) near the alien device, another cut-scene will start. Now the player can freely move around the world and perform secondary tasks.