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Equipment guide in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross


Equipment guide in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a mobile title that offers players a lot of content so that they can spend hours of fun overcoming different scenarios, both PVE and PVP. However, when you start in this game, you quickly realize that the development and growth factor of the characters is vital to be able to advance.

This means that an important part of this game is to improve the heroes so that they are much stronger and more resistant, allowing us to beat the available scenarios, which become more and more difficult as we progress.

In order for players to improve their heroes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, the game offers them different character development systems and mechanisms. One of the most important, although not given much importance at first, is the equipment of heroes, since these items greatly boost the statistics, making them more powerful.

That said, if you're just starting out and still don't fully understand how the equipment works, how to obtain it, and how to refine it to improve your characters, then you've come to the right place, as we'll explain everything you need to know in detail. Also, we encourage you to take a look at our complete Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross guide, where you will find a lot of useful information.

What is the Team in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross and how does it work?

To begin with, you should know that the equipment in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross would be something like a set of accessories that are equipped for the characters. These elements have some specific attributes and allow you to get some additional sub-attributes, which, added to the hero's base statistics, allows us to significantly enhance them.

In other words, equipment is a series of accessories that multiply the heroes' base stats, making them much more powerful. Also, you should know that each character has space to add 6 different accessories.

  • Bracelet: It is located in the upper left slot.
  • Ring: It is located in the upper right slot.
  • Necklace: It is located in the left central slot.
  • Tendrils: It is located in the right central slot.
  • Belt: It is located in the lower-left slot.
  • Rune: It is located in the lower right slot.

These accessories or equipment can have a different rarity, being "Uc" the most basic and "SSR" the most top that you can get. And eventually, you will be able to convert the latter to “UR”. Then we explain how. Also, you should know that the upper accessories allow you to get sub-attributes related to the attack, while the central ones give statistics related to defense and the lower ones related to vitality.

While it is true that the equipment that goes in each space is the same for all, what will vary will be the base attribute that it has. And this factor will strictly depend on the role that the hero fulfills in the battle, so it is important to understand the abilities of this one to determine it and equip it correctly, but we will delve into this later.

The equipment, as we have mentioned, has a base attribute that can vary and be useful for different characters. And for these accessories to maximize your hero's stats, you need to equip an entire set to your hero.

When we talk about equipping a set, we mean selecting a certain amount of equipment with a specific attribute and integrating them into the hero. But it should be noted that the number of accessories with the attribute will vary depending on the latter. For example, to boost the defense attribute, you only need to equip two accessories with this main attribute.

What happens when you equip a set or accessory set with a specific type of attribute is that the bonuses it offers are greatly enhanced. Following the example of the defensive gear set we mentioned, the hero will automatically receive an additional 20% defensive stats, making them more resilient.

The equipment system may seem confusing and overwhelming at first, but as you expand your knowledge of the game, you'll find that it's easier than it seems. And to continue with this guide, it's time to deal directly with the types of attributes that accessories can have.

Equipment Attribute Types in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Each piece of equipment has a specific main attribute, which will be used to create a set depending on the character it is equipped to. As for the types of base attributes that you can get in the equipment, we will tell you what they are.

  • Attack: You need to equip 4 units to get a 20% attack.
  • Defense – You need to equip 2 units to gain 20% defense.
  • Health: You need to equip 4 units to get 20% health.
  • Critical Chance – You need to equip 4 units to gain 30% Critical Chance.
  • Critical Resistance – You need to equip 2 units to gain 20% Critical Resistance.
  • Health Regen – You need to equip 2 units to get 20% health regen.
  • Critical Damage – You need to equip 2 units to gain 20% critical damage.
  • Critical Defense – You need to equip 2 units to gain 10% Critical Defense.
  • Lifesteal – You need to equip 2 units to gain 10% lifesteal.

Now that you know what the equipment are and what types of main attributes they can have, it is time to tell you where you can get them and what are the different ways to do it.

Where to farm Equipment with specific attributes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

One of the most important and time-consuming tasks is farming equipment for heroes. As you may already know, there are areas in the Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross game that does not take into account the bonuses offered by equipment, such as the Vaizel Fight Festival in normal. However, almost all other scenarios do take them into consideration, so these bonuses can make all the difference.

Some of the equipment can be obtained directly by farming in specific scenarios, while others are exclusively from the gacha withdrawal of equipment or even from a store. Therefore, we explain in detail how you can get each of the equipment with certain base attributes currently available in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.

Where to farm Strike Team in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

If you are building the equipment of an attack hero, then you will need accessories with this main attribute, specifically 4 units of it. Fortunately, getting them is pretty straightforward, though it will depend a bit on your progress in the game's story mode.

You already know that Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a game that allows us to explore and live adventures in different villages. However, each chapter also gives us access to a map with different points and scenarios where we can fight battles. And among the rewards that these zone missions give us, we have equipment. You can see this in detail from the Battle menu.

To freely farm equipment with attack base attributes, you simply have to have passed chapter 1 of the story, which will give you access to different game scenarios where you can get various accessories, but with the aforementioned stat. Also, these scenarios have various difficulties and the rarity of the items will depend on the difficulty you play on.

You can freely farm the Attack equipment in these scenarios, although your only limitation would be the stamina or energy, as they will eventually run out and you will have to wait for it to refill or use a stamina potion.

Where to farm Defense Team in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

Many heroes that play an attacker role are also often armed with defense equipment, of which you only need 2 units to get the additional bonus. And in the same way that it happens with the attack accessories, you will be able to farm the defensive ones having overcome chapter 2 of the story mode.

This will give you free access to all zone quest scenarios, where you can fight and defeat enemies to get many accessories with defense primary attribute as a reward.

Where to farm Life Team in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

As in other games, in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross there are also characters that act as tanks, so they are made to take a lot of damage. To do this you need to equip them with vitality accessories, specifically, you need 4 units, which you can farm freely once you pass chapter 3 of the story mode.

Where to farm Equipment with Critical Chance in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

Some heroes have abilities that take advantage of their critical rate to increase damage and finish off their opponents. In case you need to build a set of equipment with this attribute, then you will have to farm hard for the zone missions in chapter 4 scenarios. And remember that you will probably have to spend a lot of stamina so that you can get higher rarity rewards, although we advise you to try to beat the stages on the highest difficulty you can.

How to farm Team with Critical Resistance in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

This is another of the equipment with a specific attribute that can be farmed directly after having passed a chapter of the story mode, specifically chapter 5. And by adding these accessories to a hero in question, you will allow him to have the possibility of avoiding receiving critical hits that can do him a lot of damage, although not all characters are compatible with this set.

How to farm Equipment with Life Recovery in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

To get the accessories that have Life Recovery as their main attribute, you will have to farm the available zone quest scenarios throughout Liones. This means that you will have to have beaten Chapter 6 of the story mode to have access to these game areas.

How to farm Runes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

Unlike the previous accessories, the Runes are not obtained in these game scenarios, but you will have to participate in Boss Battles continuously to obtain them. If you read our guide, you will know that among the rewards offered by the different scenarios of that modality, are the Runes.

As for the base attribute of this equipment, it will depend on the Boss Battle scenario in which you participate. However, this is the only way to get these accessories, so you will have to farm these areas quite a bit to get good prizes.

Get Equipment in Vaizel Fighting Festival rewards

Competing in this PVP mode is not only fun to check the level of power that we have with our heroes, but it also allows us to get many interesting rewards, such as diamonds, which are formed weekly. However, this time we will not focus on this resource, but on the chests.

Depending on our position in the ranking and the division in which we finish weekly, we will get some chests of different rarities, which can be emerald, ruby, ​​and sapphire, ordered from lowest to highest rarity. Within these, we can randomly obtain some special attribute equipment that cannot be obtained in the villages, such as critical damage, critical defense, and life absorption.

According to the type of chest that we open, we can receive equipment of different rarity, highlighting that the SSR pieces can only be obtained with the sapphire chests (blue), while the SR can be obtained from this same chest, but also with ruby ​​(red).

However, this is not the only way to get this equipment with special attributes, since from the gacha or equipment withdrawal, you will also have a chance to obtain them. Although it is not recommended to participate in this one, with the exception of the free spins.

How to equip heroes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

The time has come to talk about one of the most important topics when it comes to accessories and that is how to properly equip your heroes. This is a fairly frequent question among players because when they get a new character, they are not always sure what the best build for it is.

It's important to note that in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, each character fills a different role in a lineup, as they can be either an attacker, responsible for dealing all damage to opponents or they can be a control, applying negative effects to opponents. rivals that prevent them from acting and tip the balance in our favor or they can even be supports, in charge of supporting our entire team.

The first thing to do when unlocking a new hero is to take a look at their abilities to see what the unit's potential is and where it's headed on a team. You can also help by viewing and comparing their base stats with other units to get an idea.

If you have already determined that it is an attacker, you will have to decide between a build with “Attack + Defense” or “Attack + Critical” equipment or another combination. And this is where it is important to know his abilities and what each one does since if the character does not have damage and critical effect techniques, the classic attack and defense build is usually used. And this same process is replicated for other units that fulfill other roles, such as supports, which need a lot of life and resistance, or supports, which are similar.

For example, characters like Meliodas [Lostvayne], Strength attribute Derieri, Escanor “The One”, among others, are usually equipped with attack and defense accessories, since their role is offensive, so they prioritize doing as much damage as possible. and have some resistance.

How does equipment refinement work in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

Now that you know a little more about the equipment in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, you should keep in mind that it is not just about adding accessories to the characters and that's it, but from here another phase begins and that is a refinement of these elements.

Equipment refining is nothing more than using a series of materials to bypass a sub-attribute on the accessory. Each piece can have up to a maximum of 5 sub-attributes, which will depend on the piece in question, as we mentioned at the beginning.

This process is quite expensive since as the equipment improves, the demand for materials will also increase, so it is one of the tasks that take the most time for players, especially if they are one of those who do not spend real money on the game. However, it is not impossible to maximize accessories.

It should also be noted that once you have the materials to start the process, you should take a look at the refining success chances, which sort of determines if you'll randomly get a sub-attribute change or if it will fail, meaning that it will not change and you will lose those materials.

And when you've got a decent sub-attribute, which you feel matches the type of character you're building, you'll need to level up that accessory to the max in order to unlock the next sub-attribute slot. By carrying it to its maximum capacity, you can activate another special function.

When you have a sub-attribute, you can use the material to try to improve that stat it offers you or use another resource to get around it and change it randomly.

Materials needed to refine equipment in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The materials used in the equipment refining process are Upgrade Stones and Gold, which will be used to level up the accessory in question and its main attribute. Once you have reached the maximum, the next thing is to use Awakening Stones and more gold to unlock another sub-attribute slot and repeat the process.

How does team recycling work in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

Another thing to note is that we won't always get gear that is decent or has the primary attribute stats that we need. In this case, we have two options. The first is to sell these accessories in a store and get some gold in return.

While the second is to use Diane's NPC in the tavern to do equipment recycling. This is a process where we sacrifice various equipment to get some upgrade and awakening stones to use for refining.

As an added trick, if you level up the accessory a bit, then recycling it will reward you with a higher amount of Enhancement Stones and Awakening Stones.

Team engraving in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross: what is it and how does it work?

When you beat episode 115 of the story mode, Merlin's NPC will be available in the tavern and through it, we will be able to access the equipment engraving function. Basically, it consists of perfecting the rarity of a piece of equipment and inscribing a hero's name on it.

The main benefit of this is not only bringing an SSR accessory to UR, but when the hero's name is inscribed and equipped, the hero will receive a significant stat boost. However, this is only if the character it has been recorded with is equipped with it.

Any hero can be equipped with the engraved accessory, but if he is not the character whose name is inscribed on it, then he will not enjoy the bonuses. Also, it should be mentioned that when the etching process is done, the same unit in its different variants, will reap the benefits. For example, if you engrave Escanor's accessory, you'll be able to equip it with both his Strength and HP versions of the attribute.

In order to engrave a piece of equipment, the first thing you will need is to have the piece upgraded to level 5 with +5 stars. Then, you must go to the Merlin NPC and access this menu, where you can select the SSR accessory in question and then the character you want to record. Finally, you will have to pay with a material called “ Equipment Inscription Stone ” and immediately the piece will rise to UR rarity and unlock the bonuses.

And if you want to farm these valuable and hard-to-get stones, we invite you to read our guide to the Training Grotto , where you can get them.