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F1 2021 Everything about crossplay, co-op career and multiplayer

 Completely new in F1 2021 is the co-op career, in which you can play an entire season together with friends. Many of you are also wondering whether there is crossplay in the extensive online mode or what other options multiplayer offers. You can find all the answers here.

F1 2021 Everything about crossplay, co-op career and multiplayer

Is there crossplay in F1 2021?

Need for Speed: Heat pioneered it as EA's first racing game and introduced crossplay. Unfortunately, there was no form of crossplay when F1 2021 was released, and the function was not (yet) introduced by the update.

Unfortunately, crossplay only works across generations. This means that as a PS4 owner you can gamble against players on the PS5. The same applies to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. However, there is no crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox or PC.

However, as franchise director Lee Mather clarified in an interview with, crossplay is always an issue. It is quite possible that the official game for the 2022 F1 season will introduce a crossplay function.

Two-player career: What's new in F1 2021!

Career mode has always been one of the most popular modes in F1 games. With F1 2021 you can participate in a two-player career for the first time. In this co-op career there are even two different modes that will affect the upcoming season:

  • Contracts: You can play in pairs, regardless of whether you participate in the new season on the same team or in different racing stables. During your online career, you can negotiate contracts with other teams and change teams.
  • Co-op: In this mode, you and a friend always ride in the same team. Despite this, Player 1 can start contract negotiations with other teams. Player 2 then automatically changes to the selected team.

You then choose between a full season, representing the entire Formula 1 racing calendar in 2021, or a custom season. This consists of 10, 16, or 20 races of your choice. In the last step of the two-player career, you can invite a friend. You can also skip this process for now if your friend wants to join later.

Multiplayer with tons of modes

In our F1 2021 test, we clearly showed you that the racing game delivers a great overall package. One reason for this is the extensive multiplayer mode, which shines with numerous modes. Below we show you all the features:

  • Friendly game: Here you can compete in online races as you wish without your performance being evaluated. Create your own lobby, join beginner-friendly games, or search for lobbies for experienced players. Perfect for getting started!
  • Ranked Match: This is the standard multiplayer mode where your performance affects skill and safety ratings. After the race, the next event will be voted on.
  • Splitscreen: If you have a friend over, you can play together on split-screen. On the split-screen, you contest a race or several race weekends for two. An internet connection is of course not necessary.
  • Weekly Events: Here you compete on a global leaderboard. Your performances in the weekly events also affect your skill and safety rating. Sometimes it's Grand Prix events with qualifying ahead or individual main events.
  • Leagues: Here you take part in a multiplayer championship, i.e. an online career. Races can be scheduled for a specific time or completed as needed. Find a league that suits your skills and desires and experience an exciting championship with other players.
  • LAN Game: Fancy a LAN party? LAN mode lets you create or search games on the subnet. Handy when friends are visiting with their console or PC.

F1 ESports is tightly integrated

The e-sports scene surrounding Formula 1 is probably larger than many would initially suspect. It is therefore hardly surprising that eSports is firmly integrated into the game. You can follow events live via the respective tab or even qualify yourself.