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Fortnite without buildings: how long will we be without building?


Fortnite without buildings: how long will we be without building?

With the new season of Fornite and the disappearance of buildings in the game, now fans of Epic Games Battle Royale are separated between those who want the no-build mode to last forever and those who wonder how long we will be without building.

When will construction return to Fortnite?

According to files pulled by Fortnite data miners, the change in season dynamics to enable building is coming sooner than we thought. If the leak is true, we will be able to build from March 29.

It is unknown if the construction will return to Fortnite in a limited format, for example with some specific types of structures that are gradually expanded, or if the game will allow us to build as we did before the change.

Will we still be able to play non-build modes?

Along with the aforementioned leak, others have also arrived that seem to indicate that there will be permanent non-construction modes, but Epic Games has not confirmed that these are its definitive plans nor has it offered any clues about what it plans for the coming weeks.

Another reason to believe in the future of this non-build mode in Fortnite is that the messages on some loading screens talk about " the modes that have construction enabled ", which seems to indicate that the non-build modes are included. of Epic's plans.