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Ghostwire: Tokyo - Boss Guide

 Ghostwire: Tokyo confronts you with a total of five different bosses. You can find out how to put them all on the mat in our boss fight guide.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - Boss Guide

In our Ghostwire: Tokyo boss guide we explain:

  • How the game's five bosses behave and how you defeat them
  • How to best prepare for battles
  • What rewards await you after each battle

Before we explain the strategy for each boss fight to you, two important notes on preparation. As part of the story - as already described in our 10 tips and tricks for getting started - level up your wind weaving skills, as this attack will serve you very well in almost all boss fights.

Also, regularly worship Jizo statues in the open world to increase your maximum magic ammo. Having trouble finding the statues? Then simply visit a shrine, drop 500 Meika into the offering box, pray you find another Jizo statue and it will appear on the map.

This is how you defeat Yaseotoko

stage 1

As part of the main mission “Deep Under the Ground,” you will meet the first big boss of the game: Yaseotoko. The muscular creature looks a bit like an oversized ape but uses the same Aetheric Weaving attack maneuvers as KK.

In other words, you're dealing with nimble wind projectiles, wide-ranging water projectiles, and high-damage fire projectiles. Yaseotoko usually fires two or three of the former, which are best avoided with sideways movements.

Don't stand too close to Yaseotoko's position, otherwise, you won't have enough time to dodge. If a projectile comes your way anyway, counter with a block to absorb as much damage as possible. After his initial wind attacks, Yaseotoko usually switches to water projectiles. The best antidote here: Crouch, block at the same time and after successful evasive maneuvers go directly to the counterattack.

After that, as soon as you see Yaseotoko summoning a fireball between his hands, you should either attack him directly (which can interrupt the attack) or dodge again. Perfect blocking on fire projectiles is also possible but requires good timing.

Between attack phases, Yaseotoko will repeatedly leap into the air and then pull himself back to the ground with a purple cord of energy. As soon as it lands, a smashing blow follows, setting off a rapidly spreading ring of flames. It is best to avoid this by jumping.

phase two

If the boss has taken enough damage, he adjusts his tactics a bit and creates a protective shield in between to block your attacks. Wait a moment at this moment and only then continue your attack. In this phase, also pay attention to his powerful ramming attacks, which he carries out with an outstretched hand.

Important: As soon as you have run out of ammunition for two types of attacks, you should immediately break the ether objects on the edge of the arena to get new ether. However, do not do this beforehand, otherwise, you will lose excess ammo. If you heal your wounds promptly and attack regularly, the fight will be decided in your favor after just a few minutes.

This is how you defeat Ko-omote

stage 1

At the beginning of the fight with Ko-omote, Akito and KK are separated from each other. So you can't attack the boss with your magic skills, nor can you use KK's ghost vision. In order to still master the fight quickly, you should first stock up on arrows. Immediately after the start of the duel, run straight towards a colorful billboard with the pink particle moving from left to right.

Then turn left, follow the passage to about the middle and crawl left into the narrow ventilation shaft. There you will find two quivers with arrows and some food. Then leave the ventilation shaft (which Ko-omote cannot penetrate) and get an overview of the boss fight area - make sure you pay attention to the exact positions of the red ether crystals.

Now draw attention to yourself, wait for Ko-omote to follow you, and run to one of the ether crystals. Once there, you turn your gaze towards the enemy while increasing your distance from the Aether Crystal. Then precise timing is required: Draw your bow and shoot at the ether crystal as soon as Ko-omote is near it. The resulting explosion will briefly daze the boss.

Then run towards the enemy from behind and get so close until the message “Quick Extinguish” appears – you can use the L2 button to snatch the first of the three cores from the ghost cat.

Ko-omote will then jump onto the roof and you have a short time to heal and if necessary seek shelter in the ventilation shaft in the middle of the arena. Caution: If Ko-omote discovers you in the hiding place, it will emit a cloud of poison from which you must flee as quickly as possible.

phase two

After the first hit, go to another area where there is an Aether Crystal, lure Ko-omote back to your position, and repeat the “crystal blast and then attack from behind” maneuver outlined at the beginning two more times to get the remaining two cores to remove. Ko-omote does not change their basic behavior patterns. Once you get the hang of it, the fight is easier than you think.

It only becomes more of a problem when you run out of arrows and/or aether crystals. In this case, a lot of patience is required, because once objects have been used up, they only appear again after a certain time.

An important tip: One of the ether crystals is located directly at the exit of a ventilation shaft and can be detonated from the hiding place. As a reward for winning the battle, you will be reunited with KK and receive 500 experience points and the music piece Ko-omote.

This is how you defeat Okina

stage 1

Before you jump into battle against Spider Spirit Okina, you should fill up all your ranged attacks and have enough food with you. Immediately after the fight begins, activate KK's spirit vision to locate Okina's weak points. These are located in the head area and on the lower body, approximately at the height of the middle two arms.

Switches to Windweave magic, opening fire on hit zones whenever the opportunity arises. As you attack, Okina will close in on you with various maneuvers. Let's start with a large wiping movement with the right paw, which is best avoided by jumping.

In the second phase of the attack, Okina holds two of his eight limbs in the air in prayer, forms a ball of energy, and smashes it to the ground with full force. The result is two blast waves that you can only dodge successfully if you jump up just before you hit the blast wave.

Immediately afterward, Okina covers you with three bundled thread projectiles. Block them and then place yourself on one of the boulders that fell to the ground from the smash attack. From there, continue to attack the weak points and ignore the next blast, now triggered with just one punch. As long as you stand correctly on the stone, it cannot harm you.

phase two

Attacks Okina until she brings both arms together in the air again and swings out for a double strike. The latter usually has such a force that the stone that protects you from the pressure waves on the ground is destroyed. Be careful with Okina's swiping movement with her paws, as she uses it to destroy all stone platforms on the ground in one fell swoop.

After a minute or two of continuous attacks, you'll almost certainly run out of magic ammo - you can find more Aether objects in the small, cobweb-covered caves to the left and right of the boss battle arena. A large amount of Aether is also generated once you snatch the first of two cores from Okina.

In the second phase of the fight, you should also be prepared for poison clouds that will cause you to take damage in affected arena areas. Last pro tip: focus on damaging both cores in the first phase. As a result, this section is noticeably longer, but in the second - much more hectic and dangerous phase - you reach your destination all the faster.

This is how you defeat Yaseotoko in the second fight

In the fifth chapter, you have to compete against Yaseotoko one more time. The good news first: The fight is largely the same as the first showdown. Again, you'll have to deal with wind, water, and fire magic, which you either dodge (as described above) or block. In contrast to the first fight, however, Yaseotoko uses additional ramming attacks and his circular protective shield very early on.

The latter is best deactivated with a charged fire projectile. The decisive factor in this fight remains that after successful blocks or evasive maneuvers you immediately counterattack and drain as much life energy as possible from the boss while he charges his own attacks.

Once you have removed Yaseotoko's first core, a second phase follows, for which the boss summons glowing flames all over his body. While this looks fearsome and boosts his attacks, it still doesn't make him immune to your Windweave magic.

It is all the more important that you continue to cover the boss with attacks. However, increase your distance even further, because shortly before his demise, Yaseotoko increasingly performs massive vortex blows that drain a lot of energy.

This is how you defeat Hannya, aka Hanngon

stage 1

In the final boss fight of the game, Hannya - then named Hanngon - presents herself as a fish-like assemblage of ghosts with three masked heads. In order to hunt him down, you must first cover each of the three masks with a variety of attacks. It is best to use wind weaving while the final boss is moving quickly around you. If he is directly in front of you, all three types of magic are suitable.

Try to memorize his different attack patterns and react accordingly. The following activities await you:

  • Hanngon pauses, rears up and unleashes a blast of wind in a 180-degree radius. Keep your distance during this phase and block immediately. Directly after that, it takes a few seconds before the final boss starts moving again. Use this opportunity to deal with damage immediately.
  • Hanngon grows an arm several meters long with a huge hand on either side. A short time later, he raises both hands in the air, only to hurl them back to the ground immediately afterward. Quickly move away from the hands' impact zone and leap into the air just before the shockwave on the ground knocks you off your feet.
  • Hanngon supports himself with his arms and then crawls towards you at lightning speed. Run backwards as soon as you notice this maneuver, ideally firing at the mask on your left.
  • The boss rears up briefly and then rams his head into the shallow water, after which hands will appear everywhere, reaching for you. They can't keep you permanently in one place, but they can slow you down and weaken you noticeably. Here, too, a quick dodge is required. Once the hands retreat, you have another short window to counterattack.

When dodging, try to get behind the boss regularly, as this will give you a better chance of hitting the rear mask - there is plenty of room to maneuver in this arena. If you run out of ammo, you can use the various Ether objects scattered throughout the level.

Stages 2 and 3

Once you've uncovered and removed one of the cores, Hanngon will disappear for a while and send a troop of visitors who will attack you immediately. In this case, first, eliminate the weak opponents and then the stronger ones. Also, save stun and debuff charms for particularly tough enemies. Have you caught a strong opponent with a Stun Talisman, quickly run behind him and snatch the core from him.

As soon as Hanngon shows up again, follow the strategies outlined at the beginning. Healing items are particularly important in this fight - pack enough of them. Also in this duel, keep an eye on the resonance meter in the bottom right of the screen and use it against either multiple visitors or the boss himself if he's close to you. Assuming a little patience and precision when aiming, Hannya gives in after about six to eight minutes.

As a reward for winning the fight, you will receive, among other things, the ghost chain, which transfers collected ghosts to safety – without going through a telephone booth. Equipped in this way, it is much faster to collect all the missing ghosts in the endgame.