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Ghostwire: Tokyo Walkthrough - Game Guide


Ghostwire: Tokyo Walkthrough - Game Guide

A detailed walkthrough of all Ghostwire story missions, tactics, and tips for fighting bosses

At the start of Ghostwire, select your desired difficulty level: Easy, Medium, Hard, or Nightmare. In principle, even at an average difficulty level, you will have to make a lot of effort, so for the first time, this choice will be quite enough. Watch the introductory video, which introduces you to Akito and the possessor of Kei-Kei.

Chapter 1

Each chapter consists of several story missions. Side missions will be covered in a separate guide.


Then use LMB to attack with wind weave. By holding down the mouse wheel, you can block incoming hits. If you block in advance, then it will partially save you from the damage received. If you place a block at the moment the enemy strikes, it will be perfect, which means you will not receive a single point of damage.

After the destruction of the first three opponents, you can open the map (key M) to see where to go next. Now take the linear path to the hospital where Akito's sister is. Move the only way using Shift to speed up. Do not enter the fog under any circumstances. Get close to the otherworldly matter and attack the Q key with your hand to get the aether. Aether grants you synergy points that are used for weaving attacks. Green ether provides OS for wind weaving, blue for water, red for fire, and so on. So far, wind weaving is available to you. As soon as you get inside the hospital, the task will end and you will receive 500 experience points.

City of shadows

Immediately pay attention to the flying mirror objects. They can be broken to get synergy points. You can deviate from the main path and search the back streets of the hospital to get documents or food. Any food in Ghostwire Tokyo is used for healing. Head right down the corridor to trigger a cutscene. Crouch on CTRL and sneak up on the enemy. Click on RMB for an instant kill. Somewhere in this moment, you will get a new level of synergy. Each time you level up, you gain a 2% increase in maximum HP and skill points that can be invested in new spirit skills. For example, to strengthen weaving and so on. Right now, you will be able to unlock a powerful attack by holding the LMB.

Rise to the second floor and iditol along the corridor. On the couch on the right is a bag of food. Be sure to pick it up. For treatment, you need to hold down the C key. Normal pressing C allows you to switch between food sources that provide different bonuses (in addition to healing). Before that, a new enemy will appear. Hold LMB and wait. When the energy is accumulated, shoot at the enemy. Hold RMB to pull out the core. Pulling the cores is optional, but you will get more points for this. You can just shoot at the core to finish off the enemy. Move on, pick up another package and finish off the enemies in the office. You can read different notes. There will be two more opponents in the corridor behind the office.

Climb to the third floor and move along the corridor where clothes are scattered. Follow through the dining room and kitchen, go through the automatic doors, and move up the stairs. Keep walking in a straight line until the very end, until a cutscene with Mari and the villain in the Hannya mask plays. Go outside, enter the elevator and go down. Leave the hospital. You will receive 500 experience points and "Outsider" music.

Chapter 2


Right now, KK is offering to visit his apartment. Open the map to see the destination. Move along the street until you find a blue Torii gate on the side. Finish off all the Outsiders, go to the gate and hold LMB to clear it. This will remove the ghostly fog located nearby, and you will also be able to search the sanctuary. Inside it you will find the first katashiro. Katashiro are special items that allow you to absorb ghostly souls encountered in the city. The more katashiro you have, the more ghosts you can take with you (and later save). Nearby there is an item called kagura-suzu. This is one of the collectibles that can be sold for Meiki to yokai cats.

Keep moving until you see a dog barking at ghosts. Kill the Outsiders, then break the cube in which the souls are imprisoned. Save them by holding RMB and using katashiro. This is how you devour the spirits. As you move on, smash different items to get synergy points and destroy the yellow jugs that contain Maika. Absorb any spirits you encounter. Do not stand at the tree of corruption until you can destroy it. There is a yokai shop next to this corruption. Go inside and say hello to the merchant. Among other things, you can buy katashiro, dog food, and various foods. You can't really study food.

You will soon reach KK's house, and there will be a telephone booth on the side of the stairs. Interact with her to send the spirits to Edu, freeing all the katashiros and getting Meik for it. Climb to the second floor and examine the protection on the door. Interact with the door and see a drawing. Repeat it using a gaming mouse. Having folded the sign, hold LMB and RMB at the same time. Once inside the apartment, you will complete the task and receive 500 experience points.

How to clear the fog

You'll level up, so you can invest skill points (or keep them to unlock more expensive skills). Search all rooms. In the main room, there are several items to examine. Among other things, you can open the black case and pick up the bow. You will also find one Kay-Kay report. For such reports, you will receive skill points.

When everything is studied, go outside through the front door. You will understand that the house is being swallowed up by the Veil. It needs to be destroyed. Climb up the stairs and melee the Veil Stone. But this is not enough. Walk a little higher and enter the apartment on the third floor. Move through corridors and rooms, not paying attention to any changes. The back bedroom will have a quiver with arrows and closet doors. Open them and you will see the second stone of the veil. Press R to equip the bow, aim with RMB and fire with LMB. Go outside, to the landing, and move up. Open the door on the top floor. Go through the door ahead, duck down and climb through the hole in the wall. Then jump down through the hole to the kitchen. Having done this, duck down and climb through the hole again. Open the closet doors and jump over the pieces of furniture upstairs. Crouch down and bypass the damage. Open the closet door in the bedroom with the TV and destroy the last stone of the Veil. All this you must do in the allotted time.

Go outside and drop down to the ground. Go to the blue blob of energy, listen to KK, and then press Tab to use ghost vision. Follow the trail until you find a blight tree. Use the power of the TAB key to see the core and shoot it. The corruption will dissipate, and spirits will remain in its place. Be sure to eat them. The store on the left has the same assortment as the previous one, but arrows are now also available. Walk forward until a cutscene starts. The mission will end and you will receive 500 experience points. Kay-Kay will offer to inspect the shrines.

Doom Maze

First you need to get to Shiroyama Shrine. On the wide road, go left and destroy the corruption to save the spirits. KK will say that he feels a buildup of energy. There is a Jizo statue along the road on the right. Pray near it to increase the maximum supply of wind weave (from 30 to 31 units).

Move further along the marker until you find a Torii Gate located on the roof of a multi-story building. Tengu fly there. Hold RMB, aim at the tengu and press Space to pull and fly up. You will be on the roof. Gather the spirits and move to the Torii Gate. Kill the flying ghosts, then pull yourself up to another tengu. Jump to the top of the building and press Space again to float through the air. Clear the Torii Gate and collect 1 or 2 katashiros from the shrine. Open the map and you will see green side quest markers appear. We will complete them later.

Climb down and follow the marker. Along the way, you will find flying red ethereal crystals. By destroying them, you will cause an explosion that can destroy several targets at once. Collect spirits along the way and don't miss the phone booths as the katashiros fill up fairly quickly. And don't forget to invest skill points as you level up.

When you get to Shiroyama Shrine, you will learn that some shrines are considered large. There are several Torii Gates in their territory, so you will have to fight the enemies near each gate and clear them. But the reward will be more substantial. 55 meters before the shrine, you can find another Jizo statue. There are several youkai shops in front of Shiroyama Shrine. You will learn for requests - a list of items that can be found in Shibuya and bring to youkayam to get Meika.

When you're ready, go to the shrine grounds and clear out three pairs of Torii Gates. Near each Gate you will find Outsiders. You will learn that you can leave an offering in this shrine. The more Meik you donate, the better the reward will be. At the same time, you can choose a reward: find out the location of the Jizo statues, restore OZ or OS, or get what you are looking for. Choose the last option to progress through the game's story. You will receive Weave of Fire. To switch between weaves, use the E key or the mouse wheel. You can hold down the E key to open the "weapon wheel" with available weaves. Any weave has a weak and strong attack through pressing or holding LMB. Weave of Fire does a lot of damage, so save it for elite enemies.

Move further along the marker to the observation deck Kagerie. On your way there, look on the tall building on the left for the Torii Gate. Look up and see a tengu flying over the next building. Pull towards him, get close to the gate and clear it. To do this, jump down into the courtyard, where the construction site unfolded. The Torii Gate is in the cave below. Cleanse the corruption, collect the spirits and find a place where you can go down. Try to free the Torii gate, but an elite Outsider - Kuchisake will appear. Fight him with Weave Fire (while there are charges). Also lure the enemy to the red aether and blast them with wind weave shots. Try to put the perfect block or run back in time. Once defeated, clear the Torii Gate and collect the Water Weave reward.

Collect the spirits and then ride up the lift. Continue moving towards the Kagerie lookout. KK will say that you have reached the station. You can go into the hall ahead and find a large golden statue on the side. By destroying it, you will get a lot of Meic. Open the map and pay attention to the Torii Gate. Stand below and slightly to the left of their location on the map. In this place, under the bridge, you destroyed the damage (there was a Stranger in a yellow cloak, who raises the alarm and calls the rest of the monsters). Look left before the bridge and see a yellow sign on the fence. At this point, you can jump over the fence. Do so, and then run up the stairs. At the top, break the jugs with Maik and jump up the objects. Then you will see balconies on the building. Jump on these balconies, looking up and clinging to the ends. Rising up, you will see spirits. Collect them if there is space. You also need to get rid of the protective sign. As for the phone booth, it can be found on the same roof, on the far left, opposite the yokai shop.

Go around the building, jump from a small fence to the visor and climb up. Finish off all enemies around the shrine. There will be many flying Aliens here. After defeating, clear the Torii Gate and search the shrine to get the painting hanging on the right (request) and the first stun talismans. Go outside and fight another Kuchisake. Use stun talismans against her. To switch to the talismans themselves, press the F key. After the victory, move to the left (by the way, there is a telephone booth near the sanctuary and the former Torii Gate), and around the corner of the building, you will find damage with enemies. After defeating everyone, move up the stairs until Kei-Kei draws your attention to the tengu. Pull up to him, go up the escalators, and kill a lot of enemies. Collect the squall rosary from the altar. Open inventory and equip this rosary,

Interact with the binoculars on the observation deck and look down to the right to find the subway entrance. The Stranger, whom you pursue throughout the chapter, will go there. Jump down and go down to the subway station. The mission will end and you will receive 500 experience points.

Underground chase

At the beginning of the station, you will see the blue sphere again. Use ghost vision to see traces of the Outsider. Move through the station and absorb the spirits. Where necessary, kill enemies. There will be a telephone booth along the way. There is no reason to walk past her and delay sending the spirits. The trail will break, but KK will say that you no longer need it, since there is only one road. Get down and down, killing enemies and collecting spirits. Be as discreet as possible. At the end of the train, there are pots of Maik. Move through the tunnel with rails, go through the technical rooms and get to the marker.

Here the battle with the first boss of the game will begin. This will be a long battle. Use a block, while trying to set the perfect one to repel enemy attacks. The enemy will use Wind, Fire, and Water Weaves. Destroy machines to collect aether for your weaves. As usual, use Weave Fire first, and use powerful attacks. Don't forget to heal. I'm not sure if this works or not, but maybe you will deal more damage using the same elements that the enemy is currently using. See green, use wind weave, red - fire. Watch the video after winning.

A stealth segment will begin as Akito lacks Kei-Kei's powers. Move on the left side, towards the nearest enemy. Fortunately, you can kill opponents by stealth. Do this and follow along the left wall and columns. Pick up the moment and deal with the enemy in a white shirt, with an umbrella. Then carefully go to the stairs and move up the stairs. Get down and kill the enemy. You can even run up the stairs and go through the door where the cable goes. A little further there will be a few more opponents. You can run past them. Open the door and go up the stairs to get out. The mission will end and you will receive 500 experience points.

Underground twin

Follow the marker to KK's hideout. Upon arrival, you can chat with a woman who will tell you what to do next. You will receive 5 bush talismans, which allow you to create bushes and hide from Intruders. Leave the apartment and follow the black lane that leads to the right place. Bypass or eliminate enemies. Soon you will reach the sanctuary. Go to his territory and follow through the bushes on the right. Kill the enemy, go around the building on the right and move along the perimeter until you can enter inside. If enemies see you, use your bow. On the medium difficulty level, two charged bow shots are enough to kill opponents with umbrellas. Once inside the sanctuary, watch the video. After that, apply resonance by pressing V. It's kind of like Akito's ultimate. When the gauge is full, use V. Not only will you stun enemies, but you will also restore aether for the main weaves. The mission will end, you will receive 500 experience points, a new chapter will begin.

Chapter 3

pillar of light

Approach the Torii Gate and clear it. It's in the same place where you are right now. Search the sanctuary, collect the spirits and send them through the phone booth. Head north. The next Torii Gate will be on the building on the right. A tengu flies over him. Pull towards him, go upstairs and destroy the flying ghost. You might have encountered the same when walking down the street to the north. This is a pretty dangerous enemy. If you see a purple blob, try to hide from it behind some objects, as such a projectile does a lot of damage. And you can not feel sorry for the enemy's fiery weaving.

Having done this, continue moving north until you hit a dangerous fog. Turn east and go right on the map where the yellow area marker is pointing. There you will hear the sound of the phone. Approach him and pick up the phone. A new marker will appear. On the way to it, save the spirits and perform other actions. After reaching the desired building, use ghostly vision and follow Rinko's trail. Try to open the door, but nothing will come out. Look up and you will see a tengu. Reach out to him. Collect spirits on the roofs of high-rise buildings. An exit marker (image of a door and a person) will be visible on the radar. You need to jump down to the roof of the building just below, in the yellow search area. This will be the entrance.

Enter inside the building, go forward and to the left. This is the local newspaper. You can study several articles and collect spirits. Go to the other side and find the stairs leading to the floor below. You will run into closed shutters. On the left in the corridor there is damage. Destroy the first bunch of damage and pay attention to the shield to which the cable leads. Interact with him and open the shutters. Go to the corridor on the right, go past the second shutters. In the glassed-in office on the left is a QC report that will give you 20 skill points. The room on the left also has two spirits and a sign for a yokai. Enter the room on the right, look around. Use Ghost Vision against the wall on the right and consume the Yokai. You will receive the first Magatama. This item is used to unlock new skill trees.

Go into a small room and use ghostly vision to locate the corruption core. Shoot him through the window. Return to the office premises. Enemies will appear here. Destroy everyone, then collect the spirits, enter the room and activate a new shield. Go back and go under the raised shutters. Get down. The visions will begin. Collect spirits if there are free kachishiro. Destroy a large enemy in a narrow corridor. It is advisable to use reinforced fire shots. Soon you will find a phone that will allow you to reset all the collected spirits.

Get to the storage room where Rinko is. She's trying to disable the device that's hiding the Torii Gate from you. While she does this, defend yourself. There will be 5 enemy waves in total. Four of them are quite simple, but in the fifth one, a big man with a huge hammer and an umbrella will appear. Use fire weave against him. When you leave the building, the task will be completed and you will receive 500 experience points.


Go north and clear the Torii Gate in the Utagawa Trade District. Once you do this, the Veil will appear. You need to destroy four stones. Using ghost vision, you can highlight them. They will be highlighted in yellow. If you have upgraded ghost vision at least once, the task will be easy. Otherwise, vision is triggered at a shorter distance. Look for the first Stone of the Veil along the street ahead of the Torii Gate. Return to the Gate and climb the buildings on the right to find another stone. The third and fourth stones of the Veil should be sought in the western and eastern parts of the search area. After destroying all four stones, you will get rid of the Veil and get out of the trap.

Now you need to find a phone booth with a special sign and a phone card. First, move to the northeast. One of the markers points to a booth behind the corruption. Destroy the enemies and corruption, and then inspect the phone booth with the brown symbol. This is what you need. Then head west. One of the markers will take you inside the laundry room, where Akito will find a phone card. Return with the map to the phone booth and contact Ed.

Go to the parking lot that Ed mentioned. When you get to the right place, you will find damage. Defeat the new Outsider, Sorrow. There will only be one enemy here. After destroying it, clean the damage, hand over the spirits in the nearest telephone booth, and pick up a voice recorder. He lies where there was damage. Go to the indicated point, enter the building and search the storage room. Read the note and take the key to apartment 302.

Open the map and move to the Torii Gate, located as close as possible to the destination. When you cross the bridge, turn left. KK will say that you are in the right place, and you need to find building C. There will be a telephone booth on the left. You will hear a call. Chat with Rinko. There are also several spirits nearby. You can collect them and send them by phone to Ed.

Go around the building on the left side and go to the porch. Climb the stairs to the second floor and go right. At the end of the second floor, behind the boards, there are other steps. Crouch down and get in there. Climbing up to the third floor, destroy the corruption and enter apartment #302. Go to the back room and use ghost vision. After viewing the scene, go outside and watch the other one.

Run forward, up the stairs, destroy the damage. There is only one way, so there will be no difficulties. When you catch up with Rinko, draw a star with your fingers and destroy the sign. Back in the real world, run to the right and activate ghost vision to see Rinko. Answer the phone call using the nearest booth. The task will be completed, and you will receive 500 experience points.


Open the map, on which 6 Torii Gates appeared at once. All of them are located to the north or west of you. But first, head east to the nearest Torii Gate. They are on the roof. You can climb up to the roof of the building on the right, where the tengu is flying. After doing this, run up and jump onto the roof of the building with the Torii Gate. Hold "Space" to fly to the roof. Destroy all flying enemies. There will also be one Outsider near the Torii Gate itself. After that, clean the Torii Gate and take the rosary of water, which strengthens the weaving of water.

Now head to the Torii Gate exactly to the west. They are on the ground and are guarded by Sorrow. Destroy the Elite Intruder, then go inside and collect your reward. This will be the ghost detection rosary. They allow you to detect ghosts at a distance of 100 meters. By the way, before you take the rosary, you can make an offering at the box on the left, and then the item will change.

Now move north. Go to the left blue area, kill the enemies and clear the first Torii Gate. Follow deep into the location, between the columns. There will be dangerous enemies here. Deal with them and clear the second Torii Gate. Then go upstairs, kill the opponents and clear the main Torii Gate. Make offerings. If you indicate that you want to find what you are looking for, you will receive a rosary of fire. In the same place, at the stall just below there is a telephone.

You can now go to the northern point, but I suggest going east to the Torii Gate. There are three pairs of Torii Gates, but only one of them is not in the middle of a dangerous fog. Get closer, kill the enemies and clear the gate. Inside the sanctuary lie an archer's rosary. Now head south and clear the other Torii Gate. There will be Sorrow and the usual Outsiders. Inside the sanctuary lie a rosary of water. Head back north and move up the map to the last available Torii Gate. The gate is on the roof of the building. There is no direct access to this building. Look on the side, across the road, for another building with stairs. Both stairs are visible in ghost vision. Climbing up, kill the flying Strangers. At the very top, an elite Stranger will appear. After destroying it, fly to the roof of the neighboring building and clear the Torii Gate. Inside the sanctuary, you will find a squall rosary.

Return to the large shrine to the east and climb up the map to the highlighted area. Once you are there, a cutscene will play. Go to the shrine ahead and try to open the passage behind the rocks. Go down into the cave until you meet a man in a Hannya mask. After the cut-scene, the battle against Ko-omote will begin. To defeat this demon, hide behind various covers. The demon has absolutely no peripheral vision, so it will be easy for you to trick him, sneak up from behind, and attack. You need to tear off the three tails of Ko-omote, and the task will be completed. You will receive 500 experience points and "Ko-omote" music. The third chapter will also end.

Chapter 4

Watch the video and then hear the phone ring.


Go downstairs and answer the call. 14 Torii Gates will appear. To progress through the story, you will have to clear them. Let's take a closer look at all these Gates:

  • Shrine of Tisima. As a reward, you can get a rosary of abundance. You will receive 2 times more meik from yellow ethereal crystals. At the shrine itself there will be ordinary headless students.
  • Shrine of Noto. To the left of the sanctuary, at the nearest crossroads, there is a flower bed where the CC report lies. It gives you 20 skill points. For clearing the shrine, you will receive a rosary of stealth, which increases the time enemies detect Akito.
  • Torii gate on the roof of the Hirajuku building. You need to climb to the roof of the building. In the lane on the left, there is a structure resembling a stop visor. Climb it and jump to the balcony with the stairs. Climb up the stairs. Go around the tall building with the Torii gate on the rooftops on the left, jump up and collect the spirits. Destroy the flying Intruders and clear the Gate. You will receive a rosary of satiety. Food will restore 1.25 times more health points.
  • Shiratsuki Shrine. It is located near the previous sanctuary. Kill the normal headless students, clear the Torii Gate and get a clear detective that allows you to find KK's notes from 100 meters away.
  • Torii gate on the roof of Saiham's building. As a reward, you will receive a ghost detection rosary. If you have found the previous ones, they will increase your bonus. In the alley on the next building, look for the stairs. Jump to it from the nearest car, climb up and fly to the gate. Clear them and collect your reward.
  • Torii gate on the roof of the Momokane building. Found next to the previous gates. Climb to the roof of the nearest gas station and get to the right gate. Purify them to get a rosary for talismans. Talismans of Stun and Overgrowth last 1.5 times longer. The radius of action of the Nucleus Exposure and Distraction Talismans is increased by 1.5 times.
  • Tatsuya Shrine. Go further south. As a reward for clearing this torii gate, you will receive a Prayer of Satiation, which will increase the effect. As you get closer, be prepared for the appearance of a giant. He will make a storm, but various Outsiders will also begin to appear. At the end, there will even be a crimson kuchisake who doesn't wear a mask. This is a more aggressive version of the usual masked kuchisake. As soon as you clear this gate, you will receive a new story mission "Giants". However, we decided to clear all Torii gates.
  • Torii gate in the Kappagaike swamp. As a reward, you will receive a rosary of water. In the water, you will encounter two big guys using umbrellas as protection.
  • Onten Shrine. As a reward for cleaning you will receive a detective's rosary. In fact, you need to find four pairs of torii gates. There will be many sorrows.
  • Shrine of Mikubo. As a reward for cleaning, you will receive a rosary of fire. There will be two enemies in yellow raincoats. Try to eliminate them before they notice Akito and raise the alarm. Otherwise, reinforcements will appear.
  • Shrines of Sakano. As a reward for cleaning, you will receive a rosary of satiety.
  • Shimokus Shrine. As a reward for cleaning, you will receive a rosary for talismans. Open the map and go around the fog on top. Kill all enemies and clear the gate.
  • Shrine of Kamio. As a reward for cleaning, you will receive a flurry rosary.
  • Shrine of Akitsu. As a reward for cleaning, you will receive a rosary of fire. These gates lead to the underworld. It is not related to the storyline. Here you will find cruel opponents, but no less worthy reward. Kill the enemies and clean the corruption from the trees. Climb up, do the same, and clear the Torii Gate to collect your reward and return to the world of the living. To do this, return to the first gate through which you passed here. You don't have to fight everyone.

Head inside the building that KK points to. To do this, you need to clear only some of the Torii gates listed above. Go to the parking lot where the lights will turn off. Use ghost vision to locate enemies. Keep in mind that you can sneak up on the kuchisake from behind and sneak attack the Outsider, but this will not allow you to instantly kill the elite opponent. You'll have to fight him. In the far right corner, there is a room with a shield inside. Use your ghostly vision to find filth knots and destroy them. Turn on the light and go to the passage in the far left corner of the parking lot (relative to the entrance). Watch the video and answer the phone. Leave the building to complete the mission and get 500 experience points.

black tower

Go to the indicated building and go into the alley to find a construction elevator. Ride it up, and then jump to the left, onto the lift at the next building. Ride up and jump down to the desired building. Use binoculars for tourists. First, examine the torii gate in the distance, in a purple haze. KK will say that they look strange, and you should go to them. Turn the camera all the way to the left to reveal an expensive car parked on the road on the left, right at the edge of the screen.

First, jump down and run to the car. Interact with him and then watch the cut-scene. You will find yourself in the afterlife, without the powers of K-K, so you will have to cope with one bow. Kill all enemies while trying to save arrows. On the side is a quiver with new ones. Shoot red ether to blow up enemies. Reunite with KK. Go to the next alley and talk to Rinko on the phone. She will tell you where to find the turbine wheel.

Travel to the Morote Shrine, which was cleared a few hours ago. Go east to the marker. Go down to the subway and go through the door. Kill the enemy with the hammer, then search the trunk of the car to get the turbine wheel. Leave the building and go to the far marker, to the same Torii Gate that you saw earlier with tourist binoculars. Go around the building with the gate and find the rise to the freeway. Climb even higher up the other steps and kill all the enemies near the corruption tree. Jump over to the main road, clear the filth and kill the enemies. Jump from the bus to the balcony with the stairs. Climb up, go around the building and climb higher on other stairs. Enter the underworld.

Go ahead, kill a couple of enemies and destroy two corrupted trees. Go to the big location. Kill the flying enemies and move around in a clockwise direction, destroying the corruption on the trees. When you deal with all the enemies and enter the sanctuary, try to pick up the aromatic oil. You have to fight Shiromuku. Use fiery weave, and when the projectiles run out, activate the special mode with the V key. Take the aromatic oil, go back and destroy the filth. Powerful enemies will appear. Lure them to a large arena, go around and run to the gate to leave the afterlife.

Return to the shelter and repair the motorcycle. If you ride a motorcycle to the tower, then you will lose the opportunity to complete three side tasks from the "After the End" cycle. All other side missions will remain available, and you can use the fast travel system to return to Shibuya at any time. Alternatively, you can save now (in an additional cell), go through the game, and then boot up and complete all tasks, etc.

Chapter 5


Move towards the marker to the east and watch several cut-scenes. Soon, the battle against Okina's boss will begin. To defeat her, you need to shoot at two cores (on the belly and in the mouth) and pull out each. Use charged fire shots whenever possible. You can destroy the webs in the small crypts on the sides to collect food for healing. When the fire charges run out, you can activate the resonance on the V key. This will restore the charges and strengthen them. Use a block when the spider moves its huge paw from left to right or right to left. Jump when the shockwaves come in the form of rings (after the spider hits the ground with its paws). By the way, you can interrupt her idea by firing a powerful blow of fire at one of the cores. When you're ready, enter Tokyo Tower.

tokyo tower

Go up to the second floor and turn the corner for a cutscene. Go up the other escalator and run to the elevator. Open the doors by pressing the button on the right, and then go inside and start the elevator to the main platform. Then the battle against Yaseotoko will begin. You have encountered it before, but the difference will be that after the destruction of the first core, the battle will continue, and the enemy will become the most aggressive. You will complete the task, get 500 experience points, as well as the music "Yaseotoko" and "Tokyo Tower".

Chapter 6


Follow forward through the cave, go through the hospital and go down, studying Akito's memories of Mari and family. Go through the construction site and go up the stairs in the center, to the door. In the end, you will find yourself in a cave with a large door, where a cut-scene will start.

Gate to the underworld

You have to fight the merge. This boss has three masked heads and you will have to destroy each one. Use ghost vision to light up all three masks. They have nuclei. Shoot at one of the masks. Focus on it until you can pull out the core. Keep fighting regular enemies, and when you defeat them, the boss will return and you can destroy the second mask. And after the third. Watch the final video. You will receive "Abyss" music.


Climb up the stairs and watch the cutscene. You will receive a transmission rosary. This item will appear in your inventory when you start a new game or load a save.

You got the following tracks:

  • Ko-omote (prototype)
  • Yaseotoko (prototype)
  • Abyss (prototype)
Transmission beads allow you to transfer souls without using a phone booth. They can be used both to continue exploring Shibuya after the final encounter, or in a new game if you've already completed it at least once.x