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Gran Turismo 7: tips you need to know to take your first steps in the game

 You may arrive at this GT7 thinking that you know everything about the game, but like everything, it requires learning. Here we give you our point of view taken with the experience of taking a few hours already to virtual flyers.

Gran Turismo 7: tips you need to know to take your first steps in the game

Gran Turismo 7 is a very accessible game for all types of players and levels. Polyphony Digital has found the perfect balance to satisfy both novices, thanks to the aids or signals it offers to facilitate driving and orientation on the asphalt. And also for the most "pros", with dedicated competitions in the Sport section and some cards that require authentic skill and talent behind the wheel.

But everyone has to go through an adaptation stage that is quite flexible and will help us learn all the concepts that the game offers. We, to do the analysis of GT7, have already put a few hours into it, so we believe we are qualified to give you a series of help and advice that can come in handy in the first hours.

follow the yellow dot

Gran Turismo 7 offers a very leisurely start, almost for us to have a cup of tea while we advance through its explanatory menus that tell us what the function of each of the menu icons is. To unlock options such as multiplayer or vehicle tuning, we have to advance in its campaign mode. So, although you can always take time to get your cards, we recommend that you follow the yellow dot that indicates the next step to take because that way we will have all the options available as soon as possible. It will take you a few hours, so don't get too overwhelmed by it.

Do not have complexes to the indications

If you are not an expert in driving, do not have complexes when it comes to maintaining the visual indications offered by the game, both to brake and to indicate the best possible route. You do not know the circuits and the first few times you will need these guides; then, it will be all more muscle memory and driving skills. But it is good to support your learning. There are many tracks and in different conditions. No one was born knowing. And nothing happens.

Don't waste credits buying all the cars you see

Gran Turismo has over 400 cars and you're not going to use all of them. Although it is very tempting to complete his "Pokédex", the credits may be used for something else more useful at the time. Even if you see a car on sale for a limited time, sooner or later it will come back. It's probably best to invest it in a car you already own, either to customize its appearance or to improve its conditions, adding RPs that may help you access events that you didn't have access to before.

Get your licenses: you will be a better pilot

We may go too far thinking that you do not need a license because you already know how to drive. But that doesn't have to be the case. The challenges are accompanied by tips that come from the best Gran Turismo sim racers, and will help you to better face race situations, such as chained curves or the use of the track on wet ground. The same with the "Missions" section, which has a more casual touch, but from which you can also learn. In addition, by using a different type of vehicle each time, you will leave your comfort zone, which will make you better.

Complete daily challenges

GT7 encourages a lot of daily play, and even if you just play for a while, you will get enough rewards that will make it worthwhile. For example, completing the distance in kilometers of the marathon will give you access to more experience or one of those roulette tickets that can give you new credits, parts or even a new car if you're lucky. Any game mode will do for you, so go ahead.

Visit the cafeteria whenever you can

It could be classified as the main campaign of Gran Turismo 7. It is the best way to get free cars, without affecting your credit counter. Luca, the owner of the cafeteria, will give you different menus with three cars. If you follow the aforementioned yellow dot, you will find the necessary race or test, in addition to the requirements to obtain the desired reward.

Play with the triggers if you use the DualSense

It is always better to play this type of proposal with a steering wheel and pedals, but it is not possible in all cases. The PS5 DualSense is the closest thing to that feeling of having a steering wheel in your hands. Thanks to its adaptive triggers we can have greater control over the car. You have to learn the "game", between accelerator and brake, especially when exiting the most delicate curves. By instinct, we tend to press either of the two buttons fully and, in this case, we have to do as when we engage a vehicle in the real world, slowly press the brake to take the curve and gradually accelerate when leaving so that we do not skid . If you have that mastered, you will ensure many victories.