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Gran Turismo 7 Unlock multiplayer and split screen

Gran Turismo 7 Unlock multiplayer and split screen

 In Gran Turismo 7, racing against other human players is a lot of fun. However, you must first unlock the multiplayer, split-screen, and competitive sports mode. How you do that and how you can use all functions to the full, we explain to you here!

Unlock split-screen and multiplayer mode

Gran Turismo 7 offers a comparatively sluggish start and at the beginning, most areas on the world map are not yet unlocked. The same applies to multiplayer, for which you must first have made a certain amount of progress.

More specifically, you have to complete the menu books in the Gran Turismo Café. Only after unlocking Menu Book #10 (Japanese FR Sports Car Collection) will the "Multiplayer" and "Sport" sections become accessible on the right side of the world map.

The following options are available to you in the multiplayer area:

  • Lobby: Here you can compete in casual online races against other drivers or create rooms just for your friends. The modes include free races, drift races, or even entire race weekends with practice, qualifying, and racing.
  • 2-player split-screen: Here you can race on a console together with a friend in split-screen and freely determine things like the number of laps, routes, and cars.

Sport mode in Gran Turismo 7

Sport mode is the competitive multiplayer mode in Gran Turismo 7 . There are daily races and major championships where you can earn points towards the leaderboard.

If you perform well, you can move up from rank E to rank S in the driver rankings. However, your sportsmanship rating is also decisive. This records your driving style and this value decreases as a result of dangerous driving, collisions, or unfair actions. Only those who show good etiquette can climb up in the drivers' standings in the long term.

There is also a season system in sport mode. Depending on how high your driver rating is at the beginning of a season, you will be assigned to the GT1, GT2, or GT3 league and can then take part in championships there.