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Guide Elden Ring - How to pass Gelmir Volcano

Guide Elden Ring - How to pass Gelmir Volcano

 We tell you how to get through Gelmir Volcano, where to find another main boss and its Great Rune

In the far left corner across the river is a cave with a place of grace "Boiling River". This is Gelmir volcano. Walk forward through the gorge. Choose your moments so as not to fall under the distribution of geysers. There will be a fork ahead, although the path to the right leads to a cliff. On a hill, right at the fork, there is a passage with gray fog and articles of demons. Place two sword-shaped keys there to get inside. You will find yourself in the cave of the Boiling River.

In this cave, you will need maximum protection against poison or special potions and amulets that increase resistance. One way or another, you can run through the pools of poison to safe islands and just wait until the poisoning scale subsides. Move deep into the cave and destroy enemies. Jump down, at the fork, first go left, and then go right and find the statue of Marika and the pit. Jump below. At the very bottom, one path leads to a dead-end with a rat and a rune. Go to others to find the boss. These will be the two Kindred of Rot. Upon defeat, they will drop the Rot Kin Triumph amulet, which increases attack power if you are near poisoned enemies. Then you can use the glowing dot to quickly return to the entrance to the catacombs.

After getting out of the catacomb, move through the neighboring gorge, bypassing the geysers and killing zombies. Ahead you will find a place of grace called the End of the Boiling River. First, go to the right of the fortress. In the distance, there will be graves and jellyfish. Behind a tree on the very outskirts, look for a xiphoid key. Look for the entrance to the inside on the right side of the fortress. This is Fort Layed. Defeat the Fire Prelate, which has a chance to drop armor and the Prelate's Infernal Staff. Open the door ahead and take the Gunsmith's Handbook [7] lying on the first floor. Climb up, jump over the fence on the side, where the ghost is visible. There you can find a fire scorpion amulet that increases fire attacks but reduces damage resistance. To the left of Fort Layed, there is a pool of fire that will spawn a magma serpent upon approach. It can drop a dragon heart.

Walk along the mountain. On the left is the hermit's shack. Climb up past the old houses, towards the east. Collect different items.

Further, I recommend entering this area from the east, from the side of the Altus Plateau. Move to the place of grace "Windmill Village" and move east along the road. Jump down the bridge to get to the road below it. On this road, you can meet a large wagon driven by two trolls. There are also Knights of Leindell and Pumpkinhead. After dealing with everyone, you can search the wagon. Inside it lies a spiked mace "Big Star".

On the left along the road are bloody ruins. Kill the dogs and find the stairs going down in the ruins. Kill the boss behind the thick fog. It will be the Bloody Aristocrat. After defeating him, you will be able to raise the gate and search the loot chest. Hidden inside is a heavy piercing sword, Bloodstained Screw.

Cross the bridge to the east and activate the place of grace "Bridge of Lawlessness". This is the easternmost point of the Gelmir Volcano region. Walk further along the path. If you notice, this long path leads to a far guiding stele, where you can find a map of the Gelmir Volcano region. Along the way, you will pass through a ruined camp. There is a ladder on the mountain to the left. On it you can climb to the very top. A couple of Leindell Knights can be found in the camp, as well as three Iron Maidens. Climb the stairs and activate the place of grace "The first camp of the Gelmir volcano" at the sarcophagi on the left. Collect some runes, and on the very outskirts, behind the coffins, look for a dead man on a chair with a forged stone of darkness (6). Move to the other side, to the high siege tower. There will be many enemies around her. Carefully go around them, you can kill some of them. At the top of the tower, you can find the original weapons. This is a compound bow with multiple strings.

Cross the fallen rock to the other side. A multi-armed enemy will appear in front of the stairs. After defeating him, pick up Sleeping Grease and Gravedigger's Curved Sword on the right. Climb even higher up several stairs until you find a ruined camp. The path to the left leads to the bridge, and behind it, there will be a place of grace. But first, go to the right, up the slope. Kill the demihumans and look to the left for the entrance to the Volcanic Cave. Activate the place of grace of the same name in it. Kill the demihumans and go down until you find a passage to the boss of this location. Defeat Demihuman Queen Margot to get the first ballista. This cannon is called the "Pitcher Cannon". You can use the glowing dot to return to the beginning of the location.

Return back to the destroyed camp. Go the other way, across the long bridge, and activate the place of grace "Camp Nine Gelmir Volcano". The path up leads to the top of the volcano. Here you can encounter the Adult Shooting Star Beast. After defeating the boss, you will get good loot, including Smithing Stone (6), Gloom Smithing Stone (6), and the Jaw of the Shooting Star Beast weapon. On the outskirts, under a broken bowl, there is a shard of starlight.

Return to the place of grace "Bridge of Lawlessness" and follow the path to the west. Soon you will find the ruins of houses. One of the buildings on the right will be invaded by an enemy named Anastasia. For victory, you will receive a potion of the Summoning Finger and the Sacred Carving Knife weapon. Inside this cadaverous shack lies a corpse with the golden vow prayer. Go to the bridge littered with corpses and pick up the xiphoid key. Unfortunately, this is a dead-end.

Travel back to the place of grace "Boiling River's End" and move to the left of Fort Layed. Go around the lava pool and climb up the slope, past the hermit's shack. On the right hand in one of the houses, you will find a place of grace "Master's Shack". On the corpse on the right is a block crossbow. Move up the slope until you get to the hermit village. Kill the first enemies. On the porch of the building on the right lies the talking head "You are the most beautiful of all." Behind the houses on the right there will be enemies and a broken bowl with a shard of starlight. Also in the corner of the house lies the brilliant crown of Hierodas. At the very end of the village, there will be a boss. Defeating the Demihuman Queen Maggie will earn you a Memory Stone. By the way, after her death, all other enemies will die.

Go to the very end of the long fallen rock, which was guarded by the demihuman queen Maggie. Pick up the rune of the inhabitant of the outskirts of the ruins and jump down to the building on the right. Get inside and ride down the elevator. Activate the place of grace "Tomb of the hero Gelmir". There is a rather difficult dungeon here. Walk forward and turn left. Pick up the moment and run down. Hide in niches. Pick up the moments to go down and bypass the huge spiked wagon. Where necessary, use the jump to take shortcuts and get into niches faster. At the bottom, the path breaks off, but you can jump into the passage on the left. Kill enemies, collect grave lilies of the valley.

The next corridor is guarded by another wagon with spikes. Pick up the moment and run to the right, up the slope to pick up a purple item. This is the sword key. Then carefully go down, following the wagon, and hide in the niches. Note that this wagon will turn left, so it's best to keep to the right. The path is blocked by solid lava. Look at the slope you came down here. Drop down to the ledge to his left, go forward, pick up the item and turn right under the slope. This path leads to a bloodhound knight. After defeating him, search the corpse to get the Gelmyr Knight Armor Set. Turn around and go up the stairs. Get out through the windows on the beams under the ceiling, pick up the moment and jump onto the wagon. She will take you down. When it rides back, drop down into the lava and roll over to the ledge on the side, to the stairs. Climb up, open the door and go down to the mist, behind which you will face the battle against the Champion's Scarlet Wolf. For defeating this boss, you will receive the ashes of Flow, the bloodhound knight. Remove the root of death from the chest, and then use the glowing dot to return to the beginning of the location.

Return to the top of the volcano. To do this, move to the place of grace "Ninth camp of the Gelmir volcano" and climb up the airstream using your mount. Go to the right, where the part of the rock goes, and jump down to the nearby rock. This will get you to the tree with the golden seed, and you can also go down to the huge Volcano Manor. Once inside, activate the place of grace of the same name. Nearby sits a woman who will offer to join the Volcano Manor and fight the Tree of Erd. Climb up the stairs to the left of the place of grace, pick up the blacksmith stone (6) and fight the Inquisitor Giza who has invaded your world. For the victory, you will receive a potion of the Summoning Finger and the weapon "Wheel of Giza".

Leave the estate and go back up the slope. Jump down the mountain to the left and go down to the guide stele. Take the Gelmir Volcano card, and then activate the place of grace on the left called Lawless Road. Climb down to this side of the broken bridge. Kill a huge enemy and pick up a tear of the larva. Go down to the Lesser Tree of Erd to kill the Manifest Tree Spirit and get Hard and Arcane Azure Tears. On the very edge of the bridge lies a corpse with the blood of a monster.