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Guide to food dishes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Guide to food dishes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

 The mobile title of Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross offers many interesting mechanics and functions, whether it is to improve the characters or even game modes, both PVE and PVP. However, one of the most essential, although little is said about it, are the food dishes and how to prepare them.

This feature is very well integrated into the game and allows players to make use of various food dishes and prepare recipes by gathering specific ingredients. Also, with new updates this list of recipes is growing, so that's good news.

But if you're just starting out in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross and you still haven't mastered this section, don't worry, because we're going to tell you everything you need to know about the subject below. Also, if you are really enjoying the game and want to continue learning about it, we invite you to read our complete Seven Deadly Sins guide. Grand Cross, where you will find a lot of useful information.

What are the food dishes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

As the name implies, these items are food dishes that can be prepared in-game through specific interfaces by talking to other NPCs. However, just like in real life, in order to prepare these recipes, you need to collect essential ingredients.

Meal ingredients can be obtained in various ways throughout the game. The first is directly by going to the shops in the villages, where depending on your level of friendship with it, you can buy ingredients separately or the dishes ready to be eaten. They can also be obtained through the rewards of completing certain quests unrelated to the main plot.

It should be noted that the dishes have several uses in the game, but before talking about this, it is important to tell you how you can prepare these foods that will be used to feed your characters and strengthen them.

How to prepare food dishes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Currently, the way to prepare the food dishes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is quite limited and direct since you will have to talk directly with two NPCs to carry out this task.

Once you have gathered the necessary ingredients to prepare the dishes, you must go to the lobby of the tavern, and then go to the bar area where you will find Meliodas or Ban behind the canteen. These will be the NPCs in charge of preparing the food.

As for the kitchen interface, it is quite simple, since you have a recipe book where you will find the dishes available in the game and the ingredients that it needs. Having them all, you simply select them one by one in Ban or Meliodas interface and he will immediately cook it for you in various quantities.

This will then be stored in your cymbal inventory and will be available to you at all times, which is good news. That's how simple it is to prepare a recipe in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, although obviously, you need to have the ingredients for it. Otherwise, you can buy the ready meals at the village shops, as mentioned before.

What are food dishes used for in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Now that you know how to prepare the food dishes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, it's time to tell you how this resource is used in the game. We have already warned you that its uses are specific, but at the same time very important, and may even mean the difference and tilt the balance in your favor in certain scenarios.

But to make it more organized, we'll break them down for you into all their uses currently in the game. This way you will be able to understand it more clearly.

Get bonuses in battle

The first and most important of the uses that food dishes have in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is to give bonuses to teams before starting a battle.

When you are in the preparation and unit selection screen for the team with which you will face a scenario, you have the possibility of ingesting a saucer, which will grant you bonuses that apply immediately throughout the combat.

Cymbals can boost attack, defense, maximum life, critical damage resistance, patience rate, combat class, and more. But they can also grant an additional ult orb at the start of the fight, which is pretty cool.

Level up character affinity

Another use for food dishes is directly to be material to level up the affinity of the characters from the improvement menu, which will allow you to obtain some prizes in between until you reach the maximum.

It should be noted that you cannot give the characters any type of dish, but rather they have their favorite foods predefined, which are the only options you can give them.

Sell ​​them at the bar with Hawk

Through the Hawk NPC located in the tavern, you will be able to sell some recipes, which will allow you to earn some gold. This can take a while depending on the dish in question, but if you're the one that claims this once a day, then you should always select the 24-hour recipes, which can earn you a lot of gold too.

Cymbal recommendations for stages in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Lastly, regarding food dishes and their uses in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, it is important to keep in mind that using them before a battle can tip the scales in your favor.

For example, if you are going to participate in a PVP matchup, such as the Vaizel Fighting Festival, it is best to opt for food that increases your CC, as this will allow you to start the battle before your opponents, giving you the opportunity to hit first and see what happens next.

However, if you are going to farm certain dungeons within the game, such as the Fort Solgres scenarios, it is more appropriate to apply food that increases the amount of gold you receive after each fight. This will allow you to also passively farm this resource that is so important to carry out various functions.

Also, in case you need a certain food, but do not have the ingredients for it, you can always resort to one of the villages you have passed through when playing the main plot, where you can get street vendors that offer a catalog of ready-made dishes and even ingredients. It is a quick way to get them, although you will need gold for it.