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Guild Wars 2: How to get the Siege Turtle, the new mount from End of Dragons Guide


Guild Wars 2: How to get the Siege Turtle, the new mount from End of Dragons Guide

End of Dragons introduced a new mount to Guild Wars 2: the Siege Turtle. But it's not that easy to get right now. We reveal what you have to do.

How do you get the Siege Turtle? To unlock the new Siege Turtle mount, you must complete a collection. It is called Stomp Around and can be found in the achievements at the End of Dragon -> Cantha tab.

For completing the collection you get 5 achievement points, one mastery point, and the mount. The collection consists of a total of 8 tasks, which we will introduce to you in more detail over the course of the guide.

However, even the first step of the collection is a big challenge.

Complete Stomping - Here's how

What is the first task? The first task says that you have to get a turtle egg. This is at the end of the Dragon's End area meta-event.

So all you have to do is finish the meta event. But that is a big challenge. Currently, most groups fail the timer of the final fight against the dragon

  • The timer is very long, but due to the many phase changes, you need a lot of DPS.
  • The pre-events are quite long and you lose a few players while waiting.
  • In addition, many players are still overwhelmed by the mechanics.

Step 2 - Bring the turtle egg to Rota: After completing the meta-event, you need to visit Rota in the north of Arborstein. It will be marked with an icon if you have the step active.

There you will get the “Turtle Unlock: Everyone Starts Small” collection.

Step 3 - Everyone starts small: For this part, you need to buy food for your turtle. For this you need:

  • 150 carrots
  • 250 kale
  • 250 Salat
  • 250 strawberries
Step 4 - Talk to Rota: For this step, you have to talk to Rota again. This will unlock the Turtle Unlock: Boost achievement.

Step 5 - Turtle Unlock: Buff: For this part, you need to give your Siege Turtle fish. You can earn these by fishing:

  • 100 Fine Fish Fillets
  • 50 Fabulous Fish Fillets
  • 10 freshly caught fish fillets
  • 5 Fantastic fish fillets

Step 6 - Talk to Rota about making a saddle: After talking to Rota, the achievement "Turtle Unlock: Dressed Up" will be activated.

Step 7 – Turtle Unlock: Dressed Up”: This part of the achievement requires you to complete various events and purchase items from Luv Merchants:

  • Luxon Tools - This part requires you to defeat one of the Jade Maws in Dragon's End
  • Turret Blueprints - Get it from Luv Merchant Elora in New Kaineng for 16 gold
  • Turret Aggregate - Obtained from the meta-event in the province of Seitung, where you must defeat Renyak
  • Alleolae Oil - Obtained for completing an event in the Echo Forest Wilderness. It takes place in Farnvale by the Eternal Tree.
  • Dexue Leather Seat - You must defeat a Leviathan for this. These appear in both the Seitung Province meta-event and New Kaineng
  • Thruster Schemes – Obtained for 16 gold from Luv Merchant Tengu Spy in the Echo Forest Wilderness
  • Thruster Control Unit - Obtained from the Assault Mission "Ministry of Security"
  • Seasonal Color Picker - Trades 25 Unidentified Colors to Fidget
Step 8: Here you have to talk to Rota one last time and then you have your mount together.