Guild Wars 2: How to get the Siege Turtle, the new mount from End of Dragons Guide


Guild Wars 2: How to get the Siege Turtle, the new mount from End of Dragons Guide

End of Dragons introduced a new mount to Guild Wars 2: the Siege Turtle. But it's not that easy to get right now. We reveal what you have to do.

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How do you get the Siege Turtle? To unlock the new Siege Turtle mount, you must complete a collection. It is called Stomp Around and can be found in the achievements at the End of Dragon -> Cantha tab.

For completing the collection you get 5 achievement points, one mastery point, and the mount. The collection consists of a total of 8 tasks, which we will introduce to you in more detail over the course of the guide.

However, even the first step of the collection is a big challenge.

Complete Stomping - Here's how

What is the first task? The first task says that you have to get a turtle egg. This is at the end of the Dragon's End area meta-event.

So all you have to do is finish the meta event. But that is a big challenge. Currently, most groups fail the timer of the final fight against the dragon

  • The timer is very long, but due to the many phase changes, you need a lot of DPS.
  • The pre-events are quite long and you lose a few players while waiting.
  • In addition, many players are still overwhelmed by the mechanics.

Step 2 - Bring the turtle egg to Rota: After completing the meta-event, you need to visit Rota in the north of Arborstein. It will be marked with an icon if you have the step active.

There you will get the “Turtle Unlock: Everyone Starts Small” collection.

Step 3 - Everyone starts small: For this part, you need to buy food for your turtle. For this you need:

  • 150 carrots
  • 250 kale
  • 250 Salat
  • 250 strawberries
Step 4 - Talk to Rota: For this step, you have to talk to Rota again. This will unlock the Turtle Unlock: Boost achievement.

Step 5 - Turtle Unlock: Buff: For this part, you need to give your Siege Turtle fish. You can earn these by fishing:

  • 100 Fine Fish Fillets
  • 50 Fabulous Fish Fillets
  • 10 freshly caught fish fillets
  • 5 Fantastic fish fillets

Step 6 - Talk to Rota about making a saddle: After talking to Rota, the achievement "Turtle Unlock: Dressed Up" will be activated.

Step 7 – Turtle Unlock: Dressed Up”: This part of the achievement requires you to complete various events and purchase items from Luv Merchants:

  • Luxon Tools - This part requires you to defeat one of the Jade Maws in Dragon's End
  • Turret Blueprints - Get it from Luv Merchant Elora in New Kaineng for 16 gold
  • Turret Aggregate - Obtained from the meta-event in the province of Seitung, where you must defeat Renyak
  • Alleolae Oil - Obtained for completing an event in the Echo Forest Wilderness. It takes place in Farnvale by the Eternal Tree.
  • Dexue Leather Seat - You must defeat a Leviathan for this. These appear in both the Seitung Province meta-event and New Kaineng
  • Thruster Schemes – Obtained for 16 gold from Luv Merchant Tengu Spy in the Echo Forest Wilderness
  • Thruster Control Unit - Obtained from the Assault Mission "Ministry of Security"
  • Seasonal Color Picker - Trades 25 Unidentified Colors to Fidget
Step 8: Here you have to talk to Rota one last time and then you have your mount together.

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