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How to get cards in Legends of Runeterra: all options

How to get cards in Legends of Runeterra: all options

 Legends of Runeterra rewards experience. It is true that you can buy the cards in the store, but today we are going to explain the main ways to get them if you do not want to spend real money. The first thing you have to know is that the cards have different values ​​based on their rarity and that you can distinguish by a geometric shape at the bottom of the card. The more sides this figure has, the more value it will have: Common, Rare, Epic, and Champion.

Each deck is made up of 40 cards, but each player can only have 6 different champions and 3 of the same type. At the moment there are a total of 24 champions and you will identify it by the golden 6-sided polygon. Currently, each region has 53 cards, so the player will have to discard 13 when he has them all in his possession. But except for the exception of the duplication of cards, there is no other rule. Through matches, players will be able to earn shards and wildcards, two of the game's trading currencies. Therefore, by saving these objects, new cards are unlocked, as we will explain below.

Get cards with shards and jokers

Shards can be used to create new cards, so more shards are needed the rarer the card:

  • Common – Costs 100 shards.
  • Rare – Costs 300 shards.
  • Epic – Costs 1200 shards.
  • Champion – Costs 3,000 shards.

But you can also get a series of wild cards of different colors that correspond to the rarity of the cards as a reward. So you need a green joker to get a common card, a blue joker to unlock a rare card, and so on.

In the store, they can be purchased for real money, but the game only allows you to get a limited amount each week: 6 common wilds, 6 rares 3 epic wilds, and 3 champions. In this way, it is difficult for a player to get a very large advantage over other users who do not want to spend money. If that's your case, don't worry because Legends of Runeterra bets on a progression system based on weekly and region rewards.

Region and Box Reward Content

All levels require 250 experience points exponentially and have rewards based on the level. When a player reaches level 20 in one of the regions they will get loot from a rare wildcard, an epic wildcard, a champion wildcard, 2 random epic cards, a bronze chest, a silver chest, 2 gold chests, 2 platinum chests, a diamond chest, 2 capsules, 2 wild capsules, 2 epic capsules, and 2 champion capsules. In the following image, you can see a summary with the specific content of these chests and capsules, the last one being a wild capsule.

On the other hand, there are daily missions available to get boxes according to the gain of experience. Again to balance this system, you can only do one daily quest per day. Each of them grants 1,000-1,500 experience points. But it doesn't matter if you lose games because they also now add more experience (50 XP) to get these weekly reward boxes.

From level 10 rewards (13,000 experience points) in addition to 3 boxes, includes a free Expedition token. This game mode consists of games that reward you based on wins, but even if you have 0 wins, a champion card is guaranteed. With the victories, you add fragments to this reward up to a maximum of 3,500 (7 victories) that you can then spend wherever you want.

Lastly, Riot Games is thinking of everything like card duplication . As you know, you can only have 3 cards of the same type in the deck. If you gain a fourth copy of an epic or champion card, it will automatically become another card of the same value. While common and rare will be replaced by shards.