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How to get chests and capsules in Legends of Runeterra and all the types there are


How to get chests and capsules in Legends of Runeterra and all the types there are

As we progress in Legends of Runeterra we get rewards, chests, and capsules that help us get more cards in the game. The point is that to get these items you have to complete certain missions or actions that require effort.

There are several ways to get these types of items, so we've compiled each of the methods in our complete Legends of Runeterra guide. You just have to take into account all the information that we offer you and the steps that we indicate so that they give you more chests, capsules, and rewards than you normally get.

What are the types of chests and capsules in Legends of Runeterra?

There are a variety of chest and capsule types that award various categories of cards and shards. Next, we indicate what each of these articles contains and their classification.

types of safes

  • Bronze: Features 2 common cards and approximately 80 shards.
  • Silver: Contains 2 common cards, 2 rare cards, and approximately 200 shards.
  • Gold: It has 1 basic capsule and approximately 360 fragments.
  • Platinum – Approximately 2 base capsules and approximately 560 shards.
  • Diamonds: It has 3 basic capsules and approximately 800 fragments.

Types of Capsules

  • Wild: 1 rare wild and 4 common wilds.
  • Basic: 1 rare card and 4 common cards.
  • Epic: 1 epic card, 2 common cards, and 2 rare cards.
  • Champion: 1 epic card, 1 champion card, and 3 rare cards.

How to get chests and capsules in Legends of Runeterra

The chests and capsules are obtained with the experience for the progress of the Loot of Regions, this is obtained by playing matches of any game mode. In order to get items from the region you want to develop, you have to do the following:

  • Go to the Loot section.
  • Click on Regions.
  • Choose the Region.

In this way, all the experience you get will make the region level up in Loot, which gives you chests, wild cards, and capsules. Each region has 30 levels in total, if you manage to overcome all of them you will get all the cards of the region you have chosen.

Weekly Boxes

This is another of the freeways to get these elements, it is with the Weekly Boxes. These are unlocked every Tuesday, you can claim them on Home in the Weekly Crates option.


In the Expeditions mode you can get capsules, but to participate in this type of game you have to invest coins, gems, or jokers.