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How to get shards in Legends of Runeterra

How to get shards in Legends of Runeterra

 In addition to coins, fragments are another resource with which you can buy things and even access modalities such as Expeditions. These are rewards that are very difficult to collect, but they are very helpful in advancing fast in Legends of Runeterra.

There are several ways to get fragments, but in our complete Legends of Runeterra guide, we leave you the easiest and most practical methods to acquire them. In the following information, you have all the advice you need.

Get fragments with Expeditions in Legends of Runeterra

The fastest way to get shards is through Expeditions, though you need 1 Token, 2,000 shards, or 200 coins to participate. In addition, you have to have an advanced level in the game so that you can win all the games. These are the shard rewards:

  • Victory 1: 100 shards.
  • Victory 2: 200 shards.
  • Victory 3: 200 shards.
  • Victory 4: 300 shards.
  • Victory 5: 500 shards.
  • Victory 6: 1,000 shards.
  • Victory 7: 2,000 shards.

Get shards with Challenges in Legends of Runeterra

By completing the Challenges of Legends of Runeterra you will be able to obtain experience for the Prologue Loot, which grants rewards where you can acquire fragments. The good thing about these missions is that they are simple, they are completed quickly and you can repeat them as many times as you want.

Get fragments with duplicate letters Legends of Runeterra

The game allows you to have up to 3 identical cards, when you win a fourth it becomes units of fragments, the amount depends on the type of card that has been duplicated:

  • Common: 15 shards.
  • Rare: 60 shards.
  • Epic: 250 shards.
  • Champion: 750 shards.

How to Earn Shards in Legends of Runeterra Regions Loot

As you gain experience with the victories or defeats you have had in any of the Legends of Runeterra modalities, you will be able to unlock rewards such as chests, wildcards, capsules, and fragments. This is the most organic method of getting these items in the game, as every action you take helps the Regions Loot bar constantly advance.

What can be bought with the fragments in Legends of Runeterra?

Once you've collected a lot of shards, you can use them to buy cards of any type and in any region. Their prices are as follows:

  • Common Card: 100 shards.
  • Rare Card: 300 shards.
  • Epic Card: 1200 shards.
  • Champion Card: 3000 shards.