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How to make a lot of money in Beholder 3: working for the Ministry, compiling reports, theft, blackmail and other ways


How to make a lot of money in Beholder 3: working for the Ministry, compiling reports, theft, blackmail and other ways

In the dark house manager simulator Beholder 3, you will have to face financial problems. If side quests can be failed without any consequences, then some story quests will require a certain amount of money to complete, otherwise, the game will be over. In this guide, we will tell you all the effective ways to make money in the game.

What is money for in Beholder 3

Fans of the Beholder series will remember that in the first part of the game, the ending was not tied to certain tasks. The game could end a few minutes after it started if you made just one fatal mistake. And even in this case, the user received a full-fledged ending.

In Beholder 3, the player can get three endings - best, good and bad, and some story quests involve collecting a large amount of money. In addition, the money in the game will be useful for buying food, things, and special equipment (cameras, master keys). The better the level of equipment, the more money you will need to purchase them.

save money

Saving money is one of the best strategies in the game. Do not buy third-party items, items, and food from vendors. Unlike the first part, in Beholder 3 finding a dealer in prohibited items will not be a problem. Surely many of you remember the same merchant, who appeared very rarely in the original. Here, the seller takes to the streets at night, so there is no point in buying some things in advance.

How to save on lockpicks. If you can enter the apartments of the tenants using the caretaker's universal key, then to access the offices of colleagues in the Ministry building, you will need to stock up on master keys. You can buy such items only from the watchman, who is located at the entrance to the subway.

Try to spend one master key on one office in order to collect the necessary information about the employee and draw up a report. In order not to be caught by the guard of the building, wait until he rises or descends to another floor, only then breaks open the door. Next time use lock picks only for story quests. This way you will save a lot of money on buying lock picks.

How to save on quests. To complete the story or additional tasks, you will have to spend a certain amount of money. Try not to take on quests that will not bring you income.

How to save on bills. As a caretaker, you quickly learn that in addition to the basic hassle of moving in tenants, you have to pay bills. And if initially, the payments are small, then towards the end of the game, the bills will increase significantly.

To save on your bills, do your daily chores of descaling your washing machine, filling your boiler with fuel, and taking out the trash. If you do this daily, then the bills "for water" and "for garbage disposal" will stop coming at all. Otherwise, the amount of the subsequent payment will only increase.

How to save money on CCTV cameras. In the original game, we could purchase equipment not only for money but also for the reputation of the Ministry. Many players have used this opportunity to convert reputation points into money. Alas, in Beholder 3 CCTV cameras can only be purchased with in-game currency.

At the beginning of the game, you will receive three first-level cameras that Ernest Muller will ask you to install in the common rooms. Use these cameras until the very end to save a lot of money.

The fact is that the monitoring of the residents implemented in the game is very inconvenient. Sometimes it will be easier for you to spy on a tenant through a keyhole than to install cameras in his apartment. Surveillance of the employees of the Ministry is needed in just a few story quests. Therefore, we recommend using the starting cameras until the very end of the game and not spending money on acquiring new devices.

How to earn at the beginning of the game. How to farm money in Beholder 3

There are several main ways to earn money in the game, but in addition to this, every day you can do the following:

  1. Descaling the washing machine: To do this, you will need to purchase a "scale remover" from the kiosk. One vial costs $50, but you will receive $100 for completing this action.
  2. Adding Fuel to the Furnace: "Kiln oil" can also be purchased at the kiosk for $50. When you complete the task, you will receive $100.
  3. Garbage disposal: check the tank once a day for debris. If an exclamation mark is glowing above it, then it's time to throw out the garbage. Like the previous tasks, this will bring you $100.

These simple actions will not only allow you to earn some money, but also save you from additional bills.

Ask Sabina for money. Every new day you can ask your wife for money for "family expenses". At first, this amount will be small - only $ 94. But as you complete the story missions and Sabina's assignments, it will increase. It is worth noting that when completing Sabina's tasks, you must always take her side and not lie to your wife.

Sell ​​all things from the apartment. At the beginning of the game, inspect the furniture in your apartment and find some items - clothes, newspapers, and more. Sell ​​them at the kiosk to earn some money.

How to farm money in Beholder 3

Earlier we said that many tasks in the game are not tied to game time. In this case, time is on your side - just ignore the quest and complete the daily quests that are described above.

For example, in the quest "A friend from the past" you need to pick up the phone to activate the task. Ignore it, waste time, and earn money. By completing orders at this stage, along with money for the “family budget”, you will earn up to $ 300 per day.

How to make money writing reports (dossier)

Compiling reports on the inhabitants of the house and employees of the Ministry is the main task of the player. The more you "dig up" for a person, the greater the final reward for the completed dossier will be. Each found information about a tenant or an employee of the Ministry is paid a fixed amount - $ 250.

In order not to get into an awkward situation, be sure to check if the tenant is in the apartment. To do this, you can peep through the keyhole or knock on the door.

How to find information about a person

First of all, talk to the tenant or colleague, because some information will be available to you only from the conversation. Other information can be obtained when viewing an apartment or office at the Ministry. To do this, make sure that the tenant or official is not at home (in the office), enter the room, and inspect all the furniture.

Items that are useful for compiling a report will be highlighted with a special camera icon. You need to click on this icon, and not on the item itself. If you accidentally click on an item, it will be transferred to your inventory. In this case, we advise you to immediately return it back, as in a few seconds a policeman will appear and inspect you.

At this point, it is better not to have stolen items with you, as the policeman will definitely write you a fine. Each subsequent time the penalty will increase. Read more about how to go unpunished when stealing, we told below.

How to write a dossier (report)

The report can be made at the supervisor's workplace. One workplace is located in the apartment, and the second one is in one of the offices of the Ministry (depending on which department you work in at the moment).

Interact with the table and select "Dossier". Select the required list - "Residents" or "Civil Servants", then click on the desired person. Mark all the collected information and click "Submit".

How to make money from theft

It is very difficult to steal in Beholder 3 and go unpunished. Unlike previous games, here the police arrive as soon as you put someone else's thing in your inventory. You can get rid of the penalty if you put the item where it was or in a safer place.

By "safer place" we mean a flag locker or violin fig plant on the ground floor of an apartment building. Apart from this, you can also store stolen items in the Ministry's office furniture. For example, on the second floor, there are three chairs in front of the turnstile, as well as indoor plants.

We do not advise stealing from colleagues from the Ministry, as in most cases it will not bring you money. After all, to get into any office, you need to spend an expensive master key, and the items you find will cost no more than $10.

Stealing things is best form residents, but this must be done carefully. First of all, you need to inspect all the furniture and find the most valuable items. Here is a list of items and their cost:

  • Foreign money - $1200;
  • Glasses - $210;
  • Chocolate - $170;
  • Socks - $120;
  • Red apple - $85;
  • Jeans - $80;
  • Strawberry rhubarb pie — $75;
  • Boots - $73;
  • Alarm clock - $70;
  • Silver medal - $70;
  • Tools — $70;
  • Newspaper - $ 25;
  • Drinks - $30.
The most expensive things are prohibited items. In addition, while stealing such things, the police will not bother you and you will go unpunished.

If you decide to steal a permitted item, then first you need to transfer it to the furniture closest to the exit. Thus, you will have time to run to the box on the first floor and shift the thing before the police arrive.

How to make money by blackmailing residents and employees of the Ministry

Above, we said that the most expensive things in the game are prohibited items. But besides selling chocolate, foreign money, and other things, you can use them for blackmail. For this you need:

  1. Find or plant a prohibited item in an apartment or office.
  2. Take a photo of him.
  3. Fill out the "Blackmail" form at the manager's workplace.
  4. Choose the clue and the correct directive.

Since extorting money from residents of the house and colleagues in the Ministry is prohibited by law, you will be fined $640. Such a fine comes only once a day. Therefore, we recommend collecting compromising information on several residents or officials, then draw up a form at once for everyone in turn. Thus, for blackmailing two or more people, you will receive only one fine.

Each extortion victim will pay you $1,000. It is worth considering that after the discovery of evidence, it cannot be placed in your inventory. If you do this and send the report, you will be penalized for incorrectly compiling the form.

How to earn money by completing additional tasks (orders)

Meet new tenants and ask them about problems. Often they will offer you to complete simple tasks, which in the end can bring a good amount of money. Sometimes these quests open up a quest chain and reveal characters, allowing you to find out some facts about them.