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How to play in Legends of Runeterra Challenges

How to play in Legends of Runeterra Challenges

 Legends of Runeterra has several game modes, such as Ultrafast Heist, Double Tail, Legendary Laboratory, and others. However, there is one, in particular, that is the most sought after and played by beginners, and it is the Challenge mode, a place where we can find several missions that give good rewards that undoubtedly come in handy to advance little by little in the game.

Challenges encompass several aspects based primarily on the different LoR regions available. The truth is that they are not that complicated to overcome, so below, we explain everything about them in our complete Legends of Runeterra guide.

What is Legends of Runeterra Challenge Mode?

Practically, they are basic missions that focus on teaching the rules and operation of the game to beginners. However, because they can be done multiple times, many users tend to beat them over and over again to gain experience from the Prologue Loot, which awards chests, capsules, and more. If you are just starting to play Legends of Runeterra, these quests will surely help you develop as a player and give you tips that will guide you to the style of play you want to use when choosing the regions of your decks.

To enter here, you have to go to the "Play" section and then you must enter "Challenges", you can choose the one that catches your attention the most, but it is recommended that you complete all of them since they are different and they put you to the test with different challenges. mallets. The rules are the same as the normal mode, but here the games are usually much faster, so you will possibly overcome all of them in a very simple way. Once you complete them, you can take them again as many times as you want. After doing this, you will be ready for modes like VS. Player and VS. AI, so you can take these tips to have a better chance of victory in Legends of Runeterra. On the other hand, if you are a newbie, you might be interested learn all about cards so you can build one of the best decks in the game.