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How to unlock all Elden Ring endings

 We talk about all the endings of the game

Elden Ring is a multifaceted game with many branches, additional locations, side quests, and activities. This also applies to the endings of the role-playing action. At the time of writing, 6 different endings have been found, the outcome of which depends on the decisions you make. And to unlock and see each, you have to do a lot of work.

Most of the additional endings are available only after completing the personal quests of some NPCs: you will have to travel a lot through the Interearth, look for hidden locations, and perform strange tasks for no less bizarre characters.

How to unlock all Elden Ring endings

Another important point! While you can do all of these steps and complete side quests in advance to be able to get any of the six endings, be careful! After receiving one of the finals, you will be prompted to continue exploring the Interearth or start a new game. It will not be possible to roll back to the moment before the final using the in-game functionality.

Instead, create backup saves. Go to C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\AppData\Roaming . Make sure that your computer is set to show hidden files and folders. Inside this folder look for the EldenRing folder. Copy it to any location on your computer. When you see one of the finals, return the folder to its place. Repeat steps to get all endings.

In short, in order for you to be able to choose any ending at the end of the game, you must:

  • Complete Witch Rennie's Personal Quest.
  • Complete Fii's personal quest in Round Table Keep.
  • Complete the personal quest of the Scrap Eater, which will appear in the Round Table (red character).
  • Complete the Golden Mask personal quest.
  • Enter the secret area below Leindell and complete Millicent's personal quest from the Starry Wastes.

Lord of Elden, Age of Sundering

The "Lord of Elden, Age of Sundering" ending is the standard ending that most gamers will see. It does not require any additional steps. All you have to do is defeat a few mandatory bosses. After defeating the final boss, gamers will find themselves next to Shattered Marika, and to reach the ending, you just need to touch it and restore Elden's Ring, becoming the Overlord. Obtaining this and the three remaining Lord of Elden endings will earn you the achievement of the same name.

It's important to emphasize that if you get too far down the Raging Flame Master's ending path, you won't be able to get any of the other endings. The other endings with the prefix "Lord of Elden" differ slightly, but it will take a lot of time to get them. You need to complete the quests of Fia, Golden Mask, and Scrap Eater to get their runes. In turn, at the very end of the game, when you have these runes, you can restore the Ring of Elden by applying one of them. And the only difference is that at the end you will hear the name of the era in which your hero lived. All other cutscenes, bosses, and outcomes will be identical.

Lord of Elden, Age of Twilight

The second version of the ending of "Lord of Elden" is called the "Age of Twilight" or "Twilight Age". To get this ending, you will have to complete the task of Fii. You can complete all of Fiya's errands, or take a shortcut, immediately moving to the later stages of her chain. However, as with all the other characters. In this guide, we will look at the complete Fii chain, without any shortcuts or tricks.

Fia is a girl who reclines with fallen warriors. She can be found in Round Table Keep, in the room next to the Chained Blacksmith. She will offer to hug, and if you agree, you will receive a consumable and a health debuff. To complete Fii's quest, first talk to Roger, a mage who can help you during the fight with Margit. After talking with Roger in the Storm Veil Castle, you need to get to the secret area under this castle. At the very bottom, you can find the base of the root of the Tree of Death, which is wrapped around the entire castle. Find the specific bloodstain that indicates Roger was killed by the death status effect. Return to the Round Table Keep and talk to Roger about it. This will start a side quest related to Roger, but it will be enough for Fii's chain.

Fiyu's work is just beginning. I'm not sure when this moment will trigger, but you need to hug Fia several times until she hands the dagger to the hero. The girl will ask you to find the owner of this weapon. If she doesn't give you a dagger, keep going through the game, kill Godric the Hundred Hands. Perhaps she will give the dagger after. Or maybe later, when you defeat Morgott, the boss of the royal capital Leindell. As soon as you receive the dagger from Fiya, talk to the hunter Dee, who is sitting next to the Round Table. It's not his dagger, but he knows who it belongs to. Leave the fortress and return again. Neither Dee nor Fii will be there. Pass the blacksmith and look into the backroom to see Fi hunched over Dee's corpse. Then the girl will leave the fortress of the Round Table.

Now you need to get to the eternal city of Nokron. When you defeat Radan, the Scourge of the Stars in the Starry Wastes, you will learn that a celestial body has fallen on the Interearth. Travel to Fort Hale in the southeast of the Graveyard and look for a huge crater in the ground. Climb down and find yourself in Nokron. Move through the city until you find the forest of ancestors (and the grace of the same name). It's behind the long aqueduct in front of which you fight the False Tear. This place has ruins with steps and columns. Also in the forest, you can find and light altars. Go to the side of the ruins and look for flying jellyfish behind them. Right on the outskirts, there is a hidden passage leading to Deeproot Lower. In the northeastern part of this region, you will encounter a boss.

It is noteworthy that if you missed all the previous stages of the Fii quest, but made it to the Lower Deeproot, you can still continue the chain and get the desired ending. Fiya will kill Dee off-screen, you won't see it, but she will do it and move to the Lower. In the arena with the boss, you will have to defeat the Fii champions. This is a group of invading NPCs. After killing them, you will find Fiya sitting near the teleporter. Talk to her on all topics until you exhaust all dialogue options. In the end, she will ask you to bring her the Curse Sign, which is hidden in the Holy Tower of Lyurnia.

To get to the Sacred Tower of Liurnia, you will have to go through about half of the personal quest of the witch Rennie. You need to find Rennie herself in the northwest of Lake Lyurnia, swear allegiance to her and go to the eternal city of Nokron to find the Blade of the Fingerslayer. Give this weapon to Rennie to get the Reversed Carian Statuette from her. Move to the reading room in the eastern part of Lake Liurnia, to the left of the bridge leading to the tower. Use this upside down figurine on the plinth inside the reading room to flip the entire building. Now you can go through the entire building, go down and get to the elevator, which will take you up to the bridge in front of the Sacred Tower. Run forward, climb to the top of the tower and take the mark of death.

Return to Fiya at Deeproot Lower. Talk to her several times until she announces her intention to lie down with the fallen king. Move to another location and return to Fia. She must sleep. If this does not happen, try talking to the girl a little more and repeat the steps. When Fia is asleep, interact with her to enter her dream and fight the dragon. After that, you will be able to take the Complete Rune of the Prince of Death from Fii's corpse. Now, at the very end of the game, you can select this rune on Shattered Marik and see an alternate ending.

Lord of Elden, Age of Despair

To get the "Lord of Elden, Age of Despair" ending, you need to complete the Scrap Eater quest chain. To start these quests, you need to find an item called "Curse of the Sowing". There are five such items in the game, and you need to pick up any of them. Read more about all Curses of sowing below.

After receiving the Curse of the Sowing, go to the Round Table Keep and look in the backroom for the twins with the red character's bell orbs. This is the Waste Eater. As soon as he sees that the Sowing Curse has been cast on you, he will offer to find his body in a dungeon under the capital Leindell. He will also give you the key to the sewer chamber.

But before continuing, we recommend that you complete part of Riya's quest. Meet the girl in Lake Liurnia, in one of the pavilions in the middle of the lake. She will say that the robber stole the necklace. Travel to the boiled shrimp hut in Liurnia to find the Blackguard who stole the necklace. Buy a necklace from him for 1000 runes, then buy a boiled shrimp. He will say that he trusts everyone who loves boiled shrimp, and now you and him are friends forever.

Now go to the capital of the Leindell Kingdom and look for a well that leads to the dungeon. Even if you advance too far in the story and Leindell is covered in ash, there will still be a hole leading to the dungeon. The well is located under the huge wing of the stone dragon, to the left of it. This dungeon is a labyrinth, but at the very beginning, you can find a place of grace, from which it is quite easy to get to the Scavenger. Leave the place of grace, go left and jump into the hole in the floor where the grate is. You will fall down to the rats, and on the right, there will be a pipe through which you can go deep into the sewers. Instead, you must go past the pipe and turn left to see some giant flowers. Pass them, go up the stairs and open the chamber on the right to meet the Scrap Eater.

Return to the Round Table Keep and go to the room where the Scrap Eater was. He will say that he is ready to meet you at the outer moat. Or so his body under Leindell would say. Does not matter. You need to leave the fortress through the eastern bastion. Water is depicted above Leindell. This is the ditch into which you must descend. Follow the road right there. Fight the Scavenger, and after the victory, return to the fortress of the Round Table and talk to him. He wants you to bring 5 Seed Curses to his body. Don't do anything until you've given 5 Curses. Once this happens, you will be able to take the Entire Curse Rune from the corpse of the Scavenger. Then use it at the end of the game on Shattered Marika.

As for finding the Curses of the Sowing, you can find them in the following places:

  1. You need to get into the dungeon of Vulcan Manor, explore it and find the Temple of Needle in the Prison City. This is a place of grace. To get into the manor dungeon, enter the first room on the right and roll by the painting in the right corner. This is a secret passage, an illusory wall. So, once you get to the temple of Igli, go up the elevator on the right, exit to the balcony, and from its middle jump to the right to the surface. Run along the path upstairs, enter the building on the left, which is guarded by the Iron Maiden. Go through the door on the right, forward, to the very end, until you find the ashes of war. Go up the stairs and turn back to go up another set of stairs. Use the xiphoid keys to open the passage and jump down the cells. Down in the right side, there will be a room with a corpse, which has the Curse of the Seeding on it.
  2. From the western bastion of the capital, go to the passage to the south, outside. Go around the pit with steps and jump to the right, where there is a destroyed fence. Go left and climb onto the roof on the right. Enter the opening to which the roof leads. You will find yourself in a place that resembles the fortress of the Round Table. In the room where the Garbage Eater sits in the fortress, there is a corpse with the Curse of the Seeding.
  3. Move to the eastern bastion of the capital, go through the door to the west, to the left, move along the castle wall and enter the building. Climb down the stairs and ride down the lift ahead. Enter the building ahead and go up the stairs on the right. Climb up the steps and see a corpse on a chair with blood and Curse of the Seeding.
  4. You need to move to the Chapel of the Holy Tree. To get to the Holy Tree, you will have to collect two halves of the sacred medallion of the Holy Tree and show the amulet in front of Rold's large lift (choose instead of the usual Rold's amulet). One half is on the roof of Sol Castle in the northern part of Giant's Peak, and the other half is in the Albino Village in the southwest. There is a pot against the wall. By hitting it, you can reveal a disguised albino. He will give the amulet, the right side. Once at the Holy Tree, move to the grace of the Chapel. Having done this, go outside and move along the wall. Go down the stairs and at the dead-end jump onto the slope on the right. Jump to the left to a gazebo with tall columns and patterns on the floor. Jump to another slope and climb it up. Run to the right past the room with the chest,
  5. From the same Chapel of the Holy Tree, move along the castle wall, but before the steps, jump twice to the right to find a passage to the right of which lies a corpse. Before the passage, jump over the fence on the right to the slope, go down from there to the right and run down the stairs. To the right of the steps, behind a screen, is a corpse with the Curse of the Sowing.

Lord of Elden, Age of Order

The next version of the "Age of Order" ending of "Lord of Elden" requires you to complete the side quests for Brother Korin and the Golden Mask. If you advance too far in the game's story, these quests will be unavailable, which means you won't be able to see the alternate ending. You won't be able to see this ending if you let Melina burn the Erd tree.

You will meet Brother Korin for the first time when you first visit Round Table Fortress. It will be possible to buy different prayers from him. After reaching Raya Lukaria's academy, return to the Round Table Keep and talk to him. He will say that he wants to leave the fortress to go in search of the Golden Mask. Next time you can meet Korin on the Altus Plateau. Move up from the place of grace "Crossroads of the Altus Plateau" and in the north, you will find an old acquaintance. He stands next to the guide stele, where there is also a fragment of the map of this region. Chat with Korin, then travel north of the Altus Plateau to the mills and look for the broken bridge with the Golden Mask on its edge. You can get to the Golden Mask through a teleport,

The Golden Mask will be silent, so talking to him is useless. But after you meet him for the first time, return to brother Korin and report that you know where the Golden Mask is. Return to the place where you found the Golden Mask. Now the Golden Mask is here, and brother Korin. You'll need to talk to both to advance the story, but two Greater Runes are also required. The next time you meet these characters is in Leindell, the capital of the kingdom, on the edge of a cliff near the Colosseum. Take a look at the map of this region and see the place where the Colosseum is located (you can’t confuse it with anything). Talk to the characters, then go downstairs and look not far from the Sanctuary of Erd, preceding the tree itself, a statue of Radagon, and a white inscription on the ground. The Shrine of Erd is where you fight Godfrey, the phantom of Elden's first lord.

The message in front of the statue says that regression will reveal the truth. You need the appropriate prayer, which is contained in the Golden Order Prayer Book. Return to the place of grace "Sanctuary of Erd", where you fought with Godfrey. Exit to the balcony to the west, climb up the branch but do not rush to go into the passage on the right. You will find yourself under the ceiling of the same building where you fought with Godfrey. There is a bridge on the left. Jump on it and take the purple item. This is the prayer book. You can give the prayer book to the same brother Korin or another character who teaches you prayers. Then buy this prayer. Note that it requires a whopping 37 Wisdom to cast. You can level up, use Rennala's Larvae Tear to change the parameters (then the second one to return the parameters to their previous values), or you can use a set of clothes,

Use prayer in front of the statue of Radagon. The hands must be a sacred seal, not a conventional weapon. You will learn the secret (Radagon is Marika). You can then meet Korin and the Golden Mask at Giant's Peaks, on the bridge south of the Stargazer Ruins. Then you must complete the game as usual, and when you return to the ashen Leindell, you need to find the corpse of the Golden Mask near the Colosseum. To do this, go to the stairs in the corner, which leads up to the Tree. There will be a passage on the side of it. It will allow you to get to the corpse and pick up the Solid Rune of the Golden Order from it. Use it on Shattered Marika at the end of the game to see this alternate ending.

Age of Stars

The main ending and all of its alternative options are discussed above, and then we will study two additional endings that are significantly different from the previous ones. For this ending, you will receive the Age of Stars achievement. This ending has no point of no return, it does not block you from getting any other ending. The main thing to do to get it is to complete the quest chain of the witch Rennie. We have a detailed guide on the Rennie chain, so here we will only cover it briefly.

Once you reach Lake Liurnia, head to the northwestern part of the region to discover Kariya Manor. Move through the estate and defeat the royal knight Loretta to gain access to the Three Sisters area. There are three towers. Head to the middle tower. Kill the dragon and go upstairs to meet Rennie. Agree to serve her. After defeating Radan, travel to the Eternal City of Nokron, across the crater in the southeast of the Graveyard, at the place of grace "Fort Hale West". Get to the False Tear, destroy it, follow the aqueduct and turn left into the forest of the ancestors. The burning altars puzzle can be left unsolved. Along the cliff on the left, look for a passage and a place of grace "Forest of the Ancestors". Jump down and move through the buildings until you find another place of grace. On the other side of it, there is a huge sitting skeleton and a building underneath. Inside is a chest containing the Fingerslayer's dagger. Go to Rennes in the tower and give the dagger. She will give you an upside-down Carian Statue, which is needed in order to get into the Sacred Tower of Lyurnia. You don't need this for the quest, but it is required for the Prince of Death ending on Fii's quest.

Leave Rennie's tower, teleport back and go up to Rennie. The witch will not be there. The blessing "Rennie's Chambers" will appear here. Climb down and go to the third tower, to the east. Climb up and use the teleport. You will move to the dungeon, to the Ansel River. Immediately search the sarcophagi ahead to find a small Rennie doll in one of them. Collect it, use the nearby grace and select the "Talk to the Little Doll" option. Try to do this 3-to 4 times until she speaks. She will tell you that you need to deal with the Shadow Assassins. You can only talk to the doll in this place of grace! Follow the Ansel River until you reach the eternal city of Noxtella. Move along the river and find the elevator. Ride it, then use another elevator.

Go through the tunnel until you are attacked by Blyde's ghost. Defeat him. Rennie will thank you and give you the key. In the corner of this area is a building with an elevator. Take the elevator up to the Lake of Rot and activate the place of grace. Travel to the Great Library of Raya Lukaria where Rennala sits. To the right of it is a locked chest. Open it with the recently obtained key to receiving the Dark Moon Ring. Return to the Lake of Rot, cross it diagonally to get into a huge building. Once inside, follow the red river to the waterfall, climb down the ledges and climb inside the coffin located on the edge.

He will move you to the arena of the battle with the boss Astel. Defeat the enemy, then search the area at the back of the arena. If you don't have a Darkmoon Ring, the passage will be closed. Behind the passage you will find the Moonlight Altar. Go south to the cathedral, kill the dragon of shiny stones and activate grace. To the right of it, there is a hole in the ground. Climb down and look for Rennie at the end. Give her the ring. She will say that you must finish your journey, but meet again. Also, in the place where Rennie was, there will be a legendary weapon.

When you get to the final boss, defeat him and look for a glowing inscription in front of Shattered Marika. Interact with her to trigger the Age of Stars ending.

Lord of the Raging Flame

The final ending of our guide called "Lord of the Raging Flame" is associated with a separate achievement. This is one of the few endings that excludes the alternatives described above. First, you need to go to the capital of the Leindell kingdom and go into the dungeon. You can get there later, even after the capital is littered with ashes. To find a decent, look for a well-located under a huge wing of the petrified remains of a dragon, to the left of it. Jump down and go down the well.

Continue down through the tunnels until you find an alternate version of Mog that you could kill in the Mogwin Palace to get his Greater Rune. After defeating Mog, a secret tunnel will appear under the altar in the boss arena. Interact with him and go down. Use the platform to get to the bottom of the pit. Activate the place of grace and examine the large door with the yellow eyeball. You need to remove all the armor, and after that, the door will be opened. This is the point of no return, blocking the rest of the endings unless you do a bunch of additional actions. Once inside, you will receive a brand from Three Fingers. Now, when interacting with the statue of Marika at the end of the game, the only possible ending will be Lord of the Raging Flame.

To remove the Raging Flame brand, you will have to complete Millicent's quest. She is in the Starry Wastes, where a sorcerer is trying to cure her of the Scarlet Rot. Both characters can be found near Celia. After meeting with Gauri and Millicent, you will be asked to deal with Commander O'Neill in the heart of the Eonia Swamp. It's close to the city. After defeating the commander, you will receive a pure golden needle. Give it to Gauri and rest in the place of grace. When you return, the needle will be ready to use on Millicent. Head to the Plague Cathedral, located on a cliff above Celia, where Millicent is located. Give her the needle. She will use it on herself. Talk on all topics. After that, she will move to Gauri's hut. Go there and talk again on all topics.

Then you need to go to the Altus Plateau and visit the Twilight Castle. It is located in the north and can be seen on the map as buildings in the green zone. The castle is located in the middle of a poisonous swamp and is filled with Scarlet Rot enemies. On top of the castle, you can find a Valkyrie Prosthetic. Once you have it, head south to Erd's grave to hand over Millicent's hand. Talk on all topics. Head to Dominula, a windmill village in the north of the Altus Plateau. Climb to the top of the village, defeat the Divine Skin Apostle and rest in the place of grace that will appear after the victory. Millicent should appear nearby, and you need to talk to her again.

Then she will move to the Peaks of the Giants, to the ancient ruins of the snowy valley. Talk to her again, she will go to the Holy Tree of Mikella. Once you've obtained the secret medallion from this location, use it on Rold's large lift and head north until you reach the liturgical city of Ordina. Solve the puzzle to unlock the teleport leading to the Holy Tree. Make your way through this area until you find Millicent in the Chapel. Talk to her again until you hear everything she has to say.

Keep going down until you find the place of grace "Descent Channel". From there, move up the rot-infested tree where the tree spirit was. A summon sign will appear on the ground, offering to attack or defend Millicent. Help her defeat her sisters to open a new place of grace. Talk to Millicent, leave here and come back again to find her lifeless body. Take the Pure Gold Gold Needle from Millicent's corpse. Defeat Malenia in the Heart of the Holy Tree and use the needle on the flower to get Michelle's Needle.

Now you need to sacrifice Milena to get into the ruins of Farum Azul. Get to the place of grace next to the great bridge, go back down the elevator, and go past the enemies until you get to the edge of the cliff. Jump down the floating ledges and rest on one of the platforms. A cutscene will play and you will have to fight the Dragonlord Placiduskas. In this area, you will be able to use Mikella's Needle to purge yourself of the Three Fingers stigma and eliminate the Raging Flame ending. The needle can only be used once.