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How to upgrade Heroes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

How to upgrade Heroes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

 One of the constant and most important tasks that players must carry out in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is to improve their characters since in this way they will be able to gain power and become stronger to continue overcoming the scenarios that the game offers.

Fortunately, Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a title that has various mechanisms and features to improve the characters, which means that as the game progresses and adds new and more complicated modes, the heroes will remain capable of defeating them.

One of the first game modes that require us to strengthen our units is the story mode because as soon as we start the arc of the 10 Commandments, we will have to face extremely difficult, resistant enemies that do great damage.

Having said all this, if you are starting to play this wonderful title and you still don't know all its mechanics, don't worry, because in the next few lines we will tell you everything you need to know. We also invite you to take a look at our complete Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross guide, where you will find a lot of relevant information.

What is the improvement of Heroes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

When we talk about upgrading heroes, we mean making them stronger, leveling them up, and generally making them more powerful by pushing their limits. As in the anime, the characters need to train to unlock their hidden potential and face the dangers that threaten the peace of the clans.

Something similar also exists in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, as players will be able to use various materials to strengthen the characters, all through various functions, since as we mentioned before, in this game there are several ways to do it, which adds variety and fun.

This is one of the first tasks that players start out with and continue to do as they progress through the game content and gain more heroes. However, at first, it is a bit limited because resources are more scarce than ever, so they must be used efficiently.

The latter is important to note since depending on the improvement method we choose, we are going to need specific materials, which, for the most part, can be farmed in modalities such as Fort Solgres, which you can access directly from the interface of Battle in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.

But if you still do not understand why it is vitally important to spend time leveling up and improving our characters, we will tell you in detail.

Why is it important to upgrade Heroes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

If you think that improving the heroes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a task that you should do just in case you remember it, you are wrong because this is essential and we will explain why.

In the first place, having powerful heroes will allow us to overcome and advance in the different scenarios that the game offers. And this is important, since beating the stages in the maximum difficulty, we can obtain better rewards, but the way to achieve it is by improving the characters to the maximum.

Also, upgrading the characters and making them stronger gives us a chance to stay in the competitive PVP mode of this game, which is the Vaizel Fighting Festival. And if you read our guide, you will know that it is an important source of diamonds and equipment chests, so you should spend some time on it to promote your division.

If you don't upgrade and strengthen your heroes, you will eventually get bored and frustrated with the game, as it will be impossible for you to advance in the PVE and PVP modes of Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. So, to avoid this scenario, you should strive to put in a few hours of resource farming to level up your units.

And as a bonus tip, if you have a decent to a moderately powerful computer, you can play this game through an emulator. The main benefit of this is that you can leave your character's farming materials for many hours without worrying about the battery.

How to improve Heroes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

Now that you know more in detail about what this hero improvement function consists of and why it is important to carry it out, it is time to tell you how you can do it and the different ways to achieve it.

Obviously, the first thing you should do is access the Heroes menu, where you can view all the characters you've got, either by beating the story mode or through hero removal. The next thing is to select the unit you want to focus on.

You already know that the heroes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross are ranked on various attributes, where they have interaction with each other, demonstrated through an advantage/disadvantage ratio. Currently available attributes are Strength, HP, and Speed. Also, as you beat content in this game, it will become more important that you have a team of strong units belonging to each color, so you can filter them from the hero interface to select them.

Once you click on a hero from the character roster, you will notice not only the unit's basic stats but also a series of menus at the bottom, where selecting each one will allow you to perform a different function. And this is what hero upgrading is all about. In the next lines, we explain in detail what you can do with all these options.

Level up Heroes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The first menu located at the bottom of the screen, from left to right, allows us to level up the heroes. For this, specific material is needed, which will be the experience potion. However, this is classified into various rarities or levels as well, the difference being that the rarer it is, the more experience it will offer the character, allowing them to level up faster.

In case you're wondering, leveling up a character is important as it will allow them to increase their basic attack, defense, and vitality stats, making them more able to withstand combat and damage. However, it should be noted that there is a limit to which we can raise the hero and once we reach it, we will have to resort to another of the functions to unlock said limit and continue improving him.

The materials needed to level up the hero can be farmed from Fort Solgres, though you will need to spend a lot of stamina and stamina potions to restore it. And it's one of the scenarios where if you beat him on hard stages, the rewards will be of higher rarity, so you'll be able to level him up faster.

Limit break in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Once you have reached the maximum hero level cap, it will no longer allow you to further level up your hero due to this lock. But you can break it through the second menu of upgrade options, called Limit Break.

In essence, it is a function where we will have to use some materials as a sacrifice to unlock the maximum level cap at 5 levels. For example, if we have reached the maximum with the character Meliodas [Lostvayne], we will have to resort to this option to unlock 5 more levels, where we can again use experience potions.

However, when we run into the next maximum level wall, we will have to use other materials to unlock it again. This until reaching the maximum level available in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross currently, which is level 90.

The materials that you will need to break this maximum level limit are Earrings, whose rarity will depend on the base rarity of the character, being able to be R, SR, and SSR. Some evolution books are also needed, which you can farm from Fort Solgres. Here it should be noted that there are books of red, green, and blue color, where each one corresponds to a hero attribute.

Obviously, you will have to use the book that corresponds to the character's attribute, in the case of Meliodas [Lostvayne], they will be red books. Although these also have some rarities, as you get closer to level 90, it will require you to use books with a higher number of stars. And you'll also need some demon ears.

Awakening / Super Awakening in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Among the details that you can see along with the character's statistics are some stars, a total of 5 that you can get for each hero. When you unlock each of these, the unit will receive a significant bonus to its base stats, making it stronger.

This is known as Hero Awakening, which will make the hero more powerful. And to achieve this, it is necessary to use some materials that you can farm through the different game modes. Within these we can highlight the chalices that contain demon blood; this is a resource that only the characters that belong to this race demand, and there are also the divine chalices, which are the ones that the rest of the units will consume.

But this is not all, since along with this material, other special awakening resources are also needed, which you can farm directly from the Boss Battle stage, such as animal tusks, cloth, among others. And when you get the necessary resources to get a star, the game will show you an animation where the unit breaks its limits and unlocks more of its ultimate power.

Once you max out 5 stars on the character, you unlock the Super Awakening feature. It is basically the same concept as the previous one since you will have to use some materials to replace a star that you have with a purple one. This gives you another sizeable stat bonus. And unlike the classic awakening, for this one, you'll need hero coins, which are basically the number of repeat units you have.

You will need to sacrifice them to fill a bar and unlock the purple star. Additionally, this feature introduced Super Awakening Coins to the game, which allows the bar to be filled more quickly.

Movimiento definitivo en Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The heroes' Ultimate Move-in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, also called Ultimate, is a special ability that can destroy enemies. It consists of an attack cinematic that applies a lot of damage. However, it is important to note that this has even greater potential since the percentage of damage shown by the ability can be increased.

This is what the Ultimate Move menu works for, in which you will have to use duplicate coins of the same character to unlock another level of the ability, up to a maximum of 5. With this, you will not only make the attack more powerful, but you will also increase some stats of the unit and its Combat Class will also be positively affected.

Hero Equipment in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The next upgrade option that we have in the menu is Equipment, which allows us to integrate some accessory pieces into the characters. In this way, they will be able to gain a noticeable bonus to their stats, making them more powerful. We delve into this in the equipment guide that we prepared for you, so we suggest you take a look at it to know everything about it.

Hero Affinity in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Finally, we also have the hero affinity, which would be like friendship with the character. It consists of a bar that we must fill using the character's favorite dishes and affinity potions. In the process, we will be obtaining some rewards, such as diamonds, the possibility of listening to the unit's voice package, among others. However, the most important prize is usually the weapon or aspect that we get when reaching the maximum level.

With this weapon or skin, we can further improve the base stats of the characters, making them more powerful. In addition, these can be leveled up so that the impact is more noticeable.