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How to use Legends of Runeterra wildcards?

How to use Legends of Runeterra wildcards?

 As we progress through the game we get different rewards with which we can unlock new items, one of those things is the Wildcards. These allow you to get additional cards that you can select specifically depending on what you require for your decks.

Wildcards are earned by getting chests and capsules in Legends of Runeterra, and once you acquire them, you can spend them by investing in your playstyle. In the following information, we leave you the complete LoR guide so you can learn how to use these wildcards.

How to get cards with Wild Cards in Legends of Runeterra

Once you have obtained jokers, what you have to do is go to the "Collection" section and click on "Cards". Here you have to activate the "Show Not Owned" option so that you can see the cards that you are missing. Once you know which one you want, select it and if you want to buy it press the Wildcard option, so it will unlock. The card will show its colors when you have finished buying it. Remember that in order to acquire these items, you need to know how to get experience in Legends of Runeterra, since knowing that you will be able to make the most of your games to win more chests and capsules.