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Kirby and the Forgotten Land: All Special Transformations

Kirby and the Forgotten Land: All Special Transformations

 We show you all of Kirby's special physical transformations in Kirby and the Forgotten Land so you know what new powers the character can use in this game.

" Transmorphosis " is a new phenomenon that functions as an ability Kirby has in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Thanks to this special ability, Kirby makes use of his ability to absorb elements, but in a big way! And it is that in this game he can become different objects in the scenarios such as a car, a ladder, or a lamp.

In this entry of our complete guide, we are going to list all of Kirby's special transformations so that you know which ones are available and what appearance or characteristics each one gives him.

There are 14 Transmorphosis transformations in total in the game and they are as follows:

transmorphic bow

  • Kirby becomes a hang glider and glides through the sky, flying.

transmorphic wardrobe

  • Kirby takes the form of a cabinet and can be pulled to make it fall to the ground and reveal new areas or secrets.

transmorphic ring

  • Kirby takes the form of a ring with his big mouth and thanks to this he can create gusts of wind. If he gets on a raft, this transformation works like a sail that allows him to navigate the waters.

transmorphic bulb

  • Kirby takes the form of a light bulb and illuminates the darkness with his light to illuminate the shadows. He can recharge at power stations.

transmorphic water bubble

  • Kirby transforms into a large, slow-moving water bubble that can spit water to spray enemies, clean dirty areas, or put out fires.

transmorphic chariot

  • Kirby transforms into a self-propelling roller coaster car with no brakes. You can move to one side or the other to avoid enemies, activate switches, or pick up items.

transmorphic car

  • Kirby transforms into a car capable of driving down roads, sprinting to speed, jumping, running over enemies, or breaking through cracked walls.

transmorphic cone

  • Kirby transforms into a road cone with which he can plummet to the ground to break cracked floors or broken pipes.

transmorphic dome

  • Kirby gets inside a dome and is able to open it by shaking inside it to reveal what is inside.

transmorphic dispenser

  • Kirby turns into a vending machine that can launch soda cans like projectiles.

transmorphic elevator

  • Kirby gets into a construction elevator with which he can rise to high places or descend.

transmorphic stairs

  • Kirby transforms into large ladders that he can move to reach new high places or press buttons. He can also overturn them to destroy elements of the stage.

transmorphic trailer

  • Kirby transforms into a trailer, a truck, in this special and very rare morph.

transmorphic pipeline

  • Kirby takes the form of a circular pipe to roll down ramps and destroy everything in his path.

copy skills

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Kirby's classic copy abilities also return; these allow us to adopt the abilities of certain enemies after absorbing them by pressing the B button, such as the possibility of throwing fire, using a sword, throwing bombs, and much more (these abilities are independent of transformations and are maintained once a transformation is "released").

If you want to know more about these copy abilities, you can consult our section of the corresponding guide, where we treat them separately from the special transformations.