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Kirby and the Forgotten Land Find blueprints and unlock all special powers

 While Kirby and the Lost Land doesn't have as many special powers as some other Kirby games, you can develop these skills multiple times. For this, you need blueprints, which are hidden in many levels of the game. In this guide, we show you all locations of the blueprints.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Find blueprints and unlock all special powers

Improve special powers with blueprints

After beating the first world, Planes of Nature, Waddle Dee's Weapon Shop will open in Waddle Dee Town. Here you will find the special powers that you have already unlocked by sucking in certain enemies. The Waddle Dee Weapons Dealer can also develop the skills if you give him the appropriate blueprints. You also have to pay for the improvements with coins and rare stones. Rare Stones are obtained after completing Treasure Streets. Later you can also farm them in tournaments in the Coliseum. Some rare stones are also available as rewards when redeeming gift codes.

After the next Waddle Dee town expansion, the Waddle Dee scholar will appear in the main square. If you talk to him, he'll tell you if you've already missed any blueprints in the game. In addition, he also names the levels in which you should look for it. Below we summarize where you can collect all the blueprints.

Blueprint #1: Chakram Boomerang

You receive this blueprint as an introductory gift from the Waddle Dee Weapons Vendor when he enlightens you on developing special powers.

Blueprint #2: Volcanic Fire

This blueprint will also be given to you by the Waddle Dee Weapons Dealer along with the aforementioned Chakram Boomerang.

Blueprint #3: Odds and Ends Hedgehog

  • World: Forever Blue Coast
  • Level: Climbing tour on the cement peak
  • Location: At the beginning of the level, after climbing up the tower using three yellow ladders, you will find a spiked opponent and conspicuous gray blocks in the ground. Hit her bomb block in the top corner to destroy the floor and find the blueprint.

Blueprint #4: Bomb Chain

  • World: Forever Blue Coast
  • Level: Rapids Water Works
  • Location: After the battle on the metal bridge in the pool of water, a treasure chest will appear with the blueprint inside. You can't miss this blueprint.

Blueprint #5: Noble Explorer

  • World: Forever Blue Coast
  • Level: The Tropical Terror
  • Location: You get the blueprint after defeating the boss of the second world "Tropic Woods".

Blueprint #6: Toy Hammer

  • World: Wundaria Ruins
  • Level: Welcome to Woundaria
  • Location: At the end of the level you have to water all the withered flowers as a water balloon, Kirby. The last flower is well hidden. On the right side, you have to remove the dirt and stand on the railing so that the platform lowers.

Blueprint #7: Colossal Sword

  • World: Wundaria Ruins
  • Level: Racetrack Frenzy
  • Location: After the fight against the sword bully, there is an obvious treasure chest on the way. In the chest, you will find the blueprint.

Blueprint #8: Brake Ball Lightning

  • World: Wundaria Ruins
  • Level: Horror House Invasion
  • Location: Towards the end of the level you will find a stuffing machine behind a falling path. Just before you have to take a close look at the platform wall to the left of the stairs. There is an open window here that you must fly through to discover the blueprint at the end.

Blueprint #9: Feather Tornado

  • World: Wundaria Ruins
  • Level: The Wundaria Dream Parade
  • Location: In the last section of the level, you, as the water balloon Kirby, have to hurl the mechanical floats at the garage door with jets of water in order to destroy the door. Hidden behind is a Waddle Dee. Behind the Waddle Dee, you can see a cracked wall. Throw another robot against the wall to destroy it. Behind it is the blueprint.

Blueprint #10: Pencil Drill

  • World: Wundaria Ruins
  • Level: Tightrope act in the circus tent
  • Location: You will get the blueprint after defeating the third world boss "Tatzandra".

Blueprint #11: Meta Knight Sword

After completing the third world "Wundaria Ruins", the Coliseum will be built in Waddle-Dee-Town. Defeat and complete the Meta Knight Tournament to receive the Blueprint for the Powerful Meta Knight Sword, among other rewards.

Blueprint #12: Dragonfire

  • World: Winter top
  • Level: Sea of ​​Frost Gusts
  • Location: The blueprint is hidden in the last Gusts of Wind section. Here you have to use the fire ability to free the lifting platform on the left from the ice and then suck it in. Take it to the right to get to the treasure chest on the upper level where the blueprint lies.

Blueprint #13: Eisbert Ice

  • World: Wintertop
  • Level: Battle on the Blizzard Bridge
  • Location: The treasure chest with the blueprint appears at the end of the level after defeating Double Savage Icebert. You can't miss the treasure chest.

Blueprint #14: Seeker Bomb

  • World: Wintertop
  • Level: Appearance of the Beast King
  • Location: You will get the blueprint after defeating the fourth world boss "King Dedede".

Blueprint #15: Crystal Hedgehog

  • World: Originis Desert
  • Level: The desert cradle of life
  • Location: To the left of Federina's boss arena, you'll find the treasure chest with the blueprint on the bow of the shipwreck.

Blueprint #16: Sawtooth Boomerang

  • World: Originis Desert
  • Level: In search of the oasis
  • Location: In the second section of the level you reach a building roof after a poison ring on the ground. The upper railing on the roof is broken. At the vacant spot, drop onto the lower platform where there is a treasure chest with the blueprint.

Blueprint #17: Wild Hammer

  • World: Originis Desert
  • Level: Ambelen Center (employee area)
  • Location: After the room with the vending machine tamper you can find a secret room in the next area. After the yellow ladder, you have to go through a shaft on the right to reach it. After your victory against Wilder Bonkers, you have to hit the two nails in the floor or the wall with the hammer ability. The grid then moves up and you can get the blueprint from the treasure chest behind it.

Blueprint #18: Twin Drill

  • World: Originis Desert
  • Level: Moonlight Rift
  • Location: At the end of the first level you have to follow the sand blocks on the left to find a small cave with a wooden barrel. Destroy the barrel to get the blueprint.

Blueprint #19: Blizzard Ice

  • World: Originis Desert
  • Level: The Collector of the Sleepless Canyon
  • Location: You get the blueprint after defeating the boss of the fifth world "Belt Gate".

Blueprint #20: Space explorers

  • World: Rothart's Forbidden Lands
  • Level: March on Inferno Road
  • Location: Before you jump on the boat in the last section of the level, you must acquire the explorer skill. With this, you have to reach the end of the level. Look up there from the roof to the right, where a target circles around the rocks. Shoot the target to reveal the treasure chest with the blueprint.

Blueprint #21: Deep Sleep

  • World: Rothart's Forbidden Lands
  • Level: Fire hell in the power station
  • Location: At the end of the second stage, use the fire ability to light the lantern switch south of the exit. After that, quickly slip under the right punch press and jump upstairs, where there is also a bonus room. From above fly to the left where you will find an opening in the machine's wall that leads to the blueprint.

Blueprint #22: Storm Tornado

  • World: Rothart's Forbidden Lands
  • Level: Assembly of the Beast Council
  • Location: After fighting Tatzandra, look under the platform with the spaceship roller coaster on the right. The camera then rotates a little and reveals the blueprint to you.

Blueprint #23: Mask Hammer

After beating the main story, King Dedede settles down in Waddle Dee town and relaxes to the left of the Coliseum. Talk to his assistant, who will give you the royal blueprint of Dedede as a gift.

Blueprint #24: Morpho Knight Sword

  • World: Isolated Islands: Ver'Ges Dreams
  • Level: Laboratory Ver'Ges
  • Location: After completing the main story, you will gain access to a bonus world. Here you have to find fragments of Leo's soul in each level. If you collect a total of 250 of them, you unlock the last level and the final boss fight. For the victory, you will be rewarded with the blueprint for the best ability in the game, the Morpho Knight Sword.