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Kirby and the Forgotten Land: How to Get Rarity Stones Easily

 We show you all the methods by which you can get rarity stones in Kirby and the Forgotten Land quickly and easily and we tell you what this special item is for.

Rarity stones are a special item that we can obtain throughout our game in Kirby and the Forgotten Land and it is a kind of currency that is quite important to make Kirby more powerful in the long run. It is possible that in your first hours you wonder how these stones are obtained or what they are used for exactly, so in this entry of our complete guide, we are going to teach you the methods to farm it and everything you need to know.

Methods to get Stones of rarity

Rarity Stones can be obtained in Kirby and the Forgotten Land through various methods, but the main one is by completing the treasure routes of each world. Every time you complete one of these routes within the time limit you are guaranteed to get a rarity stone (although you only receive one the first time you complete the route).

Through the treasure routes, you can get more than 50 rarity stones and, as we told you, this is the most accessible and fastest way to get rarity stones.

Methods to get Stones of rarity

Now, there are also other alternative ways to obtain more rarity stones, such as the following:

  • Redeeming Gift Codes – Some of the rewards include rarity stones.
  • Completing Cups in the Colosseum – Becomes available after beating the third world. The first cup, the Meta Knight cup, always rewards you with 1 rarity stone.
  • By playing and completing the minigames: which are unlocked in Waddle Dees Town.
  • Finding them hidden: for example, there is one hidden above the armory building (if you touch a glow that appears on the roof) or in the extra final phases of the game.

What are rarity stones for?

Rarity stones are very useful in the game since they are invested in the Waddle Dee city armory to buy skill blueprints that we find in the phases.

In this way, along with the star coins, by acquiring the plans we can evolve Kirby's copy abilities so that they are much more powerful and that no enemy or final boss can resist us in the adventure.