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LOST ARK - Pet Ranch

LOST ARK - Pet Ranch

 We talk about advanced interaction with pets, making cocoa biscuits, and what they are for

With the February Pets Update, Personal Estate introduces a Pet Ranch where you can send your pets to make cocoa biscuits and exchange them for various rewards.

How to open a pet ranch

In order to open it, you need to fulfill a number of conditions:

  1. Reach the 15th level of the estate;
  2. Complete the mission "Strange Stranger" with Felicia at the estate;
  3. Complete the mission "The Beast in the Wildlife Refuge" with Adele at the manor.

Adele will tell you that a strange chromaron has wound up in your estate and will ask you to talk to him.

After completing the quest "The Beast in the Wildlife Refuge", the Ranch and several new NPCs will appear on the estate.


At Curator Hrums, you can send your pets to the bakery to make cocoa biscuits. In total, you can send 4 pets at a time. Two slots are unlocked immediately, the third one will open after researching "Conveyor Repair" in the laboratory, and the fourth one will become available with the active status of Ninav's Blessing. You can send pets not only from the Khrums curator, but also through the "Management" by selecting "Ranch".

The energy of pets is spent on making biscuits, the higher the rank of the pet, the more biscuits it can make in 10 minutes.

By hovering over a pet, you can see its characteristics, how many biscuits it produces in 10 minutes, how much energy it consumes, how many mastery points it gets, how much energy it restores per minute, and how long energy lasts.

The number of cocoa biscuits produced in 10 minutes depends on the rank of the pet. At the moment there are three types of them: rare (2 biscuits), epic (3 biscuits), and legendary (4 biscuits).

When pets make biscuits, they receive a certain amount of mastery points that are needed to increase their rank. Rare to Epic requires 30,000 points, and Epic to Legendary requires 100,000 points.

You can speed up the production of biscuits with the Arcane Accelerator. When it is activated, the amount of biscuit received is increased by an additional 3 units, that is, if your pet makes 2 biscuits, then together with Arcane Accelerator it will make 5 biscuits. It lasts until all the pets involved in cooking spend a total of 14,400 energy.

The Arcane Accelerator can be randomly dropped from the Lucky Pet Bundle, which can be purchased from Sweet Totolla for 500 Biscuits.

Restoring pet energy

Pets consume energy when making cocoa biscuits. It can be restored by sending pets to rest in the meadow. Initially, 6 places are available, the remaining 3 places can be opened by completing research in the "Demolition of the fence", "Planting flowers" and "Mountain of toys" laboratory.

By pointing at a resting pet, you can find out how much time is left for him to fully restore energy.

In addition, you can restore energy by instantly feeding your pet with Energy Feed. This can be done in the Ranch management interface by clicking on the gift icon next to the pet you need. One Energy Feed restores 10% of the energy of the pet's maximum energy.

At NPC Minky Pinky, you can exchange gifts for Energy Feed, the amount of Energy Feed depends on the rank of the gift (epic - 3, legendary - 20, relic - 100).

You can also buy the Lucky Pet Pack from Sweetie Totolla and, if you're lucky, it might drop Energy Feed.

Cocoa biscuit exchange

The obtained biscuits can be exchanged for various items from Sweet Totolla, such as:

  • The Lucky Pet Pack, which randomly drops Energy Feed to restore pet energy, Arcane Accelerator to speed up the production of biscuits, and a Reward Token, which is needed to increase the pet's rank;
  • Mastery Elixir, which is needed to increase the pet's mastery points;
  • A travel card that will increase the capacity of your travel bag by 10 slots. Available only to legendary pets and can be purchased once per Legacy;
  • Revolving Potion. With it, legendary pets will be able to change their appearance to any of your other pets and return theirs back an unlimited number of times;
  • Lots of hats and costumes.
And also weekly on Legacy:

  • Lazenis feather;
  • Deck "Four hands";
  • Starflower.