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 Pokémon Unite, the MOBA on Switch like many other online games sometimes has bugs and we will tell you how to solve them.

Pokémon Unite players will sometimes experience connection bugs or in-game bugs related to their games.

Most of these bugs are often due to a problem with the servers or to gameplay issues following updates. To solve them, there is no effective solution since it is generally necessary to wait for a patch to correct them.

How to fix connection bugs on Pokémon Unite?

If you experience connection bugs, this is usually due to an issue with the game servers which may be under maintenance. To know maintenance is in progress, there is the Pokémon Unite Twitter page which will always inform in advance when it is the case. It should be noted that there is no official site giving the status of Pokémon Unite servers. If no maintenance seems to be in progress, we recommend that you do the following actions in order:

  1. Restart your game
  2. Make sure the title is up to date
  3. Restart your Nintendo Switch
  4. Restart your router

You can also try moving your console closer to your router to improve the Wi-Fi signal and therefore your connection speed.

How do I fix in-game bugs on Pokémon Unite?

If you encounter bugs in-game, there is no effective solution. You can try to restart your console and check if your game is up to date. We remind you that most bugs are often fixed when the various updates are released and to find out which bugs are fixed you can check the Pokémon Unite Twitter page.

Finally, we remind you that you can also report any bugs you encounter directly in-game by going to Settings and Customer Support or by going directly to the contact form on the Pokémon Support website.