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ROCCAT KONE XP Review | Brilliant keyboard miracle

 Most gamers are more into mice with a clear range of functions, but if you play strategy games, MMOs, or the like, you won't mind a few additional keys. This is where the Roccat Kone XP comes into play, which comes up with a full 15 keys and the option of double assignment. And that at a very moderate price of 89.99 euros, without sacrificing modern technology.

Anyone who has ever seen a Roccat Kone will immediately recognize the well-known shape of the XP. The right-handed mouse comes with the usual ergonomic shape and feels good in the hand, even if the silky soft-touch surface does not have textured sides. At 104 grams, the Kone XP doesn't join the current lightweights, but it's still not a heavyweight considering the numerous additional keys.

The Kone XP offers 15 keys. In addition to the two mouse buttons and the DPI switch behind the mouse wheel, there are two other buttons to the left of the left mouse button - easily accessible and placed in such a way that they can hardly be triggered accidentally. There are also a whopping five thumb buttons. Four arranged in two rows above, with one more on the thumb rest. The latter takes some getting used to since it's relatively smooth running and the thumb can hardly rest on it. The four other thumb buttons have slightly crisper pressure points.

ROCCAT KONE XP Review | Brilliant keyboard miracle

Modern optical switches slumber under the two mouse buttons, the well-known Titan Switch Optical, which once again acts smoothly and precisely. The mouse wheel, named Krystal 4D, is also multifunctional and, in addition to scrolling, can also be clicked and operated on both sides. That alone results in a full range of functions, which can be further expanded via the software thanks to Easy-Shift[+] technology with double assignments. A total of up to 29 key commands can be configured.

The mouse is connected via a 1.8m long USB cable, which, thanks to the soft textile coating, is hardly bothersome. Roccat calls it PhantomFlex and we already know it from other mice from the manufacturer. There is also a nice extra when it comes to the accessories for the mouse. Roccat has included a reserve pack for the nimble, large-area PTFE sliding surfaces in case they get worn out over the years.

ROCCAT KONE XP Review | Brilliant keyboard miracle

Modern technology is also hidden under the hood. Roccat uses an owl-eye sensor with up to 19,000 DPI based on the Pixart PAW3370. The widespread use of sensors from this manufacturer shows that little can be done wrong with modern Pixart sensors. The sensor not only has an adjustable lift-off distance, it is also compatible with NVIDIA Reflex, so those very low latencies can be achieved during use.

The Kone XP looks good and that's not just due to the in-house AIMO RGB lighting system. The same comes into its own in a really chic way, since the housing is translucent and is not limited to the logo, mouse wheel, and any LED strips, as is usually the case, but shines almost completely. This is also configured using the manufacturer's Swarm software.


Competent all-rounder

If you like a lot of buttons when gambling, you can hardly go wrong with the Roccat Kone XP. A whopping 15 keys with the option of double assignment should also be enough for hardened gamers, especially since the positioning is successful. All buttons are easily accessible and react sufficiently sensitively without being overly sensitive. The only exception is the additional button on the thumb rest, which takes some getting used to and which, in our opinion, could have been done with a slightly harder pressure point.

In addition, there are modern technology thanks to a strong sensor and optical switches, paired with an extremely attractive look thanks to the translucent housing. For 89.99 euros a really fair offer that has no real weaknesses.


  • pretty optics
  • good ergonomics
  • powerful sensors
  • optical switches
  • good mouse wheel
  • many buttons with good configuration options
  • fair price


  • The Thumb rest button is a bit too smooth