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 In Lost Ark, you will be able to face many bosses including one called Sol Grande. You are shown where it is on the game map.

Lost Ark is playable for free on PC and within the game, players can access many activities such as dungeons, but also bosses.

Some players are also trying to find out where they will be able to find one of these famous bosses, namely Sol Grande, which is located on the island of Alteisen, which is located south of the continent of Artheline.

Where can you face Sol Grande in Lost Ark?

If you want to know where you can find and face Sol Grande in Lost Ark which is one of the bosses of the world, well, you are going to have to go to the continent of Artheline, then take the sea to reach the island of Alteisen which lies under the south coast. On-site, head to the location of the boss visible below to face him.

Sol Grande is at the location of the red marker
Sol Grande is at the location of the red marker

It should be noted that during the confrontation against this formidable opponent, you will have to pay attention to the following attacks:

  • Air Strike: This boss can send waves of missiles towards the ground. To avoid the attack, go under the boss arm that glows blue
  • Ground strike: he can strike the ground in a zone attack and make a bump on the affected players. Remember to dodge when he positions himself on his left foot
  • Charge: it has an attack where it charges you. So avoid getting in his way
  • Side attack: Avoid being in the red circle when the boss raises both arms to the side
  • Bomb: Sol Grande will target a specific player with a bomb. All players close to the targeted person may also be affected
  • Whirlwind: If the boss makes a T-post, he will make his whirlwind attack. So dodge when you see him doing this posture

Finally, if you want to see how a fight against this boss goes, you can check out the video below from Levonel.