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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Farm and use Anima Shards

 In Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin you can earn so-called anima shards and level up jobs of your choice without much effort. In this guide, you will learn how to use many anima fragments. 

Anima-Splitter farm

Anima Shards can be obtained in many different ways: by defeating enemies, by making certain progress within a mission, or simply by completing a mission. The following applies to the latter: the higher the mission level, the more anima shards you usually bag for the completion. You can also earn more Anima Shards by replaying missions, playing on harder difficulties, or playing in co-op with friends.

But there are also farm spots where you can get anima shards relatively quickly - as many as you want. One of them is in the village of " Sacred Massif ". You must have already completed some main missions to unlock this game world. The corresponding mission is called " Ancient Phantoms " and is suitable for equipment level 46.

Defeat the griffin at the pass at the end of the disaster.
Defeat the griffin at the pass at the end of the disaster.

Here at the pass at the end of the disaster, look for the third sphere in the cave and then defeat the griffon "Hipposchnabel" outside to get an anima shard. You can then simply return to the nearby sphere, activate it, and defeat the monster again. The griffin drops a shard with each death, allowing you to repeat the process as many times as you like.

In the screenshot above, we've already gotten rid of all the enemies you normally encounter on the way to the Farm spot. If you want to reach the spot, you must first plow your way through a few hordes of enemies before you can activate the third sphere and track down the griffin.

How do I use Anima Shards?

Anima Shards are items that can be used in the job menu and each grants 4,000 experience points for the job of your choice. So if you want to level up a class, these shards are the best way to do it without any additional effort.

However, you should not just use up the shards at will. If you enjoy a job, there's little point in spending anima shards on it. Especially simple jobs can be quickly leveled in missions with high-level requirements. So better save the anima shards for more appropriate occasions. For example for jobs that you don't want to play but need them to unlock advanced or expert jobs.