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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Store items and take them apart at the blacksmith

 In Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin you collect a lot of new equipment in a very short time. However, the bags fill up quickly and you don’t have an infinite amount of storage space in the warehouse either. In this guide, we will tell you how you can use excess loot sensibly.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Store items and take them apart at the blacksmith

store items

Since you bag a lot of new equipment on your travels, your inventory will quickly fill up with 500 free spaces. The result: Your character can no longer pick up new items. You can sort out less useful items and then throw them away, but that doesn't make sense. Therefore, you should have items disassembled by the blacksmith after each mission or store them in the warehouse. The latter option is not so easy to discover.

If you are on the world map, you must first call up the main menu to store items. Then select items and use the triangle button to mark any items that you would like to keep for later. You can then use the square button to open the menu and click on the store item. All marked items will go to your warehouse, which offers a total of 4,500 free spaces.

However, you should only store items if you could use them later or if they are items that cannot be disassembled - especially the equipment at the start of the game is affected.

Disassemble items at the blacksmith

The most useful way to get rid of excess loot is to have it dismantled by the blacksmith. To get to the blacksmith, all you have to do is go to the main menu, switch to the "Cornelia" tab and select the blacksmith. Here you can use "Take apart" to disassemble items, for which you receive materials that are required to upgrade or even change special effects.

Your items differ in color based on their rarity as follows:

  • Rarity 1: Blue
  • Rarity 2: Yellow
  • Rarity 3: Green
  • Rarity 4: Purple
  • Rarity 5: Red

You always get three materials of the corresponding item rarity level for disassembling an item . If you have a weapon that you don't want to change again anytime soon, you can use these materials to make its special effects even more powerful at the blacksmith. However, improving a special effect is extremely expensive, so you should always think carefully about this step.

Apart from that, you should also consider how much material of the same type you already own. If you have 999 pieces of the same material, you have reached the limit . As shown in the picture, the maximum number of "Sands of Devotion" are in our possession. The +25 pieces would simply be lost when disassembled.