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Stranger of Paradise: The Ultimate Fighting Guide

 In our guide to Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise, we explain all the basics of combat and provide useful tips and tricks to help you master every battle.

Stranger of Paradise: The Ultimate Fighting Guide

In the Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise Combat Guide you will learn:

  • How to deal high will damage
  • When to use the Soul Shield
  • What you have to pay attention to in the fights

Stranger of Paradise is a Soulslike set in the Final Fantasy universe. According to the genre, numerous fights against hordes of opponents and nasty boss fights await you. In our guide, we explain the most important basics of combat and also teach you useful tricks that you can use to turn every enemy into kindling.

How Will Bar & Will Damage work

Allies and enemies have two bars. The blue bar shows a character's hit points (HP). If the TP is brought to zero, the character is considered defeated. The yellow bar below is called the Will Bar and can also be depleted by successful attacks. If an opponent's will bar drops to zero, they are considered broken and unable to act.

Broken opponents can be judged by the Soulbreaker's ability. Enemies killed by this restore some of your MP and slightly increase your maximum MP. If you judge an opponent with Soulbreaker, a chain reaction can be triggered, which also eliminates other broken opponents. Broken enemies will slowly regenerate their lost will if you ignore them for too long.

Soulbreaker causes crystalline explosions.
Soulbreaker causes crystalline explosions.

There are certain methods that you can use to further reduce opponents' will bar. Use combo skills and command skills to break opponents' wills faster. Destroying weak points also causes the will bar to rapidly decrease while also causing the max will to be permanently lowered.

Jack also has a will bar, which is reduced by enemy hits. When the gauge drops to zero, you are briefly stunned and vulnerable to counterattacks. The regeneration of your will bar happens automatically. However, attacking and using skills will slow regeneration - blocking will stop it entirely.

Blockable and unblockable attacks

Most of your opponent's attacks can be blocked. If you block particularly powerful attacks, you will reduce incoming damage, but you cannot completely cancel it out. Many magical attacks can also be blocked, with the exception of area attacks. If the opponent launches an unblockable attack, it will be enveloped in a red aura upon activation. In this case, you have to dodge the attack.

Soul Shield and Instant Skills in Stranger of Paradise

In addition to your usual block, there is a second way to counter attacks. Soul Shield is an ability that can completely negate enemy attacks. Using Soul Shield costs will. The longer you hold the Soul Shield, the faster your will bar will drain. For this reason, the mission must be well-timed, otherwise, you will be broken.

Instant skills are reminiscent of how a blue mage plays.
Instant skills are reminiscent of how a blue mage plays.

All attacks - including magical attacks - can be parried by the soul shield. Blocking an attack while in Soul Shield Stance restores lost MP and increases maximum MP.

You gain an instant skill by blocking an opponent's purple skill. In this case, you save the opponent's attack and can use it on your part. Most instant skills only have a few charges, so use them with care.

Resonate & fine-tune your group

As the game progresses, you unlock more and more group members to help you on your missions. Your companions ' equipment, skills, and jobs can be changed at any time. As you progress through the game, you will also unlock more job opportunities for your companions.

Especially on the higher levels of difficulty, it is advisable to coordinate the jobs in your group. In the best case, you should always have a tank, support, and a damage dealer on the team.

Combine your combo skills with those of the party to deal maximum damage.
Combine your combo skills with those of the party to deal maximum damage.

In battle, you should always have a potion on hand. If one of your companions goes down, you must give him a healing potion so that he can participate in the fight again. With the special ability of Resonance, you can enormously increase the combat efficiency of your party members for a short period of time.

When Resonance is active, your companions will use their strongest attacks, dealing massive amounts of Will damage to enemies. After using Resonance, you have to wait a bit before you can use the ability again.

Use Consecration & Command skills

Command Skills and Combo Skills are special attacks that you unlock by leveling a job. Unlocked skills can be assigned in battle settings. Command skills typically support skills and buffs that can be assigned regardless of the weapon type equipped.

Combo skills are in turn offensive weapon skills that depend on the equipped weapon type. For example, combo skills that you have unlocked for the greatsword can only be performed with the greatsword. The efficiency of combo skills can be further increased by unlocking upgrades in the skill tree.

Activating Consecration knocks back all enemies.
Activating Consecration knocks back all enemies.

A particularly powerful Command skill is Consecration. While Consecration is active, you deal extra high Will damage and hits reduce enemies' maximum Will bar. Consecration is great for boss fights and large groups of enemies. The hallow bar automatically depletes over time and is depleted even faster by enemy hits. When Consecration ends, the Will Gauge is fully charged.

Stranger of Paradise: Magical Attacks & Status Ailments

In addition to black magic, which focuses primarily on damage, and white magic, which can heal allies, most of the magical attacks you and your enemies use are based on a specific element. If you are hit by an elemental attack often enough, you will suffer an elemental debuff and become more vulnerable to attacks from the same element.

Status ailments can also be placed on enemies.
Status ailments can also be placed on enemies.

Elemental debilitation falls under what is known as status ailments. This means debuffs that affect you for a short period of time. In the following we list all status ailments and explain their effects:

  • Stone: Prevents the use of job-specific skills, but increases physical damage reduction.
  • Poison: HP steadily decreases over a period of time.
  • Mute: Prevents the use of skills.
  • Paralysis: Temporarily incapacitates the player.
  • Curse: Temporarily decreases maximum will bar.
  • Made: Slows down all job-specific skills.