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Syberia: The World Before walkthrough - game guide

Syberia: The World Before walkthrough - game guide

 Complete all story missions, solve each puzzle and complete all side tasks, get achievements, achievements, and trophies

Syberia: The World Before is another chapter in the adventures of Kate Walker, who is trying to uncover the secrets of her past. The game is significantly different from what you are used to seeing before. There are a little fewer puzzles, a lot more plot, and intrigue, there are optional side tasks, interesting achievements, and an amazing, dramatic story with a denouement that hints at a continuation of the series. And, unfortunately, the game is dedicated to the blessed memory of Benoit Sokal, who passed away a few months ago. This is the last work of a true genius and a true quest fan.

1. Wagen, Musical quarter, spring 1937

The main character's name is Dana Rose. Like the previous parts, Syberia: The World Before is a classic point and click in which most of the actions are performed using the gaming mouse. Everything is quite simple and convenient. Once outside, explore the game's interface and basic controls. Your diary contains the first few entries that shed light on the history of the game. Also in the inventory, there are a couple of items that can be examined - the notes of the Wagen anthem and an invitation.

Bonus Objective: "Explore the Ghetto"

There is an alley to your right. Here you will find a person with whom you can talk. Vandals destroyed his shop. He will offer to draw something on the cement he just poured. If you do this, you will get the "Leave a Trace..." (secret) achievement. You can choose any option. After going to the dead-end of the alley, you will find a sign above the shop window on the left, which you can and should explore. This will complete the optional objective above. Completing it will earn you the "Parallel Investigation" achievement.

Moving forward, you will meet Frau Beckmann. She will ask for an invitation, so give her the item by following the instructions on the screen: drag your mouse to the left, then use the arrows to select the invitation instead of the anthem notes. Click on it. Now you can sit down at the piano and prepare for the performance. Move the camera to look around. When you're ready, interact with the lever located on the left side. Hold LMB and lower the lever down. Place the notes of Vagen's anthem on the piano so that Dana starts playing. After a lengthy cutscene, you will find yourself in a different location.

2. Region "Iron Taiga", salt mine, winter 2004

Now you have to control Kate Walker, the main character of the series. After examining the detention cell, you will find Katyusha's guitar plectrum lying on a nearby shelf. Take it, unfold it and study the inscription about the punk band Beast. Then sit on your bed to get an additional objective "Introspection". Choose the appropriate team to complete the goal. Kate will consider the current situation for a moment, and the secondary task will be completed.

Katyusha is Kate's cellmate. Talk to her and discuss various topics. Once you've exhausted all three dialogue options, you'll complete the task. Go to the sink and select the "Wash" option. After that, you will receive Oscar's heart. Expand it and interact with a small window. Pick up your equipment lying near the door, on the right side of Katyusha's bunk. Purpose completed. The guard will bring the package. Examine it to find a musical medallion (you can turn it on and examine the swan's head) and a plane ticket to New York. Finally, read the letter from the mother. You will see another video that completes the main goal.

3. Wagen, Rose's house, spring 1937

And again it is necessary to manage Dana. This shop has five documents to read and a couple of paintings to study (this is optional). There are two documents on the counter next to you - a letter from the employer and a diploma from the Academy of Music. There is also a blank page here, which you will need later, so for now, pull it out from under the books and move away. To the left of the counter, there is a pedestal under the mirror, on which there is a box. Open the box and read the letter from Herr Zimmer. Examine the notes of Wagen's anthem (click on the inscription above), lying to the right of the box. Open the drawer and take out the old pencil.

Go to your father, Anton. It is located behind a separate counter at the other end of the room. There is a fountain pen inside the drawer on the table. On the counter itself, you can find the fifth document, the Voralberg Manufacturing booklet. After reading it, you will complete the optional objective. Use the ink pen on the blank page of the counter at the beginning of the store to write a letter. Examine the brick lying on the floor. Anton will put a note on the counter near you. Interact with her to take the threatening note. Expand it and click on the label.

4. Iron Taiga region, salt mine, winter 2004 (continued)

You are in control of Kate again. Go to the cart. By interacting with her, you will find that she is stuck. Using the handle, you will be able to release the brake on the trolley (first inspect the mechanism on the lower left). Now you can push the cart forward. This will take some time as the cart is moving slowly. Then interact with the wall using the pickaxe. After a few hits, the task will be completed. First, explore the train. Get inside the first carriage by stepping back and looking around. Examine the corpse sitting at the table. Go outside and go back a little more to click on the locomotive. Opposite the locomotive, on the left, there is a corpse lying on the floor. Examine it. Examine the two points on the left as you move through the tunnel. This will complete the "Investigate the train" side objective.

Join Katyusha at the far end of the platform. Carefully inspect the motorcycle, near which the corpses lie. Approach and interact with Katyusha. The task will be completed. Examine the two corpses of Brown Shadows and the gas tank of the motorcycle. Katyusha will say that you need to find the key. Enter the passenger car where the officer's corpse is located. Now you can examine the table. You will find an officer's suicide note. Examine the table and find a point that you can interact with. To do this, move the officer's left hand and interact with the part of the table where it was. This will reveal the hidden handle of the secret drawer. Pulling it out reveals the Brown Shadows emblem. Place it in the center of the table and rotate it to reveal another secret compartment. Inside it you will find the officer's keys. Getting off the train

You will receive the remaining key. Use this key to unlock the nearest freight car. Following the prompts on the screen, open the door (hold LMB and rotate the mouse clockwise). Once inside, you will find many paintings and artifacts worth taking a look at. After examining the artifact in the back, Katyusha will find something else that she wants to show you. Examine the object, the girl will point to something interesting. Examine the painting, including the inscription. Leave the car. Interact with the motorcycle and follow the instructions on the screen to start it. When you do this, you will see a cut-scene with Kate and Katyusha escaping. For escaping from the mine, you will receive the "Freedom" achievement.

5. Iron Taiga region, winter 2004

Just a cutscene.

6. Wagen, Flower Quarter, autumn 2005

Frau Wagner placed the phone book and map on the coffee table opposite you. Study both subjects. While browsing the phone book, you can exclude some stores. You are interested in only three stores, and the rest can be crossed out. The most important thing is the combination of letters and numbers for these stores: D3, E5, C4. After checking these three points, you can explore the map nearby. If you are at a loss, just select "Check" on stores D3, E5, C4.

Using the combinations of letters and numbers obtained above (D3, E5, C4), mark the following places on the map.

Select the store in C4. You will receive a page from the phone book. Move up to find your wallet and a mysterious painting on the table in Kate's room. Before moving on, explore the rest of the building. If you use the computer located in the lobby, check your email to get the "From a Clean Slate..." achievement. If you search for all the available terms (places and people) on the computer, you can earn the "Search Engine" achievement a little later in the game when you return to the guest house in the Flower District (read the continuation in point 9 below). In the lobby where Frau Wagner is located, there is a telephone booth. Knock on it three times and then select the "Listen" option to unlock the "Playing Spy" achievement. If you talk to Frau Wagner in the lobby, you can get more information about the area. When you're ready, leave the building and start looking around. To complete the secondary task, you need to pay attention to several things:

  • The guest house near Dombra, where you stayed and where you just left from (look at the sign).
  • Walk left and take a look at Kate's motorcycle.
  • Examine the balcony with flowers by the building to the right of the motorcycle.
  • Now move down the screen, along the path to the left of the motorcycle. After a couple of steps, you will find a flower bed in the middle of the street. Examine her.
  • Walk a little further along the street and to the right of a couple of sitting people you will find a gate leading to the garden.

Once you've explored all five locations, you'll complete a side objective. Climb the stairs to the tram to decide where to go next. Examine the map at the bus stop on the right. For now, your options are limited to your current location and Muller's store (destination). As soon as you leave the Flower District, you will receive the achievement "First Lead".

7. Vagen, Antique Quarter, 2005

Arriving in the Antique Quarter, you will find several stalls. Check out the following places:

  • Newsstand - just go left
  • Antique shop, but not the one you are looking for - go deeper into the street and look to the left
  • Carpet seller - turning the corner on the right, on the right hand
  • An antique shop, and again, not what you are looking for - go to the left of the carpet merchant, on your right
  • A man sitting to the left of the antique shop, before the stairs
  • The sign with the restaurant menu is on the left, opposite the man
  • Under no circumstances should you enter the building next to the menu of a restaurant with a leaf hanging on the door. This is the shop of Muller and his sons. In this case, the side task will fail!
  • Turn left from Muller's and examine the door at the end of the alley.
  • Go deep into the street, turn right and look at the watch dealer (sitting at the table with many watches)
  • Go back a little and on the same corner, look on the right for another merchant of various goods.
If you have completed all of the above steps, an additional task will be counted. Go back and look for the large door of Muller's shop next to the board that says the restaurant's menu. When you use it, a cut-scene will start. First, look at the note. If you have an urgent matter, you need to call three times. Interact with the doorbell three times. Once inside, talk to the antique dealer, Herr Müller. After asking all the questions, you will receive a new clue. Herr Müller will bring the Voralberg Orb that Kate is interested in, and you can examine it.

Examine the hole at the top, just beyond the Hans logo with the number of the automaton (#293670). You can move three plates with holes. Move them so that all the holes on the three plates line up with the top one. It's pretty simple. After that, a button will appear. By clicking on it, you will see how a thin rod appears from the opposite side of the sphere. Interact with him to get a tiny part. Press the small button on the tiny piece to make the "paws" in the shape of a cross appear on the other end. Look from the side to find two dials - one with even numbers, the other with odd numbers. Pull the trigger on each dial to reveal a toggle switch with a button and pointer. Click on it. Do the same on both sides. Kate will say that there is something under the scales.

Now you can rotate the dials in both directions to enter the desired combination. The combination itself is displayed on the front of the sphere - 293670. Enter this combination, moving from one side of the sphere to the other. Just move the pointer to the desired numbers and release. You don't need to press anything extra. By doing this, you will find the keyhole, and you can apply the newly found tiny part to it (be sure to press the button on it). Unlock the orb to reveal the location under Oscar's heart. Set the heart inside and use the tiny part to wind it up. Don't forget to open the glass window.

Moving across the street, you will automatically speak to the man. He will say that Oscar hid inside the chest. The key is somewhere in the merchant's belongings. You have three places to look. There are many keys, but the one you need is behind the chest, on the cabinet. This is the old key 04. Insert it into the chest and turn it. Go to Oscar, standing in the middle of the street. When he escapes again, examine the things on the right and look under the cabinet to find Oscar. Move back and take the mop from the chair on the right. So you can drive Oscar out from under the cabinet. Approach Oscar, go up the stairs. Turn the camera to the left and look for Oscar to the left of the stairs. Turn the camera to the right and look under the bucket where Oscar hid. Go to the alley where Oscar ran away. You can persuade, bargain, threaten. It doesn't affect anything. Oscar will hide in the sewers.

Return to Herr Müller's shop and chat with him. This is an additional task. Go back to the tram stop and take the tram. Go to the hideout. Leaving this quarter will earn you the Antiquary achievement.

8. Wagen, Mountains, 2005

Exit through the red door to get to the mountain path. On the way up, look for a place for "Introspection" so that Kate can reflect on the current situation. Continue walking along the path. A dead tree will appear ahead. Standing next to it, you can admire the views. Examine all three points to complete the side objective. Move on, continue down the path and ignore the sign ahead. Instead, turn left to find a sign inside the mountain. Examine her. Also under the sign is an unsmoked, smoldering cigarette. Moving on, you will reach a ladder. Climb up it to get to the camp.

9. Wagen, Camp Silberspiegel, summer 1937

On the way to the camp, Kate will take out a picture to compare it with the local landscape. You need to find three matches: sharp peaks, a railing, and a heart-shaped rock (to the right of the eyes). Moreover, you must select one place in the picture, and then raise the screen up and find the same on the horizon.

After the cut-scene, you will again control Dana. Chat with Gustav and go down the screen, past the furnace. At the other end of the room, you will find a table with paintings. Look at both paintings. Choose the one you like the most. It doesn't affect anything. Choosing one of Leon's paintings for Herr Gustav will unlock the "Artistic Dilemma" achievement.

To get started, go behind the counter and look for kegs of ale. You need 1 Spitze, 1 Spitze +Birne and 2 Nebel. The Nebel keg will be empty after the first glass is filled, so move the small curtain under the kegs to find full kegs. Look for the scientists sitting at the table on the right and talk to them to give them drinks. Then you can ask about their expedition. On the terrace, chat with Leni, and then check out Junta and Leon. Look inside the building for a furnace. Examine the furnace. Examine the right side wall of the stove to find the outgoing valve (lower). Unscrew it and get a valve. Move to the opposite side and install the valve over the number "2". Dana will notice that the air supply is good, but the fire is weak. Examine the furnace, open the furnace from below and place it inside the log lying in the nearest box. Go around the stove on the side and pick up the second log. Put it there too. Return to speak with Herr Gustav. You will automatically approach and sit down at the piano. Interact with the hook to raise the lid and open the keys. Start playing.

Then a side task will appear and you will control Leni. Just go to the piano and try pressing some keys to complete the side task. Do not go outside, but instead go upstairs, open the window and eavesdrop on the conversation.

10. Wagen, Silberspiegel Camp, autumn 2005

Use the telescope next to you and Leni. You need to put a coin inside, so use your wallet. Slide the long switch on top to unlock the device (remove cover). You can use a telescope to take pictures of each place. You will be able to get photos of "Madonna's Lace", "Silberspiegel", "Devil's Peak", "Devil's Pass/Devil's Gorge" and "Hell Gate". After taking all five photos, you will receive the achievement "Tourism". To take photos, use the arrow buttons and the magnifying glass. When the magnifying glass is open, you can switch between five locations. To take a picture of each place, click on the "magnifying glass" button to hide it. Only then will the "camera" button be active.

Walk past Leni on the other side and find a spot to take in the views. Upon entering the camp, you will find a person with whom you can chat. He will tell about this place and its history, but this is not enough. Climb up and examine the book lying on the table. If you read the book right now, then later, when you are in New Jersey, USA, you can earn the "Classic Novel" achievement.

Leni's room is in the corridor on the right. Go there and enter the room on the right hand. Study the photos on the wall. Also, check out the framed newspaper clipping on the bedside table. Climb up to the attic. To do this, return to the stairs and look from above, near the railing, for a lever. Pull-on it. Next to you, on the table is a receiving coil. Take the part that will be in inventory. Go deeper into the attic and look in the box on the left to find Leni's medal inside. Talk to Leni about the medal. Then look for a chest in the attic and look inside.

Look at the right side of the chest and find six small bolts. Three on both sides. You need to move six rectangles to their positions to complete the picture. Interact with a middle left, top right, and bottom right. This will unlock the right side. Examine the left side of the chest, and find a similar puzzle. Again, you need to recreate the picture. This time you need to use the spinning discs on the right. Adjust all four to get a complete picture of the mountains. Focus on color and texture. Once you've done that, you'll be able to move on to the puzzle at the top of the chest. And yes, do not forget to turn the unlocked handles on both sides. The top puzzle is as simple as possible. Spin the dials to get a picture of the mountain range.

You will find two dials for entering the code. You need to use five photos that you took earlier with a telescope. Each of them has numbers - 63, 72, 102, 108, 127. Looking at them, you will understand that the images from the chest match the photographs taken with a telescope.

  • Left combination: Silberspiegel (072)
  • Right combo: Devil's Pass (108)
Once you do this, the chest will open. Exit to Leni, go deep into the screen, and go down the stairs. Examine the barrier blocking the way to Devil's Pass. If you performed the other steps described above, then the side task will be completed. Inside it, you will find an old envelope and Yunta's films. By studying the envelope and the letter, you will switch to the past.

After picking up the items, you will be able to switch between Kate and Dana at any time. While inspecting the open chest Dana, take Yunta's key. Now you can tell Junta that Leni stole the lens. If you don't, you'll get the "True Girlfriend" achievement. It's time to hide Yunta's key. Nearby you will find a floorboard, under which a cache is hidden. Place the key in this location.

Now you know where the key is, so switch to Kate and take Younta's key (old) from under the floorboard. Apply it to the chest and use it to open it. So you will find a new puzzle. Need a combination for the next castle.

11. Wagen, Camp Silberspiegel, summer 1937

Switch to Dana, enter the darkroom that serves to develop Yunta's film. There are photographs nearby. Look at the photo on the right. Based on the combination lock found by Kate, you will have four options: flower, tree, mountain, goat. The correct combination is goat, flower, mountain, tree. A secret stash will open and you can pick up the filmoscope. Use the receiving coil found earlier on the coil on the right side. On the left side, install the Junta films. Lift the screen and feed the film from the spool to the left through the center section. After that, you can turn on the device to view the cut-scene.

After the video, rewind the reel and install the second Younta film on the device. You will see a second video, but this time you will be able to control the camera. While controlling the camera, look into the darkroom behind the curtain, and then look at the items lying on the table on the left side. Take a look at Yunta's chest, then head down (there's only one path to follow, so don't miss anything).

12. Wagen, Silberspiegel Camp, autumn 2005

Leave the attic and chat with Leni. She is outside, although she has gone to another place. Leave the camp, for which you will receive the achievement "Camp".

13. Wagen, Flower Quarter, autumn 2005

Return to the guest house. When you go back, you can inspect the hatch behind the motorcycle. Before going to bed, look at your computer to check the new information. This will complete the side mission. Before going upstairs, stop at the computer. If you search all possible terms on your computer (including terms that appeared even earlier in the day, and we talked about them earlier), you will get the "Search Engine" achievement. Having done this, return to your room upstairs.

14. New Jersey, USA

There are several things to see in the house. Examine the crate of bottles to the left of the door. Examine the letter from both sides, lying on the cabinet to the left of the stairs. Go left. In the background is a large white cabinet with shelves. Open the drawer on the right side of the cabinet and take out the book. After examining it, you will receive the achievement "Classic Novel" (if you found the same book in the Silberspiegel camp). Pull out the drawer on the left side of the cabinet to inspect Sarah's pill bottle and the letter about the piano.

Above the box is a letter from my grandparents. Examine the nature magazine lying on the table. Look through the glass door leading to the backyard overlooking the water. Above the fireplace on the left, you can find photographs of the father and grandparents. The task will be completed. If you followed our guide, then right now you will receive the achievement "Halfway" for completing half of the side tasks. When you're ready, go to the cabinet opposite the sitting mother and study the musical swan. Even if you learn it earlier, you can still return to the side objective of this scene. But if you take the swan, confirming the action, then start the cut-scene. The mission will end.

15. Wagen, Flower District, autumn 2005

The right letter is in your hands. Examine the high and low points of interaction on the letter. After leaving the bedroom, go downstairs. At the reception, you can choose "Self-analysis". Kate will reflect on recent events. Enter the phone booth for a cutscene. Leave the bedroom, go to the reception desk and talk to Frau Wagner. Now you know the new tram stop. Go to the bus stop and select your destination - Academy of Music. Reaching this point in the game by leaving the Flower District again will unlock the "Nervous Night" achievement.

16. Wagen, tram, autumn 2005

Just a cutscene.

17. Wagen, Musical Quarter, autumn 2005

Go right and down the street. Kate will automatically turn into an alley on the right and you will get the "Together Again" achievement. Examine the nearby memorial. When you're done, move back to the main street. On the way here, you will notice the concrete threshold of the shop, on which, at the very beginning of the game, Dana could write something. Explore this threshold, you will get the "Message to the Future" achievement. Finding a point for introspection nearby is somewhat more difficult. Look for her in the pavilion with a piano in the middle of the square. Then go to the left side of the location and look for the inconspicuous Academy of Music. Once inside, go to the reception desk, but there is no one there. If you dial Olivia's number from your letter (212-359-1519), you will receive the "Old Friends" achievement.

Try ringing the bell. Search the box to get Vagen's hymn score, blueprint, and rector's report. After the video, go to the gazebo in the middle of the square where Frau Beckmann is located. Playing as Dana and talking to Frau Beckmann, you will be able to get the key to the maintenance room. You will be able to move around the academy and talk to four technicians. Playing as Dana, go through the desired door (with a red sign, it was indicated during communication with Beckman), using the key received earlier. Inside the room, talk to the technician, who will say that he checked everything upstairs. You will receive a new task - to find an elevator to the clock tower. The current goal has been completed.

The elevator is near you. Try to activate it, but find that Dana cannot use it at the moment. However, Kate can use it! Switch to Kate and talk to the man behind the counter in the cafe. He will refuse to let you through, so move to the alley on the right, from where you can get into the building, but you will not be able to get to the gap above the door. Try moving the nearest dumpster. Climb up and climb inside to find the elevator located behind the rack. Move aside the cardboard box and interact with the elevator. Slide the shelving aside, then take the elevator up and see a car ahead. Climb up the stairs and find the control panel on the left. Pull down the lever on the right and then the lever on the left. Next, click on the red button. Climb down another ladder and pick up the mechanical part lying on the red toolbox. You will pass by him. You will need it later. Then use the wheel near the stairs to open the door.

Both Kate and Dana go to the gazebo in the square. Outside in Dana's time, there are three technicians standing by different devices. There are two devices directly next to the gazebo. Switch to Kate and interact with the machine. Unfortunately, you do not know the four-digit code to open it, so Kate must force it by holding down the specified button (hold, do not spam with clicks). Something is missing from above. Set the mechanical part that you found earlier to the top point and press the button from the bottom. Earned!

Playing as Dana, go to the same device, but on the other side of the gazebo, closer to the introspection point used earlier. The technician will offer you a look at the car. Switch to Kate and repair the car. The code to open it is 1973 (as you can see on the door as Dana). You can slide the stems into the keys with Latin letters, and then lower or raise them. You can bind multiple keys at the same time and move them. Use them to position the parts in place. We solve the puzzle. Slide the upper left stem into two C keys and lower them down three positions (they should be located on the third cells from the bottom up or the fourth from the top down. Then move both extreme right parts down so that they are equal to the previous two. Now move the rightmost key up two positions (second cell from top to bottom). Move the center keys all the way down with the lower right stem, which consists of three parts. Finally, move the third key up one position from left to right. Once everything is in place, use the sliders to rotate the keys to the desired notes - C, G, D, A. When you're done, click on the button below the keys.

Look for the third technician on the other side of the street. Switch back to Kate to find the latest device. There is a van in the right place, blocking the way further, but there is a phone number on the side. Head to the Academy of Music and call 5-123-888-321. The workers will drive the van away and you can get to the device.

When playing as Dana, you will see the unlock code - 9708. You will also be able to see the correct location of the keys. Playing as Kate, open the car and apply the blueprint to it. Arrange the inner pieces, left and right, to solve the puzzle. After that, move the large lever to the right, and the small one, near the green button, to the left-up. Click on the button itself. There will also be a side task that must be completed before playing the piano. Playing as Kate, talk to the principal at the Academy of Music again. Ring the bell and it will come to you. Side mission completed.

Go to the piano and sit down at the musical instrument. Set the notes of Wagen's anthem so that the melody can be played. Click on the piano key and you will have access to a new part of the machine. Flip the centerpiece over so it's facing vertically (not horizontally as the default). Interact with the small details on both sides to fix them by moving the left to the right and the right to the left. Remove the rolling automaton inside the machine. Replace it with an Oscar. It's time to pull the lever next to you. This will start the car. Enjoy watching the cut-scene. After that, return to the Academy of Music to get Dana's dossier. Get back to the tram and go to your new destination. Reaching this part of the game will unlock the "Last Concert" achievement.

18. Vagen, Mist Bridge, autumn 2005

Move down the stairs. When you move past the device, try using your wallet on it. You place a coin inside, the automaton will come to life and you can shake his hand. Also, get a cheap souvenir from him. For the latest news on Wagen, check out the green wall posters nearby (at the crossroads on the right). Then go down the stairs on the other side of the street and look for a white poster with a storm warning. Climb up and go back a little to the shop in house number 20. This is where the green posters hang on the wall in the alley. Enter Dana Rose's old house. Enter the store and talk to the saleswoman. Her name is Frau Heigel. Ask her a few questions to learn a little more about the story. Now we need to distract Frau Heigel. Examine the shelf at the counter and place a cheap souvenir there. It will work!

Go up. On the floor, you can find the remains of the old kitchen and Frau Heigel's pantry. In the kitchen, look at the table on the right and find the photo. In the pantry, you will find the second photo lying on the table. Keep going up. On the next floor, you will find the old bathroom and the master bedroom. The bedroom has a hole in the floor that can be examined. Another door in the bedroom leads back to the hall with a pile of old things, on which lies the third photo. Go back downstairs to the pantry and pick up the fourth old photo you saw through the hole in the master bedroom. After viewing all four photos, you will receive the achievement "Where is her bedroom?". Now you need to get to the attic. Climb the stairs and examine the brick wall on the fourth floor. Be sure to check out the double bed on the third floor. Then Kate should say that she knows where is Dana's bedroom. Go back down and exit the building. Go to the alley nearby and examine the fire escape. Raise the screen up and inspect the last floor. Then examine the steps on the right. Examine the windows of the third floor, lower the camera down and do the same with the windows of the second floor. Examine the railing and the left corner of the second-floor balcony. Then examine the drainpipe on the corner of the building, on the left.

Now you can switch between Kate and Oscar. When Oscar runs into a dove, next to Kate, looks for a stone in the flower bed. Throw this rock into the drainpipe. In the end, you will reach the fire escape. Use the key to open the drawer and lower the ladder. Climb up to Dana's bedroom. Break the glass by using Oscar on it. On the floor, you will find a strange sketch, on the right side. Go to the bed, inspect it and move it to find the left part of the strange sketch under the bed. Also, pick up the framed diploma to the right of the bed. There is a hint on the back.

After that, examine the locked chest by the bed. You will find a code lock. Luckily, the same symbols can be seen on the back of the diploma you just found. Use them to open the code lock. The correct combination is shown in the screenshot below. Please note that each disc has several of the same symbols. Looking at our screenshot, keep an eye on the symbols located next to the installed ones. By entering the code combination, you will open the lock. Open the chest to find the item you are looking for.

19. Baltayar, mountains, autumn 1937

Wash your face with water from a basin under the mirror inside the tent. Examine your equipment against the wall on the left, opposite the washbasin. Collect the empty flask, biscuits, mountain machete (on the screen on the right), and backpack (on the previous screen). It is not necessary to examine the items in the chest where the machete lay. Be sure to examine the box near the washbasin, and then go to the right side of the tent and examine the bed and two books lying next to it. When searching the camp, you need to perform several actions. First, examine the drying skin. In the tent on the right side, there is a box available for inspection and a locked chest. Provisions can be found near the tent. Study the provision. On the boxes on the right is a drawing of a Gorun, and to the right of it is a Bauer medallion. Closer to the tent, but still, on the right, Yu stands a barrel of water. If you fill an empty flask, you will get the "Be Prepared" achievement. A rifle can be found next to the log. Back at the locked chest, use the date on the pendant to open it. Enter the code 0408. After leaving the tent, you will complete the side task.

After leaving the camp, you will receive another side task. Moving forward along the trail, you will find Sauer equipment that needs to be inspected. Walk a little to the right and look at the handprint on the stone on your right hand. Moving further along the river, watch a short cut-scene. Examine the dry tree on the left side. Use a mountain machete to cut it down. Carefully cross the river and offer biscuits to the Gorun. Step back. There are creepers right behind the gorun. Move the log and take away the pieces of the vine. To the right of the Gorun, find and pick up straight branches. Interact with the Gorun. In the camp, turn the camera to the left, and to the left of the tent, you will see a standing adult Gorun. Try to reach the stone next to you.

19. Wagen, House of Roses, 1937

Examine the object next to the vase (there is a handkerchief and a brochure about the hospital). Then move to the door and take the photo of dad and mom. Take the box of cough medicine lying on the dressing table mirror. Place all three items in the suitcase on the bed. Close the suitcase and return to the diary.

20. Vagen, Bridge of fogs, autumn 2005

Go outside through the bedroom door and see the writing on the wall. Around the corner, you can find two more items - a letter from the hospital and an old embroidered handkerchief. Back in the bedroom, go down the fire escape. Then head down the steps opposite to reach the memorial you saw earlier. Look at the memorial up close. Rotate the camera to explore all parts of the memorial. Use an old embroidered handkerchief to clean the memorial of dirt. Until you find out that Dana's parents died during the pogrom. Returning to the street, move down to the tram track. Examine the history book on the table on the left. Return to the tram and go to the guest house. By doing all this, you will receive the achievement "Unexpected Encounter".

21. Wagen, Baden Island, autumn 2005

Go up the path to the gate. Next to them will be a map of this place. Oscar will remain here, and you can switch to it at any time to look at the map. On the way to the right place, you will come across several damaged signs and inscriptions. The passage on the right is blocked. Go to section B on the right to find the device on the left. It will come in handy later when you find the item you need to control. Passing through section B, turn left and you will see steps ahead. On the side of the steps, there is a grave and a pickaxe. Climb the stairs to section P to find a plaque with the names of patrons on the right. This is for a side mission.

We continue the search. Go left and go down another ladder to leave section P and enter section M. Go down the stairs at the back of the screen without turning anywhere. There is a tool shed here on the right-hand side. The stairs between sections K and O are blocked. Go back up the stairs and go left to section O. Interact with the desired grave.

22. London, Foreign Office, Spring 1944

While studying the map, on the left side of the board you will find several clues. Remember hints:

  • Two panzer divisions are still in Belgium.
  • Another tank division went to Le Havre.
  • Two batteries of MANPADS were sighted in the direction of Dover.
  • A tank division leaves Cherbourg to reach a MANPADS battery near Brest.
  • The MANPADS battery near Kahn is still active.
  • The submarine is still in the North Sea.
  • Two of the three submarines in the Celtic Sea went to Cherbourg.
  • The submarine left Cherbourg to rendezvous with a submarine stationed near Brest in the North Atlantic Ocean.
In total, 14 units can be placed on the map. There are 6 submarines, 4 tanks, and 4 SAM batteries. All tanks and SAM batteries must be located in the territory of the enemy, to the south (do not place anything in the United Kingdom).

Here is a list of all the places to check out:

  • The first clue is 2 tanks in Belgium.
  • The second clue is 1 tank near Le Havre.
  • The third clue is 2 MANPADS batteries near Calais (near Dover).
  • The fourth clue is 1 MANPADS battery near Brest.
  • The fourth clue is 1 tank near Caen, south of Cherbourg.
  • The fifth clue is 1 MANPADS battery near Caen, south of Le Havre.
  • The sixth clue is 1 submarine in the North Sea.
  • The seventh clue is 2 submarines in the English Channel.
  • The seventh clue is 1 submarine in the Celtic Sea.
  • The eighth clue is 2 submarines near Brest.

Read the order. Interact with the device on the left to find that the pressure on the left side is too low. Interact with the lever under the "+" symbol to increase the pressure. Stop the airflow the moment you enter a green area.

Once done, depressurize the right side until the arrow on the top gauge is in the green area. Examine the car on the left to see a wheel. Slide the safety in the middle from left to right to unlock the wheel. Spin the wheel clockwise to fix the telegraph. Interacting with the machine next to the telegraph, you will find a puzzle. Change the dial: Resistance - Networks - Ostertal. Then click on the button to get the file. As you explore the files, you should find one that stands out from the rest. Although the alias on this file will be different from the choice taken earlier in the game. Click on the line next to the word "Edelweiss". The nickname you chose for Leon will also be there. Although in Russian localization Dana may call him "Artist from the Mountain", in the document you will see "Highlander-Creator".

23. Wagen, Baden Island, autumn 2005

At the moment, a point with the burial place will appear on the map. If you find all the sights in the cemetery (car, barn, grave, and plaque of patrons), you will receive the Cartographer achievement. Return to the main gate of the cemetery, picking up Oscar along the way. It is important. You should see the cemetery gates closing. Go to the mechanism near the gate, but you are still missing a tool that would allow you to open it. Return to the pickaxe and use Oscar on it to push the tool towards Kate. Go to the tool shed and break the lock. Inside you will find a valve. Go to the mechanism at the beginning of the cemetery and use the valve to open the gate. Leave the cemetery, return to the tram and go to the hotel. You will get the "A Disappointing Discovery" achievement.

24. Wagen, Silberspiegel Camp, autumn 2005

Enter the camp and in the common room examine the table (a cigar, a cup, and a photo of Leon) and Leni's chair. Also, take the small key from the counter on the right and examine the iron woodpecker. Leave the camp to find a tent nearby. There is a generator next to it. After examining it, you will realize that there is no fuel. Go back and go down the steps you got here. To the right of them, there is a canister. Taking it with you, return it to the generator and fill it up. After examining the generator, take a look at its back. At the top, there are sensors and a switch. Interact with him. This is not enough. Go to the camp to find this key. Look for it on the bar counter.

Return to the generator and use the key to open the storage box at the back of the generator, above the sensors with a toggle switch. Inside it you will find a handle. Use it on the starter at the front of the generator. Press the "ON" switch, if not already done, at the back of the generator, by the sensors. Turn the handle again and start the generator. Enter the tent and find two bodies in body bags. The third bag is open and it's Leon. On the other hand, there is no Dana's corpse.

Return to the camp and go upstairs. Make your way to the end of the hall and enter the room on the left, where the unknown went. Turn the button on the lamp clockwise to turn on the light. Before you go to Leni, inspect this room. Examine the paintings on the wall to the left and on the table. Talk to Ludwig. Don't rush to leave. Examine Leon's sketchbook, the old reel of detonating cord by the bed on the left, and the posters hanging on the wall on the right. Looking at the poster will unlock the Super Resistant achievement. Examine the weapons against the wall on the right and the old posters lying nearby. By doing all this, you will complete the side task. Having done this, go to Leni's room.

25. Wagen, Camp Silberspiegel, summer 1944

Hanging on the wall next to you is a painting you chose many years ago. After studying her as Dana, you will receive the Art Criticism achievement. Going downstairs to the living room, you will find Ludwig. Talk to him, then go outside. Here you will find five more people, but you can only talk with three. Chat with them and Ludwig (four people in total) to complete the side objective. In the common room below you can find a radio. But first, you have to find additional details. Climb up to the attic to search the table and find Herr Gustav's old successor. After inspecting it, you will receive the Voralberg Antenna. By interacting with it, you will be able to pull out the four bottom contacts to connect to the walkie-talkie from below.

Return to the walkie-talkie in the common room and connect the Voralberg antenna at the top. Now we need to open it. Click on the top and slide up. Then raise the antenna so it points out of the way and turn the toggle switch in a circle to reveal its petals. Once done, press the toggle switch at the base of the antenna to turn it on. Open the side pocket of the radio, pull out three pieces of paper with instructions. You will receive an encoded frequency - 2111.12.121.21. By studying the documents provided, you will find the word BARN. The code for it is "6.9". Interact with the "Transmitter" part of the radio (bottom controls) and press the Batteries to switch to activate the radio.

Pay attention to the part of the walkie-talkie "Receiver" (top controls). Set the dial to 6.9 (6:9). You will receive a message in Morse code. One of the documents in front of you is a key that allows you to decipher the message in Morse code. You will receive the word PEAK. It points to the code "8.4". Re-examine the "Transmitter" items on the walkie-talkie and set the dial to "8.4". Remove the handset from above.

25. Wagen, Musical quarter, spring 1945

Once in the academy, talk to Herr Hesse, who is sitting on the bench on the right. Then talk to Sauer and Gustav located on the left. Go to the infirmary located behind the door on the left, behind Gustav.

26. Wagen, Silberspiegel Camp, autumn 2005

Interact with the automaton, open the latches on the chest and then unfold both pieces of the bow tie. You will see a keyhole. Right now you don't have the key, so go down to the common room and look for it. Examine Leni's wheelchair and raise the armrest. You will see a mechanical key. Return to Leni's room and use the mechanical key to open her automaton. In order for the key to fit, you need to set it up correctly: turn the key around and pull out two parallel tubes with diamonds at the end.

Do the same for the next lock so that the key fits into the hole. Everything is pretty simple. You will find the "heart" of the automaton. Using the ring at the top, stop the spinning bottom disc by pushing it up. But do it in such a way that the rotating disk at the bottom stops with the cut-out part towards the top. Before you can remove the heart, you must turn the small knob in the lower right corner clockwise. Lower the switch at the bottom (the bottom dial should be turned by the cutout part so you can see this lever). Now you can remove the heart. In its place, install Oscar's heart.

You need to solve a simple puzzle to open the automaton and find Dana's letter. With Oscar in control, move both hands up and then double-click on the down arrow in the bottom center of the screen. A keyhole will open at the back. Set the mechanical key correctly (leave one stick with a diamond on the end). Oscar once click on the up arrow in the top center of the screen. A new device will appear under the keyhole on the back. Open it and drag the slider down. Returning to the stomach, you will realize that you can rotate its parts.

Taking the sliding part from below, slide it up to the barrier. Take control of Oscar by fully lowering his left arm. You will be able to move the slider all the way to the top (rotate the parts to create the desired path). This will open half of the castle. Do the same on the other side. Move the slider back a little, switch to Oscar and lift your left hand up, and then adjust the guide for the slider. Turn the key at the back all the way to the other side (switch to Oscar and pull the screen down) to create a path for the slider. You will open the last part of the keyhole. Insert the mechanical key (slide all rods in) to receive a letter. You will get the "Letter" achievement.

27. New York, USA, spring 1983

Interact with the two paintings hanging on the wall in front of you (on either side of the mirror). Look in the mirror. Look at three things to your right and three things to your left. Answer the call.

28. New Jersey, USA, Spring 1983

First, look out the window again. Check out the coffee table and the photo above the fireplace. Examine the shelf to the right of the TV. If you've followed our guide from the start, you'll earn the "Nothing Gets Past Me" achievement for completing all side objectives. It's time to move on, so exit through the front door.

29. Wagen, Central Station, autumn 2005

On the left side, look for a telephone booth. Use your wallet to put a coin in and contact Olivia. Go to car number 3 and find a device that allows you to stamp a ticket. Use the automaton, but it won't accept the ticket. Run to the right past car number 4 and look for a device that will allow you to put a stamp. First, set the desired date - 30-11-2005. Enter "30-11". Having stamped your ticket (with a hole punch on the left and a stamp on the right, which must be dipped into the ink in the far part), go to car number 3. Interact with the device at the beginning of the car. Click on the big green button in front of you and enter the train. Examine the two tickets laid out in front of you and talk to Oscar. Look out the window. You will receive the achievement "Sorrow Receded".