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The best Backwater decks in Legends of Runeterra

The best Backwater decks in Legends of Runeterra

 The Standing Waters stand out in Legends of Runeterra for having aquatic creatures and their abilities to summon or improve unit abilities. It is a perfect region for those players who want to always have something up their sleeve during the game since most of the cards have card words that react in different combat situations.

You can build your own deck out of Bilgewaters, but that would mean you're going to have to do some trial and error to figure out which one works best for your playstyle and which one is the most balanced for good results. However, you can save yourself all those tests, since in our complete Legends of Runeterra guide we show you the best decks from this region that you should use and we leave you their respective codes.

Demacia + Backwaters: Miss Fortune + Quinn


These regions have very good harmony since the Backwaters help to summon various types of cards, while Demaia is in charge of improving their cards with each other. This means that in various situations you will be able to count on many units on the battlefield and most of them will increase their power and life points, something that gives you an advantage when attacking or defending. With a deck like this, you won't have to worry about running out of summoned warriors and you'll have a pretty offensive strategy.


  • Swiftfeather Tracker (x3).
  • Wild Valor (x3).
  • Radiant Steel Guard (x3).
  • War chefs (x3).
  • Relentless pursuit (x3).
  • Veteran Rangers (x3).
  • Replica (x2).
  • Focused Strike (x2).
  • Quinn (x3).
  • Back to back (x3).
  • Cithria the Bold (x1).
  • Genevieve Elmheart (x2).

stagnant waters

  • Miss Fortune (x3).
  • Abrupt Butcher (x3).
  • Island Navigator (x3).

Backwaters + Noxus: Twisted Fate + Swain


If you focus on attacking in a calmer way, the Noxus region can be a good combination with the Backwaters, as it balances well with the summons by having cards with direct attacks towards units or the Nexus of the enemy. In addition, this deck has units with a lot of health points, although not as powerful. Despite that, the proportion and organization of the cards make it an excellent way to surprise the enemy when they least expect it, your analysis and caution will lead you to victory.


  • Selective Strike (x3).
  • Noxian Guillotine (x2).
  • The Hand of Death (x3).
  • Swains (x3).
  • Leviathan (x3).

stagnant waters

  • Parliament (x2).
  • Black Market Trader (x3).
  • Herald's Cabin Boy (x3).
  • Stolen Goods (x2).
  • Monster Hunter Ship (x3).
  • Let it rain (x3).
  • Petty Officer (x3).
  • Twisted Fate (x3).
  • Yordle Swindler (x3).
  • Rex Riptide (x1).

Backwaters + Shadow Isles: Twisted Fate + Gangplank


The invocations of the Backwaters are undoubtedly an advantage that can get you out of a lot of trouble, and even make you a problem for the enemy. Now, if you add the resurrection and the abilities to drain or remove life from the Shadow Isles, you will be unstoppable. Your units will take care of always being accompanied and will improve as the game progresses. In fact, with Commander Ledros you will be able to reduce your enemy's Nexus by half, the rest will be a piece of cake if you are good with aggressive cards.

Shadow Isles

  • Unlucky Aristocrat (x3).
  • Infamous Feast (x3).
  • Vestige of the Afterlife (x3).
  • Claws of the Immortal (x3).
  • Withered Wail (x3).
  • Commander Ledros (x1).

stagnant waters

  • More Gunpowder! (x3).
  • Salvage (x3).
  • Herald's Cabin Boy (x3).
  • Let it rain (x3).
  • Petty Officer (x3).
  • Twisted Fate (x2).
  • Gangplank (x3).
  • Herald of Death (x2).
  • Rex Riptide (x1).
Each of these decks has different characteristics, so try them out and discover which one you feel most comfortable and efficient with when facing another player. Of course, one of these will guarantee you many victories in Legends of Runeterra.