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The best Demacia decks in Legends of Runeterra

The best Demacia decks in Legends of Runeterra

 Legends of Runeterra has 9 different regions where there are various types of warriors and spells, among them is Demacia, a region led by soldiers of great honor, loyalty, and discipline. This realm focuses primarily on upgrading units against each other, whether it be in power or abilities like Contender, Endurance, and Barrier.

It is one of the most used regions in LoR, mostly chosen by players who are more aggressive and strategic in games. Demacia adapts very well to various styles of play, but with the decks that we are going to recommend today in our complete Legends of Runeterra guide, you will discover the full potential of this fantastic region.

Demacia + Ionia: Yasuo/Shen + Fiora


With the help of the Ionia region you will be able to enhance all the advantages that the Demacia cards grant, as Ionia has a series of warriors who focus on performing effects or special abilities that influence allies and enemies. In this way, you will have a balance having an advantage both by improving your units and by interfering with your opponent's plans. It is more tactical but extremely effective.


  • Greenglade Watcher (x3).
  • Ki Guard (x3).
  • Rivershaper (x3).
  • Spirit Haven (x3).
  • Shen (x3).
  • Yusari (x3).


  • Swiftfeather Tracker (x3).
  • Single Combat (x3).
  • Radiant Steel Guard (x3).
  • Prismatic Barrier (x3).
  • Fiore (x3).
  • Knight Laurent (x3).
  • Replica (x3).
  • Judgment (x1).

Demacia + Targon: Yasuo/Shen + Fiora


Like the previous deck, this one also helps to improve units, although it is more focused on putting pressure on the enemy thanks to the abilities of the Targon cards that have Dusk and Dawn reactions, qualities that activate the special powers of most of the warriors. The great thing about this is that you can attack by surprise since the enemy does not know when you are going to activate these keywords that improve the cards of the warriors.


  • Solari Soldier (x3).
  • Solar Eagle (x3).
  • Pale Cascade (x3).
  • Solari Shieldbearer (x3).
  • Blade of the Zenith (x2).
  • Solari Sunsmith (x3).
  • Lioness (x3).
  • Light of Dawn (x3).
  • Rahvun, Spear of the Midday (x3).


  • Wild Valor (x1).
  • Single Combat (x3).
  • Lucian (x3).
  • Keen Vision (x2).
  • Relentless Pursuit (x2).
  • Senna, Sentinel of Light (x3).

Demacia: Garen and Jarvan IV


In case you want to keep the style of Demacia and want to be just as lethal, this deck brings together the most powerful cards in a balanced way so that you can get victories using only the characteristics of this region. The cards it contains are the following:

  • Penitent Squire (x3).
  • Wild Valor (x1).
  • Single Combat (x1).
  • Battle Blacksmith (x3).
  • Honorable Lord (x3).
  • Keen Vision (x2).
  • The Great Plaza (x3).
  • Vanguard Redeemer (x3).
  • Vanguard Banner Bearer (x3).
  • Vanguard Squire (x2).
  • Dashing Rider (x2).
  • Golden Protection (x1).
  • Garen (x3).
  • Concentrated Strike (x2).
  • Cithria the Bold (x3).
  • Jarvan IV (x3).
  • Fervent Tracker (x2).
All of these decks are very powerful, so one is sure to be the one for you. If you don't have the cards to make up any of these decks, you can learn tricks to get them fast in Legends of Runeterra.