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The best Freljord decks in Legends of Runeterra

The best Freljord decks in Legends of Runeterra

 The coldest realm in all of the Legends of Runeterra is known as the Freljord, a region that has become very popular due to the advantages it provides with its icy warriors. It's certainly an excellent choice for building decks that focus on defensive strategies and tactics.

Frost is one of the most used skills by Freljord soldiers, and it is something that undoubtedly helps a lot to prevent complicated situations. For this reason, in order to take advantage of this entire region, in our complete Legends of Runeterra guide, we leave you the best decks you can create with Freljord.

Freljord + Noxus: Ashe + LeBlanc


It seems like a strange combination, but it is actually very effective. In this deck, Freljord features cards with Frost, an ability that allows you to reduce an enemy's attack power to 0 for the round. Now, if we add to this some soldiers and spells from Noxus, you're going to have support on the offensive. It should be noted that it is a good deck for strategic players since it requires patience to attack at the most appropriate moments.


  • Brittle Steel (x2).
  • Mal Omen Hawk (x2).
  • Arquero Glacial (x3).
  • Troll Chant (x3).
  • Instant Freeze (x1).
  • Trampero Avarosano (x3).
  • Ashe (x3).
  • Avarosan Hearth Guard (x3).
  • Icy Winds (x2).


  • Trifaria Buscagloria (x3).
  • Selective Strike (x3).
  • LeBlanc (x3).
  • Whispered Words (x3).
  • Asesora Trifariana (x3).
  • Reckoning (x2).
  • Merciless Strategist (x2).

Freljord + Shadow Isles: Lissandra + Trundle


It is an extremely direct deck and is excellent for putting pressure on the opponent in each play, as it is made up of mostly offensive cards and others that are responsible for summoning or eliminating units. The Freljord and the Shadow Isles do a good job of creating deadly moves for the enemy.


  • Avarosan Sentinel (x2).
  • Alarm Touch (x3).
  • Instant Freeze (x2).
  • Good-natured Innkeeper (x2).
  • Avalanche (x3).
  • Mount Balbuceante (x1).
  • Cursed Gorge (x3).
  • Trundle (x3).

Shadow Isles

  • Faded Memories (x3).
  • Infamous Feast (x3).
  • Lissandra (x3).
  • The Box (x2).
  • Marchito's Lament (x3).
  • Revenge (x2).
  • Spectral Matron (x3).
  • The Ruin (x2).

Freljord + Shurima: Lissandra + Taliyah


Although it may not seem like it at first glance, cold and heat can make a good team. This deck combines the strategy of the Freljord with the surprise effects and summons of Shurima. This focuses on activating many spells and milestones that support units and champions during each of the rounds.


  • Three Sisters (x2).
  • Ice Servant (x3).
  • Ice Shard (x3).
  • Lissandra (x3).
  • Avalanche (x2).
  • Cursed Gorge (x2).
  • Draklorn Inquisitor (x3).
  • Icy Winds (x1).
  • Good-natured Innkeeper (x2).


  • Chances Granted (x2).
  • Conservation Chamber (x2).
  • Mechanical Conservator (x3).
  • Ancient Hourglass (x1).
  • Bottled Time (x3).
  • Promising Future (x2).
  • Negation Ritual (x1).
  • Taliyah (x3).
  • Clock Hand (x2).
Any of these options will surely help you advance quickly in the game, although you have to consider that you must learn to get cards in Legends of Runeterra to be able to make up each of the decks that we have recommended.