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The best Ionia decks in Legends of Runeterra

The best Ionia decks in Legends of Runeterra

 Ionia is a region known for having harmony between the spiritual and the physical, some of the wisest warriors in Legends of Runeterra can be found here. Although they do not have the most powerful soldiers in the game, their combat skills allow them to be quite agile and strategic, something that is an excellent advantage for some players.

Here we can find different types of units and champions that stand out for the effects of their Keywords. If you are a tactical player and you want to have support in your defenses, this is sure to be the right region for you. Next, we leave you the best Ionia decks in our complete Legends of Runeterra guide so you can get more victories than you expect.

Jonia: Lee Sin + Irelia


Ionia's playstyle focuses primarily on evasive and defensive actions. This deck allows you to boost those qualities, while also giving buffs to your mana bar and special abilities that trigger on some of the warriors. It may not be the most straightforward strategy, but all the card reactions keep you moving forward and avoiding as much damage as possible during the game. The letters are the following:

  • Bully Student (x3).
  • Dancing Gota (x3).
  • Negatize! (x2).
  • Bailacintas (x3).
  • Marking the Rhythm (x3).
  • Dragon's Eye (x3).
  • Sonic Wave (x3).
  • Retreat (x3).
  • syncopation (x1).
  • Irelia (x3).
  • Flower Edge (x3).
  • Combat Musicians (x2).
  • Lee Sin (x3).
  • Deep Meditation (x3).
  • Vanguard's Edge (x1).
  • Zinneia, the Crescendo of Steel (x1).

Jonia + Targon: Lee Sin + Zoe


This is a mostly spell-based deck, the advantages of these types of cards coming from Ionia and Targon make an amazing team. On each play it allows you to upgrade, react, evade or defend, and that leaves room for units to attack without having to worry too much about their hit points. When using this deck you focus on causing damage with many units available on the battlefield, as well as with the spells that are going to be a reinforcement to directly attack the objectives.


  • Syncopation (x1).
  • Lee Sin (x3).
  • Deep Meditation (x2).
  • Dragon's Eye (x3).
  • Sonic Wave (x1).
  • Shocking Palm (x2).
  • Reject (x2).
  • Negatize! (x2).


  • Spell Thief (x1).
  • Zoe (x3).
  • Brilliposa (x2).
  • Mountain Goat (x3).
  • Pale Cascade (x3).
  • Divine Touch (x3).
  • Blade of the Zenith (x3).
  • Gem Mentor (x3).
  • Silence (x3).
  • Bastion (x1).

Ionia + Piltover and Zaun: Lee Sin + Vi + Heimerdinger + Viktor


Of all the decks mentioned, this is the most offensive. Here the Piltover and Zaun cards with Ionia maintain a balance in attack and defense, although having slightly more aggressive warriors will surely complicate things for your opponents. You will have a variety of powerful warriors and also effects that will help you progress during the game thanks to the Keywords they contain. If you are a more direct player, this deck may suit your style of play, as champions are also units that will attack without mercy.


  • Negatize! (x3).
  • Dragon's Eye (x3).
  • Twin Disciplines (x2).
  • Dragon Scales (x2).
  • ¡Banal! (x3).
  • Shocking Palm (x2).
  • Reject (x3).
  • Back Home (x1).
  • Lee Sin (x1).
  • Deep Meditation (x2).

Piltover y Zaun

  • Thermogenic Ray (x2).
  • Death Ray - MK 1 (x3).
  • Ballistic Bot (x3).
  • Statikk Impact (x2).
  • Victor (x3).
  • Heimerdinger (x1).
  • Subfelino (x2).
  • Vi (x1).
  • Progress Day! (x1).
Remember that Ionia is a more strategic region , so make sure you know it very well in order to have good results in the games, practice makes perfect. Similarly, you can learn some tricks to win in Legends of Runeterra or study how decks are built in the game so you can get your own tactics with the Ionia region.