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The best Noxus decks in Legends of Runeterra

The best Noxus decks in Legends of Runeterra

 In Legends of Runeterra, there is no doubt that Noxus is one of the regions that stands out the most, as it is a powerful and expansionist empire that has managed to conquer several places with its fierce army. With this realm, you can build extremely powerful and aggressive decks that go well with a very offensive playstyle.

Noxus cards contain a variety of perks that are mostly used by constantly attacking. Although it is not a very difficult region to master, it is necessary to have a good distribution of cards, since things could be more difficult if your deck is unbalanced. For this reason, in the following complete Legends of Runeterra guide we recommend some of the best decks you can make with Noxus.

Noxus + Shurima: Swain + Nasus


Shurima is a region that pairs very well with Noxus, especially if you are someone who has an offensive style in LoR. Shurima's Baccai warriors and spells will be in charge of putting pressure on the enemy by attacking directly, while Noxus' units and spells will enhance those attacks and will help when entering combat. It should be noted that the disadvantage here is that if you are careless and your enemy has a deck with spells and defensive units, it may be difficult for you to advance in the game since your objective with this strategy is to attack intensely to leave your opponent breathless. opponent.


  • Flock of Ravens (x3).
  • Arachnoid Sentinel (x3).
  • Death Coil (x1).
  • Fervor Noxiano (x3).
  • Selective Strike (x3).
  • Swain (x3).
  • Leviathan (x3).


  • Augural Sands (x3).
  • Reaper Baccai (x3).
  • Budding Chronomancer (x3).
  • Merciless Huntress (x3).
  • Negation Ritual (x2).
  • Baccai Arena Weaver (x3).
  • Rampage Baccai (x2).
  • Nasus (x3).

Noxus + Freljord: Vladimir + Braum


There is no better team than Noxus and Freljord to maintain total balance in combat. This boils down to offense and defense in harmony, you have very powerful low health warriors, but also high health low power units, as well as Frost abilities that get you out of bad times thanks to the Freljord. This type of tactic will give you the advantage of avoiding strong hits from enemies, and sometimes eliminating the most powerful ones without them doing as much damage. Of course, it is a good choice if you want to be more versatile in games.


  • Crimson Bloodrunner (x3).
  • Mortal Lottery (x3).
  • Crimson Curator (x2).
  • Selective Strike (x2).
  • Guillotina Noxiana (x1).
  • Whispered Words (x2).
  • Vladimir (x3).
  • Bloodthirsty Basilisk (x1).


  • Unscarred Reaver (x2).
  • Three Sisters (x2).
  • Troll Chant (x2).
  • Relentless Invader (x3).
  • Ice shard (x3).
  • The Terratriz (x3).
  • Good-natured Innkeeper (x2).
  • Braum (x3).
  • Tarkaz the Tribeless (x1).
  • Madretriz Vrynna (x2).

Noxus + Demacia: LeBlanc + Garen + Jarvan IV


With this deck, you will have many units of different types, most of them with attributes that improve their characteristics or those of their allies depending on the reactions of their Keywords. It is still an offensive strategy, but with it, you can attack more carefully by avoiding attacks or defending in different ways when the opponent has many units on the battlefield.


  • Runaway Dinosaur (x3).
  • Spy of the Black Rose (x2).
  • Trifaria Buscagloria (x3).
  • Death Coil (x2).
  • LeBlanc (x2).
  • Bloody Affair (x2).
  • Whispered Words (x3).
  • Merciless Strategist (x2).


  • Penitent Squire (x3).
  • Single Combat (x3).
  • Lord Honorable (x3).
  • The Great Plaza (x2).
  • Dashing Rider (x1).
  • Replica (x3).
  • Yarn (x2).
  • Jarvan IV (x2).
  • Rey Jarvan III (x2).

Noxus is the representation of brutality in combat , these decks have such incredible distributions that you will be able to hurt the opponent over and over again, so you will be able to reduce the points of your Nexus very quickly. On the other hand, you can try the best Shurima decks in Legends of Runeterra .