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The best Shadow Isles decks in Legends of Runeterra

The best Shadow Isles decks in Legends of Runeterra

 One of the things that most influence the game of Legends of Runeterra is the style of play, and this is determined by the type of deck the player is using. There are up to 9 regions in total and they all have different characteristics that you have to know in order to learn how to play them well.

The Shadow Isles is a great region for all players who like to play fast and aggressively. In fact, it is one of the best at pressuring the opponent, as it has many "Last Will" cards, based on reviving units. If you're comfortable with this region, here are some of the best decks you can use in LoR.

Shadow Isles + Backwaters


If you are looking for something deadly and effective, the combination between Shadow Isles and Backwaters is one that could work for you. Having this equipment empowers the unit to revive summons and abilities. In addition, there are some cards that help to damage the enemy's Nexus directly, this makes you a big problem for your opponent, especially since you will always have an ace up your sleeve.

stagnant waters

  • Search for debris (x3).
  • Explore the Depths (x3).
  • Bounty Hunter (x3).
  • The Tide Wakes (x3).
  • Monster Hunter Ship (x3).
  • The Hidden Beast (x3).
  • Abyssal Eye (x3).
  • Devourer of the Deep (x3).
  • Treasure Collector (x1).
  • Nautilus (x3).

Shadow Isles

  • Grove Warden (x3).
  • Maokai (x3).
  • Claws of the Immortal (x3).
  • Revenge (x3).

Shadow Isles + Freljord


This is a good deck to prevent sticky situations with your enemy's units, as most Freljord cards have the Frost ability, which reduces a given enemy's power level to zero for an entire round. This will help you a lot, there are several very powerful warriors that go excellent with the Shadow Isles cards, here you have a good distribution in defense and offense, if you learn to make the right moves you will get many victories.


  • Avarosan Sentinel (x3).
  • Wyrdia Stones (x3).
  • Avalanche (x3).
  • Catalyst of Aeons (x3).
  • Avarosan Hearth Guard (x3).
  • Anivia (x3).
  • Tryndamere (x3).
  • The Walker (x3).
  • Commander's Call (x2).

Shadow Isles

  • Infamous Feast (x3).
  • Claws of the Immortal (x3).
  • Withered Wail (x2).
  • Revenge (x3).
  • The Ruin (x3).

Shadow Isles + Noxus


Both regions have a lot to do with each other, both with spiders and spells to kill enemies or improve the power of the spiders. It is a slightly more direct deck, it focuses mostly on boosting the power levels of the Adepts and summoning them in a massive way, something that can be very beneficial since you spend less mana, you get many units, and these become very strong with the advantages they acquire throughout the game. Something you should consider is that it is recommended that you always have warriors summoned on the battlefield, that will be your only insurance to defend your Nexus with this deck.


  • Blade's Edge (x1).
  • Adored Pet (x2).
  • Legion Rearguard (x2).
  • Grave Spider (x2).
  • Selective Strike (x2).
  • Audience Favorite (x1).
  • Arachnoid Host (x2).
  • Noxian Guiltina (x1).
  • Darious (x1).
  • Katharina (x1).

Shadow Isles

  • Ravenous Butcher (x1).
  • Unlucky Aristocrat (x2).
  • Jailer's Prey (x1).
  • Elisa (x2).
  • Infamous Feast (x2).
  • Cursed Guardian (x1).
  • Arachnoid Terror (x1).
  • Vestige of the Afterlife (x2).
  • Spectral Prankster (x2).
  • Noxian Guillotine (x1).
  • Kalista (x1).
  • Black Spear (x3).
  • Recent Offerings (x2).
  • Awakening of the Hatchlings (x2).
  • Revenge (x2).
  • Rhasa, the Reaver (x2).
With these 3 decks, you will surely have one of the most effective distributions to win in Legends of Runeterra. Remember though that in Expeditions you have to learn how to build a deck from the random cards you are given, so you need to know how to build a deck from scratch.