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The best Targon decks in Legends of Runeterra

The best Targon decks in Legends of Runeterra

 In the Legends of the Runeterra universe, celestial beings are linked to the Targon region. This is a very interesting empire that stands out for its cards with Dusk or Dawn Keyword, as well as the magical qualities that warriors grant during battle.

With the force of the sky, you can achieve incredible things, but you have to know how and what kind of cards to use to have one of the best decks in the game. To do this, in our complete Legends of Runeterra guide we leave you with some of the most efficient options you can get with this impressive region.

Targon + Freljord: Aurelion Sol + Malphite


This is a deck containing cards that aid summons, upgrades, and gem bar boosters. On the other hand, some of the warriors and spells have very drastic actions that allow them to get out of the most complicated jams during the battle. It is a slow deck, but lethal.


  • Starry Peak (x2).
  • Celestial Colossus (x3).
  • The Summit of Targon (x3).
  • Molding Stars (x3).
  • Malphite (x3).
  • Aurelion Sol (x3).


  • Wyrdia Stones (x3).
  • Avalanche (x3).
  • Cursed Gorge (x3).
  • Catalyst of Aeons (x3).
  • Impassive Observer (x3).
  • Frost Burial (x2).
  • The Walker (x3).
  • Rush (x3).

Targon + Backwaters: Fizz + Zoe + Twisted Fate


Targon's great magic with Bilgewater units creates a rather peculiar playstyle where you can trust cards with healing and effect nullification to win. In addition, this deck has units with very few power and life points, but with an easier time leveling up or activating abilities.


  • Artista Ensimistada (x3).
  • Spell Thief (x2).
  • Zoe (x3).
  • Pale Cascade (x3).
  • Bastion (x3).
  • Fangs (x3).

stagnant waters

  • Warning Shot (x2).
  • Fizz (x1).
  • Parrrlamento (x1).
  • Black Market Trader (x3).
  • Bone Skewer (x3).
  • Stolen Goods (x3).
  • Petty Officer (x3).
  • Swift Blanket (x3).
  • Salvage (x2).
  • Twisted Fate (x3).

Targon + Piltover & Zaun: Vi + Zoe


If you're looking for more offense with Targon, excellent support is the Piltover & Zaun region. This deck focuses on dealing direct damage to enemy units, or even the Nexus. There are a variety of warriors you can attack or defend with, making it a good option to be prepared in any situation.


  • Artista Ensimistada (x3).
  • Zoe (x3).
  • Mountain Goat (x3).
  • Pale Cascade (x3).
  • Solari Priestess (x2).
  • Molding Stars (x3).
  • Fangs (x3).
  • Silence (x2).

Piltover & Zaun

  • Thermogenic Ray (x2).
  • Ballistic Bot (x3).
  • Mystic Shot (x3).
  • ¡A Tope! (x2).
  • Sump Dredger (x2).
  • Subfelino (x3).
  • Vi (x3).
The Targon region encompasses many cards that are sure to make surprise plays for the opponent due to their effects and spells. Other regions that can work for you to be more tactical are the best Ionia and Freljord decks.