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 In Lost Ark, you will be able to complete many quests, including one called The End of Trials. We tell you how to complete it.

Lost Ark is full of quests for players to complete and by completing them, it is possible to obtain expedition experience, currency, or even different objects such as stones.

Among all the quests available, there is one called The End of Trials and which was added with the major update of March 2022. Some players are also looking for how to get it and complete it and for To recover it, you must have previously completed the quest Shandi's Trial: The Way of Courage.

How to complete The End of Trials quest in Lost Ark?

If you want to have the quest The End of Trials in Lost Ark, you will have to go to Illusory Bamboo Island, but also do another quest beforehand, the one called Shandi's Trial: The Way of Courage.

Once there and talk to Zinnervale. As soon as you have obtained the quest, you must Place the bamboo twig on the barrier stone in the center of the island, then interact with the object nearby. You just have to talk to Shandi to complete the quest. We remind you that it is necessary to complete the quest at The end of the trials in order to unlock the episode of the story: Kadan.

In case you want to know how to complete this quest, you can check out the video below from Levonel.