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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Farm unlimited money & duplicate items

 In Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, you need gold to be able to buy different upgrades for your inventory. Luckily, there is an easy way to farm infinite money. In the following, we explain the procedure to you.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Farm unlimited money & duplicate items

Farm infinite gold

In the Borderlands spinoff, there is a method with which you can produce infinite gold. You can also use the same procedure to duplicate your legendary weapons and all other items.

Important: This is a glitch. So if you want to play "fairly", you should not use the method. However, it is essential if you want to get all the trophies and achievements. Because for the achievement of "mobile safe", for which you have to buy all inventory upgrades, you need a total of about 306,175,000 gold.

Note: The glitch works best on the PlayStation. On Xbox, you should be extremely careful because you run the risk of destroying all your progress! That's why we explain the method to you only for the PlayStation.

Method to farm infinite money - that's how it works

The method is easiest if you use a second controller and do it split-screen. If you don't have one, ask a friend for help so you can do it online in co-op.

Step 1

Place the item you want to duplicate in inventory. You must not have the item equipped.

step 2

Creates a backup save. Settings > Saved data and game/app settings > Saved data > Console storage > upload your save to the cloud or to a USB stick.

Important: If you upload it to the cloud, make sure that you have deactivated "Automatically sync saved data" beforehand, otherwise your backup will be automatically overwritten in the cloud and the glitch will not work. To do this, go to Settings > Saved data and game/app settings > Saved data > Sync saved data > Automatically sync saved data = Disabled.

![Make sure you have "Automatically sync saved data" disabled.]( "Make sure you have "Automatically sync saved data" disabled have.")

step 3

Once in-game, open the pause menu. In the bottom right corner it says "Splitscreen: Add controller and press X to join".

Now press the PlayStation button on your second controller. You will then have to register with another account in PSN. If you don't have a second account on your PlayStation, you'll need to create one.

After the second controller is logged in, press X and join the game on split-screen. If the second controller doesn't have a character, you'll need to create one.

step 4

Approach the second character and hold Square to request a trade. The other player must hold the touchpad for the trade to be accepted. Offers the desired item or money for trading. After that, both players must accept and complete the trade.

Your first controller (main account) must offer the money/item to the second controller. The second controller serves as a storage facility.

step 5

Quit the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands app and copy back your backup save from step 2. As a result, both accounts have a copy of the first trade in their inventory. Settings > Saved data and game/app settings > Saved data > Cloud storage > Download to console storage (overwrite).

The account balance of the second controller should get higher and higher with the procedure.

step 6

By repeating steps 3 to 5, you can send the same item or gold to the secondary account as many times as you like. Builds up a high amount of gold in your second account.

Once it's big enough, you send everything back to your main account. Now create a backup save in the cloud or on your USB stick. Repeat the procedure until you have enough gold in the main account. The larger your amount of money is in the main account, the faster the procedure is.